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Accuracy of PSA Tests



The Inventor of PSA Says It Should be Stopped

The PSA test does not work.  It has never worked and it will not work at any time in the future. There are now new versions of the PSA that are being touted as promising.  These are just as worthless.  Recently the inventor of the PSA test, Dr. Richard Ablin, has said the test is worthless.  You read it right!  The inventor himself said the PSA test should be stopped.  He referred to it as, “a hugely expensive public health disaster.”  He went on to say it was, “hardly more effective than a coin toss.”  There have been numerous printed scientific articles in medical journals throughout the world that show the test is very inaccurate and can create more damage than benefit.  Men, such as General Schwarzkopf, with a low PSA reading can still have prostate cancer.  Men with elevated readings can be totally free of cancer.  It is easy for PSA readings to be falsely elevated or reduced.  Doctors in every corner of the world should stop giving this test. 

Study Shows PSA Does Much More Harm Than Good

It was shown by Dr. Gilbert Welch of Dartmouth University, that for every man that was “saved” from cancer of the prostate, 50 men are unnecessarily treated (maimed) with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  Even the American Cancer Society has confessed that PSA and mammogram testing are medical failures and they have issued a public apology for supporting it.  They did a study with 76,000 males in a ten year time span and discovered that yearly PSA tests made absolutely no difference in deaths from cancer.  The famed New England Journal of Medicine also has admitted that PSA testing is a failure. They discovered that for each male diagnosed with cancer as a result of a high PSA reading, 20 men were thought to have cancer when they didn’t.  Most of these got needless treatments for cancer they did not have and especially biopsies which are harmful to begin with.  This is all about greed and profits.

Just Say No to Biopsies

Do not ever let them give you a painful biopsy for any reason.  Instead, get an effective, safe and inexpensive sonogram.  If you want to dig deeper and pay a little more, you can do a color Doppler or an MRI.  Here is Dr. Albin again who invented PSI testing:  “I never dreamed that my discovery four decades ago would lead to such a profit-driven public health disaster." We should pay particular notice to the fact that Dr. Albin used the words "profit-driven." He went on to say, "The medical community must confront reality and stop the inappropriate use of PSA testing." Dr. Albin further commented this would save billions and, "rescue millions of men from unnecessary, debilitating treatments."

Even if the test were reliably accurate it would still not save lives.  If you are one of the small percentage of persons who has the aggressive type of prostate cancer, by the time it shows up in any test, it has already deposited its seeds throughout your body.  If you have the common form, it grows so slowly that you don’t need to do anything about it. Don’t believe the "early detection is your best protection" lie.

An ounce of prevention is worth a hundred pounds of cure.  Prostate and breast cancers are both caused by eating saturated animal fat more than any other thing. This causes high levels of estradiol and estrone in men and estriol in women.  Stop eating eggs, poultry, meat and especially all dairy products.  Americans get 42% of their calories from animal fats.  Changing your lifestyle and diet are your best protection.  Go for the inexpensive, effective and safe sonogram.

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