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Breast Cancer Alternative Treatments & Natural Therapies



We have compiled a presentation of many of the most effective alternative treatments for breast cancer.  When you are through with this page, click on this link to explore them Breast Cancer Alternative Treatments.



Most women have a greater fear of breast cancer than any other health problem.  The good news is that this is a preventable condition with a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.  Contrary to the wishes of most persons, using mammography causes more harm than good.  Chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgery are brutal treatments commonly given to women who have breast cancer.  They provide little if any benefit for increased survival.  Manipulation of hormones is of some value.  Without a doubt, the most effective and most overlooked natural therapy for breast cancer is diet.  The McDougall Program is a diet based on plant foods, little fat and exercise.  For more information do a search for Dr. John McDougall, MD. Also do a search for "McDougall breast cancer."


Does Chemo Work?

If you have been told you need chemotherapy click here - Does Chemo Work?


In the following 3 minute video, Dr. John McDougall, MD discusses the advantages of lumpectomy only therapy.



The American Cancer Society chief medical officer, Dr. Otis Brawley, was quoted in the New York Times on October 21, 2009, “We don’t want people to panic but I’m admitting that American medicine has overpromised when it comes to screening.  The advantages of screening have been exaggerated.”  Read more about mammograms and prostrate screening - click here


Short video on why and when to be cautious about having mammograms


Dr. Lorraine Day Breast Cancer Natural Therapies

Dr. Lorraine Day had advanced, severe breast cancer.  She reversed it and recovered by rebuilding her immune system using natural treatments.  Her body was given the opportunity to heal itself and it did.  Dr. Day is an internationally recognized orthopedic trauma surgeon.  Who was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital.  Do a search for her name to read about her victory.  Her video Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore is a good one and highly recommended.


Vitamin D

Medical researchers have discovered a startling connection between low vitamin D levels and breast cancer.  Women who had the most deficient levels of vitamin D in their blood were shown to have the greatest risk of breast cancer and those who are dying because their disease has spread have the lowest levels of vitamin D of all.  Researchers have postulated that vitamin D has cancer killing properties that affect the growth of cells, programmed cell death (apoptosis) and proper cell formation.  However, when scientists have examined breast cancer risk in context of taking oral vitamin D supplements, the results have been inconsistent. In answer to this, a huge groundbreaking study done in France looks to have the mystery solved.  The key element in prevention of breast cancer appears to be taking larger doses of vitamin D orally and also combined with regular exposure to the sun.  The new study was conducted by Dr. Pierre Engel from the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale which is the same as the National Institutes of Health in the USA.  Dr. Engel and his team investigated data that was put together from a ten year long study of 67,721 post menopausal women in France.  The study showed startling clear evidence that both vitamin D as a supplement with the addition of sufficient sunshine dropped the risk of breast cancer the most. It is also important that one recovering from breast cancer get adequate amounts of vitamin D both from oral supplementation and directly from the sun.  Low levels of Vitamin D have been implicated in 17 different types of cancer including breast cancer.  Read more about Vitamin D Deficiency


Flax Seeds Fight Breast Cancer

What the Heck Are Lignans?

There are four types of phytoestrogens that we get from plants and lignans are one of them. The others are coumestans, stilbenes and isoflavones. These are phenolic compounds that are chemically similar to the primary estrogen in mammals called estradiol. In the human digestive tract, lignans are changed by bacteria into entroligans. This is one of the many facts which should make us pause to consider how important the healthy gut bacteria are to our health. Antibiotics can destroy these healthy bacteria thus depriving us of their many benefits including the conversion of lignans. We should be on guard against excessive prescribing of antibiotics by physicians and also the fact that commercially grown animals are routinely given antibiotics which are then consumed by us.

What Foods Have Plant Lignans?

By far the best source of plant lignans is flax seed. These have approximately 8 times the lignan content of sesame seeds. It should be noted that you will not get lignans from flax seed oil as the lignans are bound to the fiber. Here is a comparative list of four of the highest lignan containing foods:

Flax seeds 85.5 mg per ounce
Sesame seeds 11.2 mg per ounce
Kale (curly) 1.6 mg per cup
Broccoli 1.2 mg per cup

Lignans As a Cancer Fighter

Enterolignans are chemically similar to estrogen and have the ability to bind to estrogen receptors. In this way lignans are able to block the activity of estrogen in the body or weaken the activity. Because of this, lignans from plants belong in the phytoestrogen class. There has been considerable research revolving around lignans as a means to lower the risk of hormone related cancers. Enterolignans impede estradiol and aromatase production in general which has the effect of reducing serum estrogen levels. Plant lignans also elevate concentrations of globulin, which binds to sex hormones, thus inhibiting the effects of estrogens. These beneficial activities were reported in a clinical study when 48 women, who had passed menopause, ate 7.5 grams per day of ground flax seeds for six weeks and then 15 grams for another six weeks. Researchers observed substantial decreases in estrone, estradiol and testosterone. The greatest decreases were observed in women who were overweight or obese.

In one study done with mice, a diet of flaxseed (5% and 10%) revealed a slowing or stopping of breast tumor growth depending on dose. These beneficial effects have also been demonstrated in human trials. In a randomized, double-blind, controlled study of flax seed in the diet dramatic tumor growth protection was demonstrated. One group ate muffins with flax seeds and a control group ate muffins without flax seeds. This was done from the time of diagnosis until the time of surgery which was averaging about 35 days. Tissue from tumors analyzed at diagnosis and then at surgery showed remarkable benefits even in such a short time frame. There was significant death of tumor cells and reduced proliferation of cells in the group having flax seed in only one month's time. In the same way, women who eat more flax seeds, who also had a documented higher level of serum enterolactone, were observed to have a 42% reduction in death risk from postmenopausal cancer of the breast and a very dramatic (40%) reduction in death from all causes. We can see beyond all doubt that flax seeds are a super food even when consumed with a less than pristine diet. They provide powerful protection from certain varieties of breast cancer. In another clinical study, women ate flax seed and were tracked for up to 10 years. It was observed that there was a 51% reduced risk of death from all causes and a 71% reduced risk of death from cancer of the breast.


Watch Dr. John McDougall, MD in this 3 minute video on breast self-examination


Nicola Wicksteed celebrated because she had won a two year battle with breast cancer.  Nicola is 43 and from Windermere, Cubria UK.  She had injections of mistletoe extract rather than take chemotherapy.  Her protocol also included taking the ayurvedic East Indian herbal cancer formula Carctol. Suzanne Sommers, the acress, also cured her breast cancer with mistletoe.  She has published an excellent book on several alterntative cancer protocols called Knockout.


Cure Breast Cancer - Explore Many Breast Cancer Alternative Treatments and Natural Therapies by Clicking the Link Below

Click on this link to explore many more Breast Cancer Alternative Treatments.


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