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Cancer Alternative Treatments, Cures & Natural Remedies


In these pages, we have gathered a large library of natural cancer remedies and treatments.  If you will take the time to study them, you will be amazed at how effective they are. By far, many of them are more effective than orthodox allopathic treatments - much more effective. There is a second side to this, and that is understanding why these natural and inexpensive cures are shunned by the medical establishment. Follow the money.  It takes courage to run counter to the advice of your oncologist.  Take the time to explore.  The videos we have listed below are the best on this topic and some of them can be watched for free on the internet.  Watch them all.  Educate yourself.  We currently have 7 pages on this site devoted to these natural non-toxic treatments and you can access the additional pages at the bottom of this page. 

Cancer the Forbidden Cures

Get a copy of the DVD Cancer the Forbidden Cures or watch it on You Tube.  This is a riveting documentary that reveals the powerful undercurrents of money and greed which have driven orthodox medicine for 100 years.  The film then explores a number of very substantial non-toxic natural cancer cures that were black-balled and driven out of the country by the powerful pharmaceutical interests that stood to lose mega billions.


Powerful Information on Cancer Alternative Treatments

If you have cancer or know someone who has cancer you will need to educate yourself.  These are some books and videos that you will want to read and watch.  Some of these DVDs are available for free on YouTube and other movie streaming sites.

The following books discuss numerous cancer alternative treatments:
The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millinium by Jim Humble
Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide by Trivieri and Anderson
Knockout by Suzanne Summers
The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss PhD
The Cancer Diet by Michio Kushi
The Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr
The McDougall Program by Dr. John McDougall, MD
Healing The Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson

These are DVDs you will want to purchase and watch several times each:

Run from the Cure with Rick Thompson on You Tube
Cancer the Forbidden Cures

The Burzynski Movie
Dying to Have Known (Gerson Therapy)
Healing Cancer from the Inside Out
Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime
Cancer Conquest by Burton Goldberg
Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore by Dr. Lorraine Day, MD
Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally by Gary Null, PhD
Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr
Forks Over Knives by Lee Fulker
Got the Facts On Milk?
The Living Matrix
by Greg Becker and Briton Massey

Contact the Cancer Control Society and ask for an information packet.  The CCS has been diseminating information on alternative cancer treatments for over 20 years.  Each year they host the largest alternative cancer treatment symposium in the world.  www.cancercontrolsociety.com

Many thousands of people have been healed not only of cancer but every other imaginable affliction by John of God in Brazil. He is a full trance medium. Beings of Light take over his body and perform surgeries both physical and invisible. See www.johnofgodboulder.com Also there is a very good book on the subject John of God: Journey to the Spirit World which can be purchased on Amazon


Why Doesn't My Doctor Know About Alternative Treatments and Natural Cures for Cancer?

One may logically ask, “If these cancer alternative treatments are so good, why doesn’t my oncologist know about it?”  If there is a natural cure for cancer why wouldn't mainstream medicine embrace it?  To quote Dr. Julian Whitaker:

“Here’s where it gets ugly. The paradigm that governs all conventional cancer treatment is that one must “purge the body of cancer cells.” Conventional cancer treatment is a search-and-destroy mission: find a tumor, cut it out, poison it with chemotherapy, or obliterate it with radiation.  If there is an approach to cancer that obviously isn’t working, this is it. In spite of dramatic advances in these invasive procedures (if one could call them advances), the death rate for cancer has not budged over the last fifty years. In fact, it has increased. Yes, you may hear about cancer patients surviving longer today, but the reality is that we’re talking months, not years, for most of the common types of fatal cancer.”

In spite of the fact that orthodox treatment does not work very well, it is nonetheless firmly established and protected with near universal acceptance.  It is very understandable that oncologists, locked in their narrow box, will resist these natural ideas.  They spend 3 to 5 years undergoing intense schooling in order to practice oncology.  If a simple cure for cancer were to appear, their years of effort will have been in vain. In addition, such a cure would end all of the money drives and dollars for research as well as the enormous chemotherapy industry with collects a cool $200 billion every year.  Big Pharma and the entire cancer industry has a lot to lose here.  A cure would bring current protocols to an end and the physicians in the field would have to re-educate themselves on how to treat cancer. We can begin to imagine the resistance that even the prospect of a cure would create.

It gets worse.  According to a massive study done on the effectiveness of conventional chemotherapy, you are only going to see a 2.3% increase in your odds!!!  Go to this link to see the shocking truth – Does Chemo Work?




MMS is an acronym for Master Mineral Solution. It was discovered by Jim Humble an engineer who initially used it to cure maleria in the jungles of South America. Jim claims in his book The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium that MMS will cure 95% of all cancers. It has 100,000 documented cures of maleria and 800 documented cures of AIDS. I personally gave it to a friend with AIDS who was in a nursing home. After taking MMS for 2 1/2 weeks, he went to his doctor for his periodic blood test and it came back totally clear - undetectable. His viral load went to zero! Over 5 million people have taken MMS world wide and no one has died from it. There are many testimonials on You Tube.

Don't pay any attention to the Wikipedia account of MMS. Mr. Humble and his associates have tried changing it to the truth but someone immediately changes it back. The wikipedia quotes studies at the bottom of the article which are bogus and totally unrelated - a scam; a lie. They are counting on us not wanting to click on them and read them. No doubt Big Pharma is at the root of this. Can we even begin to fathom how much this would cost the drug companies?

Not only does MMS cure cancer and AIDS, but it is the most effective antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. It cures MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph) no problem. Adam Abraham has made a documentary about MMS called Understanding MMS which is on You Tube. You can purchase a copy of it at Adam Abraham's website. Sometimes copies are for sale on Ebay. I assure you, Big Pharma's smear minions are all over MMS. You have to get a copy of Jim Humble's book. He also has a website at jimhumble.org. Jim has set up his information vehicle as a church (the Genesis II Church) and he has labeled himself Archbishop. As he explains in his book, this was done to shield from attack by the FDA.

MMS is a common inexpensive mineral compound. Because of this it is not patentable and so no drug company is going to market it or be interested in it. They can only see it as a competitor. You can buy MMS on the internet. It is sold as a water purifier and it is an oxidizer like hydrogen peroxide. First thing to do is buy Jim Humble's book The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium on Amazon. Start reading the book at page 224, chapter 25 which is the story of the birth and development of MMS. It is quite an adventure to say the least. There are a lot of people talking about MMS on You Tube. And remember not one person out of millions has ever died taking MMS. We can't say that about pharmacuetical drugs with perscription drugs being the number 4 killer of Americans.

This is an astonishing and miraculous healing mineral substance.

Hemp Oil

On You Tube, do a search for a documentary titled Run From The Cure. If you want it on a disk to give to someone, you can buy a copy of it on Ebay or you can copy it directly from You Tube. This potent and effective cancer treatment has cured thousands. No clinical study will ever be done because no one can patent it. Without a patent, no pharmecuetical company can recoup the many millions of dollars required to do the study. So it won't be done. We are left with anecdotal evidence but, fortunately, the evidence is voluminous! Like MMS, it is in the catagory of you-have-nothing-to-lose by trying it. Hemp oil is made from the flowering buds of the marijuana plant. This is very different from hemp seed oil you buy at the grocery store for cooking. If you live in a state which offers medical marijuana you are in luck. You can try the cure. Making hemp oil is also very simple and there are multiple episodes on You Tube showing you how to do this. If you have cancer or know someone who has cancer, you must visit this natural healing wonder.

Cancer Test for Detection

Your doctor most likely doesn't know about this. For over 25 years a medical test for cancer has been available to us and it is 99% accurate. It is less expensive and more accurate than any other test and it is risk free. It is called the Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum cancer test or AMAS. You will need a doctor to help you with this. To read more about the test go to www dot oncolabinc dot com. On that site is a map with doctors in your area that can help you. If there is not a local doctor listed, they will send you a kit for free and you pay $165 when the results are ready. A blood sample is drawn and sent to the lab. They will then be able to determine if certain cancer anti-bodies are present.

This test gives anyone a tremendous advantage. One can do this test then use a protocol like MMS or Hemp Oil (or any other) and then retest in a month or so to see if progress is being made.

Orthodox doctors don't like these tests because they often come back positive when nothing is visibly detectable. This is because the average cancer cell must divide and multiply for about 10 years before it reaches the barely detectable size of one centimeter. You can have cancer for ten years before it beccomes obvious. So mainstream doctors don't have any visible cancer target to apply the standard treatments of surgery, chemo and radiation. If you are using alternative methods this test is ideal because you have at your disposal the means of wiping out the cancer before it becomes visible.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

Stanislaw BurzynskI, M.D., PhD came into this world in Lublin, Poland, in 1943 and is recognized internationally as a scientist and physician who discovered and developed treatment of cancers with biologically active peptides which he named antineoplastins meaning “against growth.”  He first discovered that these peptides were missing in the urine and blood of persons who have cancer.  They simply aren’t there.  Persons who do not have cancer have these peptides.  Since 1967 from his clinic and facility in Houston, Texas, Dr. Burzynski has been perfecting and refining both the manufacturing of these antineoplastins and the use of them to successfully treat many cancers.  He and his clinic have treated over 50 types of cancers effectively but the best successes have been with cancers of the ovaries, lungs, colon, prostate, neck and head, breast and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  Persons with virulent brain tumors normally qualify for FDA clinical trials.  Other patients can be treated outside of the trials. Dr. Burzynski holds a doctorate in biochemistry as well as being an MD.  He has possibly discovered the most successful and important FDA approved drug therapy for cancer ever and his antineoplastins (which have no toxic side effects) significantly outperform any orthodox chemotherapy treatments. It is highly recommended that you purchase a copy of the DVD documentary that explores this very effective treatment as well as its origins and history http://www.burzynskimovie.com/ also go to the clinic website http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/.  Dr. Burzinsky has discovered one of the best cancer alternative treatments.


Gerson Natural Therapy

Dr. Gerson reasoned that cancer would not inhabit a body that had a properly functioning and balanced liver.  He discovered that he could reverse the majority of cancers with his diet.  This consisted of avoiding meat and dairy (vegan) with low salt and included drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables 10 times each day.  In addition, coffee enemas are done 3 to 4 times each day for pain relief and detoxification.  The coffee enema was once a more common protocol and was included in the Physician’s Desk Reference until about 30 years ago.  There are some excellent DVD documentaries on the Gerson therapy called The Gerson Miracle and Dying to Have Known.  Also there are books including one written by the doctor himself.  There is a Gerson clinic in Mexico and their website is http://www.gerson.org/ . This is one of the best cancer alternative treatments.


Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Gonzalez graduated from Brown University magna cum laude and was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa.  He finished his pre-med studies at Columbia University and then went to medial school at Cornell Medical College where he was given the honor of Teagle Scholar.  He has received many awards for his excellence in internal medicine and cancer imunology research.  He also was recipient of the Ernst L. Wynder Award from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in 2000.  When Dr. Gonzalez was a second year medical student he met Dr. William Kelley who had developed a highly effective natural protocol for treating advanced cancers.  He did this with pancreatic enzymes and other nutritional substances.  Dr. Gonzalez took five years to research Dr. Kelly's patient records spaning thousands of patients.  He found patient after patient who 5, 10, 15 years later were in good health.  After personally interviewing many of these patients Dr. Gonzalez realised something very important was occuring.  Today Dr. Gonzalez has refined and improved on Dr. Kelley's original discoveries.  Each patient is given an individualized diet with supplements and large quantities of enzymes.  In addition, detoxification is utilized including coffee enemas, juice fasts and liver flushes.   http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/index.htm.  Treating with pancreatic enzymes is a very effective cancer alternative cure.


Cesium Chloride

This is a the most alkalline mineral salt in nature and is non-toxic.  It has been explored as a medical treatment since the 1800s and has been used successfully in treating some cancer patients since the 1980s.  It is known for its ability to remove the pain of cancer.  Click here to read more about Cesium Chloride Alternative Cancer Treatment.


Milk Causes Cancer

Dr. Neal Barnard, MD of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, published a study in Medical Hypotheses (v. 48, 1997), proving beyond all doubt that milk and milk products cause cancer. His clinical study is titled Dairy Products and Breast Cancer which actually reviews 131 other scientific studies. Women who consume dairy products and drink milk can expect to get uterine, ovarian, cervical and breast cancers. Men who consume dairy foods and  milk can plan on prostate as well as other cancers. This is in addition to other cancers, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, heart and artery problems, obesity, premature death and a smorgasbord of other diseases. To follow are prestigious medical journal sources for additional scientific proof: Cancer Research (v.39, 1979) British Journal of Cancer (v.24, 1970) and (v.49, 1984) Journal of the National Cancer Institute (v.77, 1986 and v.81, 1989) European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (v.47 Supp, 1993) (two studies) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (v.31, 1978), International Journal of Cancer (v.48, 1991 and v.46,1990), as well as Oncology (v.43,1986). All of these are top notch studies. They absolutely prove dairy products cause cancer and disease.  Read more about the Dangers of Milk. Also watch the DVD Forks Over Knives where they discuss studies that showed milk protein (casein) turns cancer genes on. 

People in Norway consume large quantities of milk and dairy.  Medical researchers reported in the British Medical Journal (1990) on a study with 1,422 persons for nearly 12 years.  They discovered the more milk they consumed, the higher the rates of lymphatic cancer.  How much more proof is needed to show convincingly that milk and dairy products kill?

Another great study appeared in The Lancet (1976) that spanned 15 countries.  Researchers discovered the more dairy and milk people consumed the more lymphoma they got.  It is important to remember this study was done in 15 different countries.  People from New Zealand consumed the most milk and dairy and they came down with the most lymphoma.  It was reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology (1989) the more milk consumed by women, the more ovarian cancer they got.  This has also been duplicated at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, New York and numerous other clinics.  You can add breast, uterine and cervical cancer to that list.  This is also true for  prostate cancer, lung cancer and many other cancers.  The journal Cancer (1989) reported that men who consumed the greatest quantity of milk developed the most prostate cancer.  If you "Got Milk" then you might  "Get Cancer."


Mammogram and Prostate Cancer Screening Fraud

The chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, Dr. Otis Brawley, told the New York Times on October 21, 2009, “We don’t want people to panic but I’m admitting that American medicine has overpromised when it comes to screening.  The advantages of screening have been exaggerated.”  Read more about Mammogram Risks and PSA Prostate Screening - click here


Salve Cancer Treatments

As an alternative treatment for skin cancers, use a salve made from bloodroot.  Some names for this are Black Salve, Indian Mud and Compound X.  Bloodroot salve will draw the tumors from your body out through the skin.  Your body will be healing underneath as the mass finally falls out.  Bloodroot is one if the main ingredients in Harry Hoxey’s treatment in the 50s and also Essiac Tea.  There is a great documentary about him called Hoxsey:  When Healing Becomes a Crime.  Look for the bloodroot products on the internet and there you can read many testimonials and see pictures of the process.  Here is one site you can check out called Black Salve Info . Also go to this site Cancer Salves.  This is a good site and Ingrid Naiman has written a great book on the subject of cancer salve alternative treatments called Cancer Salves


Essiac Tea

For a cancer alternative treatment, check out a healing tonic called Essiac.  It helped some people that are friends of mine to shrink tumors.  You can read more about it at the fourth cancer page on this site and at essiac-info.org. 


Diet as a Cancer Natural Alternative Cure

A low fat vegan diet is the best natural alternative cure for cancer.  Many people have cured themselves doing this.  Do a search for Dr. John McDougall, MD a board certified internist.  He lays out the whole diet.  He has many DVDs and books.  It is our rich western diet with 42% of calories coming from fat and the rest of the food processed and devitalized.  Animal foods create an acid blood and body condition which promotes cancers.  Cancer cells feed on sugar and we have gone from eating 5 pounds of sugar per person per year in 1920 to 150 pounds per person per year!  High fructose corn syrup is cancer in a can.  Cancer was somewhat rare at the turn of the 20th century.  Now 100 years later 1 in 2 people will have cancer.  Also get the video Healing Cancer from the Inside Out by Mike Anderson.


Energetic Cancer Healing

The following video has Greg Brayden presenting a video clip taken in a hospital in Bejing, China that uses no medicines or drugs whatsoever.  Specially trained practitioners heal by projecting energy known in Chinese medicine as Chi or Qi.  He shows a clip taken at the hospital in which a 3 inch bladder cancer tumor is litterally disolved in less than 3 minutes as the practitioners work on it.  They use a sonogram so you can see it dissolve before your eyes. Greg gives a great explanation as to how this works.  Do a search on line for "Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center" to read about the facility and their protocal.


Avoid All Forms of Sugar - Cancer Feeds on Sugar

A good way to overcome cancer is to avoid feeding the cancer cells with the nutrients it needs for growth.  Cancer cells need lots of sugar.  They are sugar feeders.  We can stop eating all forms of sugar.  Avoid sugar substitutes as they are highly toxic.  To learn about aspartame this watch the DVD Sweet Misery at Free Documentaries



Laetrile or vitamin B17 – check it out on the web. I personally know people who did this along with nutrition and 20 years after they are still in good shape.  Back in the town I was from in California, we had a whole townful of people curing their cancer on a regular basis.  It seemed to be effective every time.  The laetrile reacts with cancer cell enzymes to form hydrogen cyanide with destroys the cancer cells.  It does this without damaging any of the healthy cells.  There are a number of clinics in Tiajuana, Mexico who perform this treatment.  Contact the Cancer Control Society for a list of these clinics.  Read more about laetrile on page 3 of this site.


In my lifetime, I have known many people who came down with cancer.  Once they start down the conventional medicine trail I can always assume they will be dead within five years.  If radiation is also part of their program, they will be dead within one year even when the original tumor is destroyed.


Vitamin D Deficiency and Cancer

Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to be involved in 17 types of cancer including breast, prostate and colon.  Click on this link to read more about Vitamin D and Cancer.



B17 or laetrile is the most amazing cure for cancer, and it has been known about for over 35 years. It only kills cancer cells. It explodes on contact with them.  Friends have tried laetrile and doctors in hospital have been amazed that the chemo therapy treatments can be abandoned and the cancer clears up. Some have refused chemo treatment and just used the B17 capsulers and have been found to be free of cancer in a short while, after being declared terminally ill.  Laetrile has a compound of cyannide in it which is non-toxic to normal cells. But once you take it only on contact with cancer cells does the laetrile explode and kill them....otherwise it passes through your system and does no harm.......  It is reassuring to know that we can take responsibility for our own health and use natural remedies instead of drugs and poisons that will do us more harm.  B17 is the answer. It prevents as well as cures.  Violet King, Spain 10-1-2011


Tulsi Tea

For over 5000 years and up to this day, Tulsi (holy basil) has been revered in Ayurvedic medicine as the "Queen Mother of all Herbs."  In clinical research it has shown significant anti-cancer activity.  It is also the most potent anti-stress agent known to man and will lessen the stress on the body imposed by toxins or other thereapies.  Click here to read more about Tulsi Tea as a Treatment for Cancer.


Aloe Vera & Honey

"Cancer Can Be Cured" is a book written by Father Romano Zago and it can be bought on Amazon. It gives all his experiences through the years in curing cancer with Aloe Vera  and Liquid Honey.   Aloe Vera leaves, (3/4 lb) with the sides removed, and liquidised with a jar of honey can be made up and taken three times every day. It removes cancers, and the book is an amazing testimoney to all the results that have been achieved. Well worth a read!!  Violet King, Spain 10-1-2011


Read about Mammogram Risks PSA and Cancer


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