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Cancer Alternative Treatments, Natural Therapies & Remedies


Coffee Enemas

I have heard that one thing that can cure cancer is coffee enemas.  A friend of my dad’s came down with cancer 30 years ago and he started coffee enemas.  He did this once a week ever since the diagnosis and the cancer disappeared.  Now he is 80 and cancer free.  The Gerson Therapy and Dr. Nicholas Gonzales also use coffee enemas as part of their programs.  Up until the 80s coffee enemas were included in the Physician’s Desk Reference. The coffee causes elimination of toxins in the liver.  The liver bears the biggest burden of detoxification.  This has to occur so that the body can heal itself of cancer.



Do a search for kombucha tea. This is a fermented tea that was developed by the Japanese.  It is close to a cure-all including cancer and it is just amazing!  It is both a preventative and a cure for many ailments including cancer.  Look it up online and for instructions on how to make it, its history and what it can do for you.  You can also buy it at healthfood stores already made and bottled.


The Rife Machine

Back in the 30s a man named Royal Rife developed a machine that used various radio frequencies to destroy cancers.  Certain frequencies would resonate with the cancer cells and destroy them while leaving other cells intact.  You can buy a video about Royal Rife’s biography.  It is very interesting.  A man named Dr. James Bare has been working with and perfecting this technique for nearly 20 years.  He also has plans to build the device and also sells them.  He has videos showing how to build the machines and also shows the effects of the machine using dark field microscopy.  You can also go to him directly for treatment.  If you watch the video about Rife’s life, you will be very impressed.  Go to rifetechnologies dot com.  Also do a search for Dr James Bare on the internet to see more info and also do a search for Royal Rife.  A French man named Antoine Priore also developed a very similar machine in the 50s.  Do a search for his name.



Problems with Allopathy

Chemotherapy is deployed to poison the cancer cells but this will also destroy healthy cells including the immune system.  Radiation destroys cancer cells along with healthy cells and does nothing to eliminate the as yet undetectable cancer seeds that were spread through the body years before.  At first, treatment with radiation and chemotherapy will often reduce tumors but continued use of these will not bring more tumor destruction.  Chemotherapy and radiation produce a tremendous toxic load for the immune system.  All of the dead cells, both cancerous and normal, that have died, must be digested by the immune system.  Chemotherapy and radiation will create mutated cancer cells that resist the treatments making them difficult to destroy.  Surgery can also spread cancer cells.  Click here to read about the Effectiveness of Chemotherapy.


Dr. James Forsythe

Dr. Forsythe is both a board certified homeopathic doctor and a board certified medical oncologist.  He uses a blend of alternative and conventional methods.  After graduating from medical school he pursued a pathology residency while in the Army.  He became an Army pathologist serving in Vietnam where he was in charge of several laboratories.  When civilian life returned, he undertook an internal medicine residency in San Francisco.  From there he became an oncologist which was a new field at the time. Dr. Forsythe gives intravenous coctails of natural substances plus treating with insulin and low doses of chemo.  The insulin fools the cancer cells which have an over abundance of insulin receptors.  The cells think a simple sugar is available and becomes receptive to the low dose chemo.  He stresses alkalinization of the body with alkaline water and various green powders such as barley grass powder.  He also uses a number of oxidative protocols such as hyperbaric chambers, hydrogen peroxide and ozone.  A chemo-sensitivity test is done by sending a blood sample to Germany.  There it is determined which chemotherapy drug will actually work best with each particular patient. http://www.drforsythe.com/


Beta Glucan

Beta glucan is the most potent immune system enhancer and immunomodulator known to man.  It is more potent and effective than interferon.  In Asia, beta glucan is a primary treatment for all types of cancer with over 3,000 published medical studies to support its use. Until, recently it was prohibitively expensive but now, due to advances in manufactureing, is very reasonably priced.  Beta glucan has been so thoroughly studied and the results are so solid that it is amazing it remains obscure in the USA.  Click here to read more about Beta Glucan.

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Avoid Animal Protein

Milk produces mucus in the body and cancer feeds on this mucus.  It is best to avoid all dairy products and substitute unsweetened nut milks or soy milk.  Cancer cells flourish in an acidic body.  The human body is naturally slightly alkaline.  Eating animal proteins creates an acidic condition in the body (meat and dairy are all amino acids) and also contains growth hormones, antibiotics and parasites.  All of these are bad for persons with cancer.  A diet that is mostly whole grains, fresh vegetables and vegetable juice will help restore the natural alkalinity of the body.  A small amount can be from cooked foods.  Live enzymes are available with fresh vegetable juice and these are easily absorbed down to the cellular level.  Enzymes are destroyed by heat over 104 degrees F (40 degrees C).  Stay away from chocolate, tea and coffee as these have caffeine which will also produce an acidic condition in the body.  

Protein from meat is hard to digest.  Meat that is undigested begins to putrify and rot in the intestines before it can be eliminated thus adding more toxic load to the body system.  Because of this, nature designed meat eating animals with intestines that are one third the length of plant eating animals.  Humans have plant eating intestines and were not designed to process the flesh of other animals.  The walls of cancer cells have a tough covering of protein.  If one avoids eating meat, the body can free more enzymes (especially pancreatic enzymes) to attack and dissolve the cancer cell walls thus enabling the body’s killer cells to consume the cancer cells.  Cancer cells are inhibited by oxygen.  Exercising will cause more oxygen to reach every part of our bodies. 


Budwig Diet

I have been on the Budwig diet after being diagnosed with Endometrial cancer in 2009. I stopped eating sugar, meat of any kind, eggs, refined carbs, and white flour. I have not been to the OBGYN since and feel wonderful. The key is to follow the diet and avoid processed foods, junk foods, saturated fats, and exercise on a regular basis. Natural cancer cures are non toxic and heal the body while conventional treatment destroys your immune system and harms the body.  by Anna Whang 1-24-2012


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