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Cancer Alternative Cures and Natural Treatments


DCA – Dichloroacetic Acid

DCA is a small molecule, relatively non-toxic and very inexpensive.  Clinical researchers at the University of Alberta are proposing that it could be used in the near future as an effective means of treating a broad spectrum of cancers.  A researcher and professor at U of A, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, has demonstrated that DCA causes reduction in a number of cancers including brain, breast and lung. Dr. Michelakis and his associates which include Dr. Sebastien Bonnet, a post-doctoral fellow, have published the findings of their research efforts in the medical journal Cancer Cell. Doctors and medical scientists have used DCA for many decades as a treatment for metabolism errors in children that occur with mitochondrial diseases.  The energy creating factors in the body cells are the mitochondria and have been associated with cancer since the 1930s.  It was then that clinical researchers first observed dysfunction in these organelles when cancer is occurring.

Dr. Michelakis and his research associates discovered that DCA brought mitochondrial processes into a normal state in many cancers.  Even more importantly, they discovered that when the mitochondrial processes became normal once again, the result was a marked inhibition of tumor growth in both animal and test tube models.  They also noted that DCA did not have any effect on normal cells.  "I think DCA can be selective for cancer because it attacks a fundamental process in cancer development that is unique to cancer cells," Michelakis said. "One of the really exciting things about this compound is that it might be able to treat many different forms of cancer".

"If there were a magic bullet, though, it might be something like dichloroacetate, or DCA..."
Newsweek, January 23, 2007

The University of Alberta is proceeding with clinical trials of this extremely promising cancer alternative treatment. Click here to read more about DCA Cancer Cure and Treatment.

You can purchase it at www dot puredca dot com



Hydrazine Sulfate Alternative Treatment for Cancer

All too often, persons with cancer die from a process of wasting away called cachexia rather than dying from cancer itself.  In this condition the body becomes undernourished and it simply wastes away.  In 1968, the Director of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute, in Syracuse, New York, Dr. Joseph Gold, MD, found that the compound hydrazine sulfate could stop cachexia thus allowing the body to regain strength and be able to continue fighting the disease.  Hydrazine sulfate produces weight gain (if weight has been lost which is true in most cases), improves sense of well-being and increases appetite.  The mechanism for this is to interfere with the liver’s ability to turn lactic acid into glucose which is a function known as gluconeogenesis.  Cancer cells live on blood glucose which stimulates rapid cell growth.  By blocking the lactic acid conversion process, hydrazine sulfate diminishes the cancer while permitting normal cells to flourish.  Thus a vicioius cycle is reversed.  While hydrazine sulfate is common, inexpensive and cannot be patented, the FDA has prohibited chemical companies from selling the compound publicly. Fortunately, a search on the internet will locate sources from whom you can purchase it.  Also check Syracuse Cancer Research Institute, Syracuse, NY and Biotech Pharmaca, Fayetteville, AR.



The technical name for this naturally occurring substance is amygdalin or vitamin B17.  It is found in cassava melons, millet, buckwheat, and the seeds of peaches, apricots and apples (as well as other members of the prunasin family).  Dr. Harold W. Manner, PhD, performed the first extensive, unbiased studies of the effect of laetrile on cancer. At the time, Dr, Manner was Chairman of the Biology Department at Loyola, University in Chicago.  His studies showed that laetrile was virtually non-toxic and, when used with specific enzymes and vitamin A, it promoted the manufacture of antibodies that inhibited and destroyed breast tumors in mice.  There was total regression in 76% of the mice that were treated.  Dr. Manner was attacked for his discovery prompting him to resign his position at Loyola and open a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.  There are other clinics as well that include laetrile in their protocol.  Contact the Cancer Control Society for a list http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/ .  Read the very interesting account of the history of laetrile in the book The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss, PhD.  It is a tale of gross deception and cover ups on the part of the medical establishment.  Oasis Hospital in Tijauna, Mexico does laetrile therapy.


The Shocking Truth about Cancer

A tumor that is large enough to be detected has been there for 10 years but not yet large enough to be seen.  Everyone gets cancer cells in their body throughout their life.  In most cases, the body’s immune system gobbles up the cells and tumors do not form.  On the average, cancer cells double (doubling rate) every 100 days.  From the time the first cancer cell forms it takes about 10 years for it to double enough times to be barely detectable at about 1 centimeter. Cancer cells begin spreading early on through the arteries and veins but these do not show up until many years later.  When a patient is told they have no more cancer cells due to treatment, it only means there are no detectable tumors of 1cm or bigger.  It is very probable that there are still numerous smaller colonies.  Because of this, the cancer often reappears years later as detectable tumors because these smaller colonies had continued their doubling all the while.  The following shows the time line for development of a breast tumor (from Dr. John McDougall's national best-selling book A Challenging Second Opinion):

Cancer cell growth time line

A healthy body and a healthy immune system is the only method of treatment that can completely remove cancer cells.

The presence of cancer shows that a person is nutritionally deficient.  These deficiencies might be from poor diet, genetic, environmental or due to lifestyle.  The method for removing these deficiencies is a change in diet and supplements to aid the immune system.


VitaMix Blender

An alternative treatment cancer of all types is green smoothies.  Most websites and books about this say drink a quart a day. The idea is to get lots of enzymes, vitamins and living food down without having to chew till you wear your teeth out.  Get a VitaMix or a Blend Tech blender – one of those really powerful ones so you “drink” the whole vegetable.   Juicing is very good too.


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