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Cancer Natural Alternative Treatments & Natural Cures



Glutathione and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

Glutathione is a protein containing the amino acids glutamic, glycine and cysteine acid. NAC, which is made from cysteine, is an amino acid that the body uses to make glutathione.  It is cysteine that gives glutathione its ability to inhibit oxidation (anti-oxidant) which further forms glutathione peroxidase which is a principal anti-oxidant enzyme. After an individual passes the age of 60, glutathione peroxidase levels decrease in the blood and they are also lower in persons with cancer.  Taking glutathione and NAC supplements could be an important element in protecting older persons who have been subjected to toxins from the environment and in their diet.

Glutathione protects DNA from damage from free radicals and also stops the loss of other anti-oxidants.  In addition, it aids in metabolizing numerous cancer causing substances, stimulates various immune system cells, aids in repairing and synthesizing DNA and also may impede angiogenesis (a process tumors use to form blood vessels).  Glutathione is also required in the production of an enzyme that is necessary for the liver to metabolize toxic chemicals and drugs. Glutathione and NAC have been shown to lessen the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and other standard treatments.  It is best to take glutathione intravenously, rectally or under the tongue.



Shark Cartilage

A unique aspect of tumors is that they grow their own blood supply.  Most tissues and organs in the body also do this in a biological process called angiogenesis.  There is one type of tissue that does not do this and that is cartilage.  It has substance that stops the tissue from forming blood vessels according to Dr. William Lane, PhD from New Jersey.  He has long championed the use of shark cartilage as an alternative treatment for cancer.

The premise for using shark cartilage is to stop the ability of tumors to create new blood vessles.  If this occurs, the growth of the tumors will be interrupted and they will die.  Clinical research has shown that the anti-angiogeniaic (stop blood vessel formation) aspects of shark cartilage can do this.  Robert Langer, PhD, from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) has shown that shark cartilage has 1,000 times more of this blood vessel inhibiting substance than cartilage from any other animal.

A study on shark cartilage as a cancer alternative treatment was done in Cuba.  Out of 29 “terminal” cancer patients, 14 lived after taking shark cartilage.  Among those who passed away, 9 died from their cancer and 6 died because of other complications.  After a period of 23 months, 14 patients (about half of them) from the original group of 29 were still living and doing quite well.  They were enjoying totally normal lives.  At the end of 33 months of taking a modest amount of shark cartilage every day, no new deaths had occurred.  Recently, in a clinical study, persons with advanced cancer of the kidney were given shark cartilage extract and they lived twice the amount of time that would be expected with no shark cartilage.

According to Dr. Lane’s research, the cancer which responds best to shark cartilage is ovarian cancer.  Also, cancers of the central nervous system, uterine and cervical cancers also respond well.  Dr. Lane says that shark cartilage is very effective when used to treat prostate tumors in an advanced stage getting rates of tumor reduction of 15 percent to 67 percent.  It is also been found to noticeable lower PSA levels in 12 to 16 weeks.  As a rule of thumb, shark cartilage is most effective in combating solid tumors.  Pancreatic cancers that are not too advanced also respond very positively.  Shark cartilage works best when taken rectally in doses that are larger than one could tolerate by mouth.


IBC Hospital

A person I am close to was dying of cancer.  I suggested he contact the cancer cure center that the Elite of the world tell me they go.  A few months later and my friend is well.  The global Elite are well aware of where to be cured of cancer as well as diabetes and auto-immune diseases.  You can get rid of arthritis as well as cancer and live to the golden years naturally.  You can stimulate your body's own immune system so that it will take care of cancer and other illnesses by itself. I received no money for sending this email.  Also, I personally went and had the treatment to see if this is true.  Even my vision has improved considerably.  I recommend that a healthy person as well as an individual who is ill take the Alivizatos Treatment.  My Elitist friend said to me, "Lindsey, even if you are well, you need to do this - since I had my cancer cured a number of years ago, I have not even had a cold because my immune system has become so strong.  It is very encouraging to read the testimonials of persons who have had their cancer treated at the IBC Hospital and being in remission 10, 20 and 30 years later leading happy lives.  Call toll free (800) 262-0212 or (619) 710-1977.  Pastor Lindsey Williams.


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