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Cancer Alternative Cures 



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An alternative treatment cancer of all types is green smoothies.  Most websites and books about this say drink a quart a day. The idea is to get lots of enzymes, vitamins and living food down without having to chew till you wear your teeth out.  Get a VitaMix or a Blend Tech blender – one of those really powerful ones so you “drink” the whole vegetable.   Juicing is very good too.


Mammogram and Prostate Screening Fraud

The chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, Dr. Otis Brawley, told the New York Times on October 21, 2009, “We don’t want people to panic but I’m admitting that American medicine has overpromised when it comes to screening.  The advantages of screening have been exaggerated.”  Read more about Mammogram Risks and PSA Prostate Screening - click here


Drink a tea made of chaparral, pokeweed, yellow dock and red clover.  This will purify the blood and break up tumors or other growths.


Check out the Gerson Therapy,  RAVE dietKushi Institute,  Dr. John McDougall MD and the Cancer Control Society. Purchase their DVDs and watch them. The RAVE diet site has a great DVD called Healing Cancer from the Inside Out.  Buy the DVD Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime.  If you have cancer or know someone who has cancer you don't want to leave any stone unturned.  Don't let your doctor pressure you to be in a hurry to try his treatment which, in most cases, has a very poor track record.  Take a little time to do some research into alternative cancer treatments.  Also Ralph Moss, PhD who will do a report for you on your cancer and the available cancer alternative treatment methods showing promise.  His book The Cancer Industry is a must read. Another one you must see is Dr. Burzynski. This is not really a home remedy for cancer but it is totally non toxic.  Located in Houston, Texas, he developed antineoplastins which have an astonishingly high cure rate.  He was harrased by the FDA and the Federal Government with trumped up charges of selling a non approved drug over state lines.  Since then, as a result of congressional intervention, his antineoplastins have been in FDA approved clinical trials for quite a few years.  Go to his site and buy the DVD.  Watch the DVD trailers first if you want to.  This is a remarkable and fascinating story.  I first saw him on the Sally Jesse Rapael talk show maybe in the late 70s.  He had a half dozen people with him who had all been cured with his treatment. Here is his regular site - click here for Burzynski clinic.  Here is a link to buy the DVD - click here.


Salve Alternative Cancer Treatments

As an alternative treatment for skin cancers, use a salve made from bloodroot.  Some names for this are Black Salve, Indian Mud and Compound X.  Bloodroot salve will draw the tumors from your body out through the skin.  Your body will be healing underneath as the mass finally falls out.  Bloodroot is one if the main ingredients in Harry Hoxey’s treatment in the 50s.  There is a great documentary about him called Hoxsey:  When Healing Becomes a Crime.  Look for the bloodroot products on the internet and there you can read many testimonials and see pictures of the process.  Here is one site you can check out called Black Salve Info . Also go to this site Cancer Salves.  This is a good site and Ingrid Naiman has written a great book on the subject of cancer salve alternative treatments called Cancer Salves. 


For a cancer alternative treatment, check out a healing tonic called Essiac.  It helped some people that are friends of mine to shrink tumors.  You can read about it at essiac-info.org.


Diet as a Cancer Alternative Treatment

A low fat vegan diet is the best alternative treatment for cancer.  Many people have cured themselves doing this.  Do a search for Dr. John McDougall, MD a board certified internist.  He lays out the whole diet.  He has many DVDs and books.  It is our rich western diet with 42% of calories coming from fat and the rest of the food processed and devitalized.  Animal foods create an acid blood and body condition which promotes cancers.  Cancer was somewhat rare at the turn of the 20th century.  Now 100 years later 1 in 2 people will have cancer.  Also get the video Healing Cancer from the Inside Out by Mike Anderson.


I have heard that one thing that can cure cancer is coffee enemas.  A friend of my dad’s came down with cancer 30 years ago and he started coffee enemas.  He did this once a week ever since the diagnosis and the cancer disappeared.  Now he is 80 and cancer free.  The Gerson Therapy also has coffee enemas as part of its program.  Up until the 80s coffee enemas were included in the Physician’s Desk Reference.


Do a search for kombucha tea. This is a fermented tea that was developed by the Japanese.  It is close to a cure all including cancer and it is just amazing!  It is both a preventative and a cure for many ailments including cancer.  Look it up online and for instructions on how to make it, its history and what it can do for you.  You can also buy it at healthfood stores already made and bottled.


The Rife Machine Cancer Alternative Treatment

Back in the 30s a man named Royal Rife developed a machine that used various radio frequencies to destroy cancers.  Certain frequencies would resonate with the cancer cells and destroy them while leaving other cells intact.  You can buy a video about Royal Rife’s biography.  It is very interesting.  A man named Dr. James Bare has been working with and perfecting this technique for nearly 20 years.  He also has plans to build the device and also sells them.  He has videos showing how to build the machines and also shows the effects of the machine using dark field microscopy.  You can also go to him directly for treatment.  If you watch the video about Rife’s life, you will be very impressed.  Go to rifetechnologies dot com.  Also do a search for Dr James Bare on the internet to see more info and also do a search for Royal Rife.  A French man named Antoine Priore also developed a very similar machine in the 50s.  Do a search for his name.


The Shocking Truth about Cancer

A tumor that is large enough to be detected has been there for 10 years but not yet large enough to be seen.  Everyone gets cancer cells in their body throughout their life.  In most cases, the body’s immune system gobbles up the cells and tumors do not form.  On the average, cancer cells double (doubling rate) every 100 days.  From the time the first cancer cell forms it takes about 10 years for it to double enough times to be barely detectable at about 1 centimeter. Cancer cells begin spreading early on through the arteries and veins but these do not show up until many years later.  When a patient is told they have no more cancer cells due to treatment, it only means there are no detectable tumors of 1cm or bigger.  It is very probable that there are still numerous smaller colonies.  Because of this, the cancer often reappears years later as detectable tumors because these smaller colonies had continued their doubling all the while.  The following shows the time line for development of a breast tumor (from Dr. John McDougall's national best-selling book A Challenging Second Opinion):

Cancer cell growth time line

A healthy body and a healthy immune system is the only method of treatment that can completely remove cancer cells.

The presence of cancer shows that a person is nutritionally deficient.  These deficiencies might be from poor diet, genetic, environmental or due to lifestyle.  The method for removing these deficiencies is a change in diet and supplements to aid the immune system.

Chemotherapy is deployed to poison the cancer cells but this will also destroy healthy cells including the immune system.  Radiation destroys cancer cells along with healthy cells and does nothing to eliminate the as yet undetectable cancer seeds that were spread through the body years before.  At first, treatment with radiation and chemotherapy will often reduce tumors but continued use of these will not bring more tumor destruction.  Chemotherapy and radiation produce a tremendous toxic load for the immune system.  All of the dead cells, both cancerous and normal, that have died, must be digested by the immune system.  Chemotherapy and radiation will create mutated cancer cells that resist the treatments making them difficult to destroy.  Surgery can also spread cancer cells. 

A good way to overcome cancer is to avoid feeding the cancer cells with the nutrients it needs for growth.  Cancer cells need lots of sugar.  They are sugar feeders.  We can stop eating all forms of sugar.  Milk produces mucus in the body and cancer feeds on this mucus.  It is best to avoid all dairy products and substitute unsweetened nut milks or soy milk.  Cancer cells flourish in an acidic body.  The human body is naturally slightly alkaline.  Eating meat creates an acidic condition in the body (meat is all amino acids) and also contains growth hormones, antibiotics and parasites.  All of these are bad for persons with cancer.  A diet that is mostly whole grains, fresh vegetables and vegetable juice will help restore the natural alkalinity of the body.  A small amount can be from cooked foods.  Live enzymes are available with fresh vegetable juice and these are easily absorbed down to the cellular level.  Enzymes are destroyed by heat over 104 degrees F (40 degrees C).  Stay away from chocolate, tea and coffee as these have caffeine which will also produce an acidic condition in the body.  

Protein from meat is hard to digest.  Meat that is undigested begins to putrify and rot in the intestines before it can be eliminated thus adding more toxic load to the body system.  Because of this, nature designed meat eating animals with intestines that are one third the length of plant eating animals.  Humans have plant eating intestines and were not designed to process the flesh of other animals.  The walls of cancer cells have a tough covering of protein.  If one avoids eating meat, the body can free more enzymes (especially pancreatic enzymes) to attack and dissolve the cancer cell walls thus enabling the body’s killer cells to consume the cancer cells.  Cancer cells are inhibited by oxygen.  Exercising will cause more oxygen to reach every part of our bodies. 


Laetrile Alternative Cancer Treatment

Laetrile or vitamin B17 – check it out on the web. I personally know people who did this along with nutrition and 20 years after they are still in good shape.  Back in the town I was from in California, we had a whole townful of people curing their cancer on a regular basis.  It seemed to be effective every time.  The laetrile reacts with cancer cell enzymes to form hydrogen cyanide with destroys the cancer cells.  It does this without damaging any of the healthy cells.  There are a number of clinics in Tiajuana, Mexico who perform this treatment.  Contact the Cancer Control Society for a list of these clinics.


In my lifetime, I have known many people who came down with cancer.  Once they start down the conventional medicine trail I can always assume they will be dead within five years.  If radiation is also part of their program, they will be dead within one year even when the original tumor is destroyed.


Vitamin D Deficiency and Cancer

Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to be involved in 17 types of cancer including breast, prostate and colon.  Click on this link to read more about Vitamin D and Cancer.


Laetrile or vitamin B-17 as an alternative cancer treatment has been made illegal in the USA by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment.  It is a substance which occurs naturally and so no one will be able to patent it or make any money from selling it.  That means the drug companies will never offer it and it is going to compete with their $3000 a dose chemotherapy drugs.  Laetrile can be self-administered.  It can be purchased from several companies that sell it for “no medical purpose.”  If your doctor discovers you are using it he will advise you to stop right away as it may kill you from cyanide poisoning.  This is how the FDA was told to make it illegal on the basis that the cyanide in Laetrile will poison you.  The cyanide isn’t created until the Laetrile comes in contact with the cancer cell.  I have been taking it for a long time as a preventative measure and I also give it to my wife who is genetically at risk for cancer.  Look it up on the web.  There are other cancer clinics in other parts of the world such as Mexico and Germany that offer this treatment.


Cancer will not prosper in an alkaline body.  Take care that you keep your body in its natural alkaline condition and cancer will never take root.  Keep your body alkaline by making sure the colon is clean and by eating the right foods.  You can also take green cleansing foods such as spirilina and green barley.  Diet is the best alternative treatment for cancer.

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