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Diabetes Natural Remedies, Cures & Treatments




Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla in India, is a good natural home remedy for curing diabetes.  It is high in vitamin C.  Take a tablespoon of the juice of this fruit and mix it with a cup of Bitter Gourd juice.  Take this everyday for 60 days to stimulate the pancreas.  If you are suffering from insulin resistance (common with type 2 diabetes) then there is nothing wrong with your pancreas.



Taking 500 mg of taurine and L-glutamine everyday will lessen the craving for sugar and also aid in the release of insulin.


Garlic Natural Remedy for Diabetes

Daily intake of garlic capsules will help with circulation and regulation of blood sugar levels.  Raw garlic is even better.  This is one of the best natural home remedies for diabetes.



A good natural treatment for diabetes is to take 150 mg of Siberian Ginseng extract.  This is a tonic for the reproductive and adrenal glands and it improves lung function, immune function and appetite.  Siberian ginseng is also good for circulatory problems, bronchitis, diabetes, low energy, infertility and protection from radiation.



There have been numerous studies on diabetes that have shown that taking 1000 mg of cinnamon every day will have a positive effect on bringing down high blood sugar.  Also, cinnamon reduces cholesterol.


Try taking Bilberry Extract in 1000 mg soft gel capsules as a home remedy for diabetes.  It helped me with vision issues that come with type 2 diabetes.  It also reduces blood sugar levels.  If you research this you will find the great benefit of this non-toxic diabetes natural treatment alternative.


Bitter Melon as Natural Diabetes Home Remedy

Take bitter melon to lower blood sugar.  You can get it in capsules or as a tea.  It can definitely help to get off your diabetes meds and avoid insulin injections.  As a cautionary note, be watchful if you are already taking meds for your diabetes as this will make your blood sugar go too low.  You will have to adjust and then eliminate your meds if you use this.


The biggest reason for the epidemic of diabetes is found at the grocery store.  It’s called high fructose corn syrup and manufacturers put it in everything.  Read the labels.  Avoid this stuff like the evil that it is. Also avoid artificial sweeteners.  If you are into diet sodas, watch the video Sweet Misery.  It’s about aspartame and it will blow your mind.  Stevia is safe and also helpful.  It is also important to get the acid / alkaline balance right and it is important to have good colon health. 


I got good results using Diabeta as an alternative treatment for my diabetes.  An ayurvedic doctor recommended it. My glucose was at 200 to 240 and this while taking Metformin three times a day.  After I started taking Diabeta my glucose went to 90 to 120 and from that day on it has never gone over 120.  I also walk an hour every day.


Bitter Gourd Diabetes Natural Treatment

Bitter gourd (aka bitter melon) is a well known ayurvedic alternative treatment for diabetes.  It is also commonly used for this purpose in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  It’s common name in India is Karela.  One can simply eat this vegetable frequently or have a tablespoon or two of the juice of the Bitter Gourd.


As a rule of thumb with diabetes, there is some colon trouble.  Take high enemas with a tea made from yellow dock root, burdock root or bayberry bark.  This will help cleanse and heal the colon.  To make the tea add one tablespoon of the herb in powdered form to a gallon of boiling water. Wait for this to cool and use as a high enema.  Draw a bath with water as hot as you can stand and lay in this for 30 minutes to 2 hours.  This will be of great benefit with diabetes and promote elimination of excess sugar and waste from the body.  Also while soaking in the hot water, drink a hot tea made from dandelion root.

Diabetes Diet.  Overall health of a diabetic person must be improved if the diabetes is to be managed.  Diet is the major cause of diabetes.  Meat of all kinds should be removed from the diet.  Milk and eggs should be very minimal.  Spicy stimulating foods should be strictly avoided.  Oatmeal, bran and slippery elm water are good in treating diabetes.  A good food that also promotes an alkaline PH in the body is soybeans.  To eat them, first sprout the soybeans to about a half inch.  Boil these until they become tender and soft..  Then put them in a baking dish and bake a little bit.  Flavor this with vegetable extract, onions garlic or tomatoes according to taste.  The following foods are an excellent alternative treatment for diabetes:  All greens, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, watercress, brussle sprouts, okra, onions (baked or boiled) asparagus, peas (young and tender), sprouted lentils, lettuce, ripe olives, bets and beet tops, carrots, green beans, carrot juice, celery, spinach, endive, radishes, eggplant, sprouted lima beans, parsnips, soybean milk, tofu, baked Irish potatoes, coconut water, peanuts, almonds, pecans, and brazil nuts.  Do not eat roasted peanuts or peanut butter that is made from roasted peanuts.  Raw peanuts and raw peanut butter is good.  Diabetics greatly benefit from eating avocados.  These are some of the best diabetes natural home remedies, cures and treatments. This information is distilled from the book Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss.


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