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Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatments & Natural Remedies


Go to Cancer Alternative Treatments to read about effective cancer natural remed protocols for all types of cancer including pancreatic.

Diet as Natural Treatment

A poor diet can cause many cancers including pancreatic cancer. Cancer is on the rise in America and the rich unhealthy American diet is a major contributor to this surge in cancer rates. The food you eat is one of the most effective alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer.

The Western diet consists of seven food groups and two of these food groups contain animal products. Animal products contain large amounts of fat and fat is the leading cause for being overweight. Dr John McDougall M.D. figured this out when he was doing research regarding what people ate in countries around the world. He found that some of the healthiest countries in the world are located in Asia, Africa and Central America. The diets of these cultures are very much different than what is found here in the US. He observed that most of these people ate little or no animal products at all, and they made all of their meals from scratch. Dr. McDougall also found that these people were fit, agile, looked younger and were healthier than the average American. Compared to the western diet’s food groups these countries only had four main groups instead of seven. These food groups are grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. Once he had figured out that these people held the answer to good health he devised a diet program to help people lose weight and keep it off. When people lost weight Dr. McDougall observed a huge reduction in illnesses and the chances of becoming ill of cancer or diabetes later on in life declined. His diet mirrored the people of the countries in Asia, Africa and Central America who still consumed their natural indigenous diet. It focused all of the meals on starches and grains instead of meat and dairy. It also puts much emphasis on fruits and vegetables. He found that his program worked and he has been able to demonstrate this with thousands of cases and over a span of thirty years. For more information on the McDougall diet please visit his website at www dot drmcdougall dot com.




Suffering from any cancer can be hard, but especially pancreatic cancer. One way you can fight the battle against this serious illness is to use ginseng. Start boiling sixteen ounces of water then prepare two tablespoons of ginseng to put into the water. Wait to add the ginseng until the water is boiling then after you add the ginseng let it continue to boil for another ten minutes. Remove the tea from the stove after it has boiled for ten minutes. Let the tea brew for five minutes while it is cooling off and then drink it. Doing this home remedy four times a day will help give your immune system a boost and help fight off cancer cells.


Eat Fresh Raw Foods

Having pancreatic cancer means your body is fighting serious disease and it needs all the help and support it can get. It is important to say no to certain unhealthy items that may be tempting you. These things include coffee, soda, tobacco, candy, condiments, spices and premade items that you find in the frozen section of the grocery store such as frozen vegetables. All of these things may sound nice or taste good, but they will not help you and, if anything, they will make your condition worsened. The best solution is to cook from scratch, eat everything fresh (meaning no condiments or spices and especially salt), and just quit the other stuff. This is no simple task and will take a lot of will power but it will pay off in the end.



Pancreatic cancer can take a lot of energy to combat it and also it can lead to death so it is very important to take exceptional care of yourself. Juicing vegetables and fruits can help give your body full support. Vegetables have many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and anti-oxidants which your body needs to get rid of cancer. When juicing, mix it up a bit so that you have some variety when you doing this. Make sure when choosing vegetables that you use organic vegetables so that you will not digest any chemicals that are used in conventional farming. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides all weakened the immune system and this takes you 180° in the wrong direction because you need your immune system to devour the cancer cells. Be sure to drink ten to fifteen eight ounce glasses daily to get the benefit of this therapy. I also suggest using coffee enemas in addition to the juicing protocol. Coffee enemas are used by the Gerson Therapy as a method for detoxifying the body while juicing. Go to the Cancer page on this website to read more about this.  This is one of the best natural remedies for pancreatic cancer.


Vitamins and Minerals

Taking your daily vitamins and minerals will help your body fight the cancer while also nurturing your body at the same time. Vitamins and minerals are essential to our lives even when we do not have cancer because we don’t get the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals from food we eat. Our soils are depleted of minerals and therefore it is imperative we supplement our diet with high quality minerals and vitamins.  The best mineral supplement I have found is at www dot youngagain dot com.


Green Tea

One way to give your body anti oxidants is to drink green tea. Green tea not only gives your body anti-oxidants but it will give your immune system a boost so that you can fight off cancer. Drinking green tea two to three times a day will help you support your body.


Aloe Vera

Using aloe vera is one way to give your immune system a boost and thus is a good alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer. Aloe vera has been used for a wide variety of illnesses ranging from burns to fighting cancer and is one of the most trusted natural remedies around the world.



If you want to find an effective alternative therapy for pancreatic cancer then look no further. Lycopene is important for fighting stomach and pancreatic cancer and has been used to cure them. You can get it from eating watermelon and apricots. Make sure to get an abundance of these fruits because you will need it.       



Garlic is one of most important herbs when it comes to healing the body. This herb has been proven to cure all sorts of illnesses that range from a simple cold all the way to pancreatic cancer. Garlic contains alkyl sulphur which is a great anti-cancer agent. Garlic will help your body keep cancer from spreading. Garlic also helps to kill cancer cells. You can eat garlic in many different ways including adding it to meals and hot beverages; however juicing raw cloves of garlic or eating the clove itself will give you the most benefit. Don't do this on an empty stomach.


Coriolus Versicolor

When you have pancreatic cancer your immune system is compromised and you will have to find ways to support it and give it a boost. Coriolus versicolor is a substance that contains polysaccharides that are great for giving your body the support and vigor it needs to beat cancer. On a daily basis take one thousand milligrams of PSP or PSK three times a day. This will help get you back up and running on your normal track.



A way to help your immune system and also enhance your body’s cells that naturally kill cancer cells try taking one thousand milligrams or four milliliters of astragalus tincture three times a day. Tincture of astragalus is a very helpful supplement when fighting pancreatic cancer.


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