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Abdominal Colic Home Remedies


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Stop Dairy and Soy

If your are nursing and want a good home remedy for abdominal colic, try stopping all dairy and soy foods for at least a week.  Then begin to add some of these back in slowly.  Watch for the colic to return and if it does, you can bet it is an intolerance of milk and/or soy.  Your baby might outgrow these,  but for now cut these out for the first 6 months.



I have a six week old son with just awful colic.  My mom used to give me cumin and she recommended that I do that for my son.  Bring a cup of water to a boil and then put in a teaspoon of cumin seeds.  Let this stand for about 15 minutes then drain it and let it cool down.  You can add a little sugar if necessary and thin give it with a bottle or dropper or add a little to formula.  This really works great!  My son stopped crying right away..


Carbonated Soda

When my horses come down with colic we have them drink a carbonated soda like coke.  The carbonation clears it up.  Maybe just bubbly water would be better for infants so they don’t get all the sugar and caffeine. 



Mint as Abdominal Colic Natural Home Remedy

Try melting a starlight mint into a bottle of heated water and add some sugar if necessary (but usually not needed).  I have done this with all 4 of my kids with colic.  It really works!


Oat Meal

Put some baby cereal oat meal in their bottles.  This helps their stomachs to settle and is a good colic home remedy.


Peppermint & Bay Leaves

For colic give a tea brewed from peppermint or bay leaves or both.  Let the tea cool before giving.


Fennel Seeds as Home Remedy for Abdominal Colic

Boil a cup of water and add fennel seeds.  Let it boil for a few more minutes. When it cools, give 1 or 2 teaspoons per feeding.


Asafetida Herb

I know it sounds weird but make a paste out of devil’s dung herb (asafetida) and rub it around the belly button.


Foot Rub

Rubbing the baby’s feet will help soothe the gas pain.



Hold your baby upright with legs pulled up to chest in a fetal position. This is one of the best home remedies for abdominal colic.


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