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Hiccups Home Remedies, Natural Remedies & Cures



Peanut Butter

If you are in the middle of a hiccup episode stop and take a tablespoon of peanut butter and eat a teaspoon full and you will win the battle of hiccups! This is a great remedy for children who have a case of hiccups. Just make sure you do not give children too large of a spoonful of peanut butter because they may choke. This is a great home remedy for hiccups!


Water Natural Remedy for Hiccups

When I get the hiccups a natural remedy I use is to take a shot of water tilt my head back, pinch my nose and then swallow the water. You may have to do this several times but it always works for me.


Ginger Hiccup Home Remedy

One amazingly simple and effective home remedy for dealing with hiccups is to take a small fresh piece of ginger and suck on it. This home remedy will relieve your hiccups.



Laugh! If you are bothered by hiccups a wonderful is a healing natural remedy is simply to laugh!


Slice of Lime with Bitters

While out at a lounge one evening I developed a bad case of hiccups. The bartender had a wonderful home remedy for hiccups. He gave me a slice of lime dipped in bitters. He told me to suck on it for a couple minutes. I tried it and it worked!


Dill Pickle Juice

Many professional athletes use dill pickle juice to help reduce muscle spasms. Well, I have been using dill pickle juice for over 20 years to cure hiccups. It works!


Sugar or Peanut Butter

To make a home remedy for hiccups that works for me I take about a teaspoon of sugar and add water to it to make a paste then I eat it. This usually works but if for some reason it does not work I eat a spoonful of peanut butter.


Banana Natural Remedy

Eat a banana fairly quickly if you have hiccup and this will be your best natural remedy to cure them!


Slow Deep Breaths

I get the hiccups-hiccoughs quite frequently and the home remedy I have found the works best is to simply take slow deep breaths until the hiccups go away. This is also a very calming thing to do!


Drinking Water with Ears Covered

My grandfather passed this natural remedy for hiccups to my mother which in turn she passed it down to me. It works! First have someone stand behind you and cover your ears then pinch your nose shut and take a full glass of water and drink it completely. Once you are done the hiccups should be gone!


Mustard Hiccups Home Remedy

An old trick my friends and I use as a home remedy for hiccup relief is to take a little mustard on the back of your tongue with your finger and swallow it. It always works for us! Good luck!


Cayenne Pepper

I have had a life of hiccups due to a physical abnormality I was born with so I am very aware of all the home and natural remedies for hiccups available to us all! I have found that I have to try different remedies for hiccups sometimes; and the best natural remedy I have found to work consistently is to either take a teaspoon of a hot sauce with cayenne pepper, or take a little cayenne and put it in a spoon and add a touch of water to make a paste then eat that followed by a glass of water. Cayenne pepper is one of the best natural home remedies for hiccups I have found.


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