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Weight Loss Natural Home Remedies



Right Diet

When a person wants to change their diet to lose weight they think any diet will do and that they only have to do that diet until they reach their desired weight. Well this is wrong because not all diets are healthy for people. You should research diets and read the research that is presented by the diet developer. One of the best diets for weight loss is the McDougall Program designed by Dr. John McDougall, MD. This diet takes out all animal products such as meats, dairy and eggs. These are all calorie dense foods.  It also eliminates all oils and other non natural foods. It is just common sense that fat makes you fat!  You can find more at www dot drmcdougall dot com.

Not only do you have to research your diet options but you have to choose the option to fit your life, because changing your diet should be a change made for life. The reason for this is because when you lose weight and gain it back you start to develop fat cells that don’t go away and can cause you problems such as heart attacks and diabetes. These fat cells can also make it difficult for you to lose weight later on.


Eat Fresh for Losing Weight

Like the subway commercials, you should eat fresh when wanting to lose weight. But you should do it all the time, not just at lunch. You should make most of your meals from scratch instead of buying the items of convenience such as premade meals. You should eat fresh foods and avoid canned or frozen food as much as possible. When a vegetable is picked, it automatically starts losing the important nutrients needed by the human body, and by the time it reaches you it has lost most, if not all of the nutrients you need, and probably has turned into a starch instead of a vegetable. Starch is good for your diet, but you can get too much especially when some of that starch is supposed to be nutrients from vegetables. To avoid eating too much starch and keep your diet balanced you should eat fresh as much as possible. If you’re worried about meals taking longer to make, try planning them out ahead of time so that it will help speed up the process.


Portions Natural Remedy for Losing Weight

A great way to lose weight is by portioning your foods. Every diet has a recommended amount of every food group you should consume daily. By portioning your food you won’t over eat in any of the food groups which will help you lose weight. This will also help you plan out your meals and help you determine what you can eat and when you can eat. Remember that you should not just portion for three meals, but also for two or three snacks so that way you can spread out your food intake into smaller meals.


H2O Home Remedy

H2O is one of the oldest and best remedies that you can use for losing weight. You should drink eighty or more ounces of H2O a day. By drinking proper amounts of water you will not have to compensate for normal loss of water with over eating. It will also help keep your normal amount of food intake down which will decrease your daily calorie intake.



Getting plenty of sleep is a great natural remedy for weight loss. It is recommended that adults between the ages of eighteen to fifty get at least six to eight hours of sleep a day. You should make sure you go to bed between the hours of eight and eleven at night and wake up between the hours of four and eight in the morning. When you get the proper amount of sleep you tend to eat less and you give your body the chance to use the food you do eat to regenerate itself.


The Time Restriction

One way to help with losing weight is to eat your meals and snacks around certain times each day. An example of this would be: eating breakfast between seven and eight in the morning and eating one snack around ten, then lunch at noon, then a second snack at three in the afternoon, and then dinner between five and six at night. This will help let your stomach settle after each meal, which will help make sure that you don’t over eat at any of your meals. By restricting the time you eat your dinner, you will give your body a chance to recover before you go to bed. Recovering from dinner before you go to bed will help keep your food from turning straight into fat.


Juicing Diet

Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables in a juicing machine is a great way to lose weight. You take the juice made from fruit and vegetables and substitute it for lunch or snacks and that way you are only eating minerals and vitamins instead of carbohydrates while getting a satisfying meal at the same time.


Snack Home Remedy

When you are hungry you should snack. When most people get hungry they eat meals instead of snacking and they tend to over eat when they do this, which causes them to gain weight. Instead you should just snack. I am not saying that you shouldn’t eat the three main meals of the day but you should have small snacks in-between each meal. These snacks should be healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, trail mix (with no candy). Make sure that you eat these snacks slowly so that you will be able to stop yourself from eating after you’re full. Snacking like this is a great home remedy in helping you lose weight.



After eating every meal you should relax and take it easy, because exercising will increase your chances of turning your food straight into fat. You should give yourself at least thirty minutes before you do any type of physical work. If you don’t give your body the chance to digest your food it won’t be able to turn it into energy and instead it will just turn straight into fat.  


Slow Eating

You should eat your meals and snacks slowly so that you can tell when you are full. Most people who over eat tend to inhale their food instead eating it slowly like they should. Eating your food slowly you will give your body a chance to digest it and give you a chance to tell when you are full. The ways you can slow down your eating are by having conversations during your meals. Use the conversations to pace yourself in such a way that you can take three or four bites then talk for a minute or two.  Try not to be on the computer or watching the television while you’re eating because your attention won’t be on your food and could lead to over eating.


Lemon Juice

Take one lemon and squeeze it into eight ounces of water and drink it first thing in morning. This will help boost your metabolism, which in turn will help you digest your food more and help keep it from turning into fat. You should do this every day to greatly improve your chances of losing weight. This home remedy is one the best to lose weight. You should also make sure that you drink the lemon water before you eat any meals.


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