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Abdominal Pain After Childbirth Home Remedies


Turmuric & Ginger

Unfortunately many of us experience abdomen pain after childbirth without pain relief in sight.   I have a home remedy that I think can offer some relief.  You need to take some ground turmeric and ginger adding equal amount of each to a glass of water or milk.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.


Hot Water Bottle

I have a remedy that has worked for me.  After giving birth to three children; this has always helped me.  So, I thought I would pass it along to you.  I hope it works!  I just put a hot water bottle on my abdomen when the pain starts up.  I also start to drink more water.


Popsicle Home Remedy

My home remedy that I’d like to share with you is very simple.  Once I start to feel the pain in my abdomen, I just eat a popsicle or something else that is very cold.



Raspberry Leaf Tea

After experiencing terrible pain in my abdomen after childbirth, I sought out the advice of a woman schooled in herbs.  She recommended that I try a raspberry leaf tea.  I tried it and it really helped the pain to subside.  It also helped my tummy to contract and return to its’ normal shape.  You must get this tea at the herbal stores as the one sold at the grocery store isn’t as authentic.  Best of luck!


Cramp Bark

The abdomen pain after childbirth is due to the uterus contracting back to normal size.  I’ve found that with each succeeding child, the pains will worsen.  By the time I had given birth to my fifth child; the pain was similar to being in labor again.  The pain would last up to 30 minutes.  I have found a couple things that have helped me, so I want to share them.  Cramp bark is something that is useful in easing uterine cramps; however, you should be careful and avoid this if you are sensitive to Aspirin.  I have also found Chamomile to be helpful.


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