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Acid Reflux Natural Home Remedies, Treatments and Cures


Hot Water and Lemon

If you want to get rid of your acid reflux, avoid sodas, candy and sugar.  Before meals, make a cup or half cup of hot water and squeeze a half of a lemon into it and drink it.


Aloe Vera

Here is a home remedy for acid reflux that is very effective.  Buy whole leaf juice of aloe vera at the health food store.  Drink this 2 or 3 times a day.  I had been taking both over the counter and prescription antacids for the majority of my adult life.  So I started taking the aloe vera about an ounce at a time and several times every day. I would do this when I got up in the morning first thing and also right before going to bed if my stomach had been hurting in the daytime.  After a couple or three days of this, I stopped using all antacids.  I highly recommend it.



Limit Protein

Acid reflux is technically called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.  Almost 20% of adults in the USA get this which is about 47 million folks.  People who have the problem will testify to the awful pain and discomfort it can cause.  While there are options such as surgery and drugs, more and more doctors are looking at having a more alkaline diet as a way to get rid of acid reflux.  The relationship between the pH balance from our diet and numerous health problems is only starting to get traction.  The reason is that our modern way of eating is significantly different than what it was 100 years ago because of the increased availability of protein.  Now that protein is the biggest portion of our meals, it is causing an acidic condition in our body which likes to be slightly alkaline.  Proteins are acids – amino acids. It was proven in the 50s by extensive clinical studies that we really don’t need much protein and we can get all the protein we need by eating grains, beans and vegetables. Look at a horse or cow or an ape. How do they build such massive bodies by eating only plant foods?  The answer is that there is plenty of protein in plant foods.  Cut out the meat and dairy and your acid reflux problem will go away along with cancer, heart disease and a lot of other bad things.


Detox Diet as Natural Acid Reflux Home Remedy

I went on a detox diet for candida for a week.  I found this at thecandidadiet.com.  Now I am eating mostly raw foods and my acid reflux is almost entirely gone.  It is so nice to be able to breathe again and take it easy after eating instead of going through a lot of serious burping and pain from the acid reflux.


No Gluten

I quit gluten (mostly in wheat products), jasmine rice and dairy and it turned out to be a great home remedy for my acid reflux.


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