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Acne Home Treatments, Cures and Home Remedies


Baking Soda

A good way to treat acne is to mix some baking soda with water and put it on your face.   Avoid oily foods like fried foods and most meat.  Red meat has by far the most grease in it.


Aloe Vera Acne Home Remedy

Buy an aloe vera plant.  Twice a day cut off about a half inch of one of the leaves and squeeze the juice out.  Put this right on your acne as a home remedy.  Leave it on as long as possible.  Aloe is very healing and soothing to the skin and it is famous for that.  It works great on acne!




Hi i am 13 and used to have sorta bad acne. I am really the only one in my grade who has it. Anyway, I wanted to get rid of it. So, I put shampoo on the bad areas and BANG! They were gone. Sometimes, when it comes back, i will not eat sugar and nasty foods for a week.  Anon. 11-15-2011


Lime and Witch Hazel

My home treatment for acne is to first take a slice of lime and salt it.  Then I rub this on the acne areas so the salt acts like a kind of abrasive to get all the oils off.  Then I put some alcohol on the same areas to make the pimples dry up.  Then I put Witch hazel on my face which is very healing and penetrates into the pores.  This has made a big difference for me.


Beta Carotene

Take a beta carotene supplement.  The body converts this into vitamin A which the body will use to clear up your acne.  Stay away from fast foods, greasy foods (read the label you have no idea how much fat they put in everything) and sodas.  This is one of the very best home treatments for acne.


Garlic Home Cure

Garlic is a better antibiotic than anything you can buy like Neosporin.  Take a garlic press and smash a clove of garlic or maybe a half clove and rub this on your face.  Leave it on as long as you can and then rinse it off.  It is unbelievable how good this home cure will clear up all your acne and pimples.


Beta Glucan

Get some beta glucan cream and put it on your acne every morning and every night before you go to bed.  Beta glucan is the most powerful immune system enhancer that has ever been discovered.  Also, take beta glucan as a supplement internally 200 mg a day.  You can get both of these at www dot youngagain dot com and they don't cost much either. Read about beta glucan by clicking this link.


Diet for Acne

In cultures and countries where people still eat a natural diet removed from processing and refining, acne is very rare.  It is our high fat western diet and dairy products that are the cause of acne.  Click here to read more about acne caused by diet .


Milk of Magnesia

As an acne home remedy get some plain liquid milk-of-magnesia and put it on your face at night before you go to bed.  It’s like putting on a mask like a clay mask.  This really worked good  for me!


Cabbage Lotion

For acne take cabbage leaves and blend them with witch hazel until they are liquid.  Next, strain the liquid and some drips of lemon juice.  Apply this lotion to affected areas.


Orange Peel

Smash some orange peel and mix with water.  Apply this to the entire affected area. 



On the affected area where acne is erupting, place some grated cucumber.  This is a good home cure for acne.


Clove & Fenugreek

As a natural cure for acne, make a face mask to leave on overnight consisting of clove or fenugreek.


Antifungal Cream

The best thing I’ve tried to get rid of acne is antifungal cream.  Most of my adult life I’ve had acne.  Recently, following exercise I had trouble with acne on my bottom, so I went on line to search for a home remedy.  In several places I found that antifungal crème worked. I thought if it works on my bottom why not my face?  After using it on my face for over a week, my face is almost cleared up without skin irritation.  It really works great!  This is one heck-of-a home cure for acne.


Alcohol Natural Home Cure for Acne

For acne this really works well.  My whole life I’ve had acne but doing this for your face will really work.  Take a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on it and rub on your face lightly.  Allow the rubbing alcohol to dry for five minutes.  Then apply Benzoyl Peroxide face cream and your finished.  This needs to be done twice daily; in the morning and at night.  


Honey and Egg Yolk

Take a tsp. of honey and mix it with one egg yolk.  Put this on your face and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse off.  Repeat this four times a week.  You can put any excess mixture in the refrigerator for up to a week.  This is an excellent home cure for acne.


No Touch

You shouldn’t touch your face with your hands.  The grease and dirt gets on your face and into your pores.


Coco Butter

Use dial soap when washing your face.  Moisturize your face with a SMALL amount of coco butter.  Talk with the phone away from your cheek or wipe off your cell phone.  This will allow acne to clear up.  On the side of my face that I hold my cell phone I discovered I had more acne.


Salicyclic Acid

The Best single product I have found is Clean & Clear Salicylic Acid Astringent to treat stubborn adult acne (with excessive oiliness, large pores, and break outs).  This really works and isn’t expensive.  I wish you Good Luck!  


Hemorrhoid Ointment

Use a hemorrhoid cream to remove acne scars by applying it over the affected area.  In a month or so it should clear up.


Sugar & Egg Yolk

Wash your face with soap and rinse to clear up an oily complexion.  Next, take some granulated sugar and use as an exfoliating scrub.  Lastly, pat dry the area then put egg yolk all over your face.  Let this dry for an hour, then use a wash cloth, hot water, and wash it off.  Also use Clean and Clear astringent.  In no time your complexion will be clearer.  


Proactive Solution

Starting in the fifth grade I noticed acne-like little bumps (not red or anything).  In the sixth grade, well you know there was an occasional one or two. There also might have been a tiny bit right next to my hairline.  While in the seventh grade, they had gotten more and really bugged me.  I then went out and tried a Proactive Solution.  This REALLY WORKED!  If I didn’t use it for a week, I noticed a difference and it came back.  Whenever I would use Proactive again it All would go away.  Not even a few would remain.  If you want to use a less expensive solution, try Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning astringent. This is one of the best home remedies for acne!


Desitin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Cover your face with a smooth even layer of Desitin Creamy with Aloe and Vitamin E.  The redness, open sores, and many bumps should be gone in the morning.  If after a couple days this doesn’t at least help some, then I’d recommend trying something different.


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