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Acne Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Diet Acne Home Remedy

All acne begins with what we put in our stomachs.  The average American eats 160 pounds of sugar each year and we get 47% of our calories from fat.  Sugar is inflammatory in general and when we eat that much fat, the oil comes pouring out of our face creating blockages and pimples.  Most Americans are also continuously constipated.  This is also due to eating a diet that is low in fiber.  Meat, dairy and white flour have absolutely no fiber.  Because the bowels do not empty properly, fecal matter backs up and becomes stagnant.  The fecal matter decays and rots and poisonous toxins are reabsorbed back into the blood by the colon.  This makes the blood impure and acne results.  In cultures that still eat a traditional starch based diet of natural, whole foods, acne is very rare. Click here to read more about diet and acne.


Zinc & B Complex

For a preventing acne;  take daily supplements of zinc and B-complex.  This is also a good natural cure for acne.



Egg Whites

An acne home remedy is to apply egg white for pimples and acne.  Then wash your face using icy cold water.


Tomato Pulp

Take tomato pulp and put it on the affected area.  Leave it on for one hour then rinse.



If your stomach can tolerate it…Take a urine soaked diaper and dab the acne eruptions.  Then let in dry.  Next wash using unscented Dial soap.  It will take around five days for improvement to start showing.  I was told this 20 years ago.  Everyone who has tried it admits it has been cured. My cousin Sue was the first.  I don’t know if the first morning urine will work.  This isn’t some kind of prank!


Hair Conditioner

Take hair conditioner and wash your face.  That’s right, it will work!  This will get rid of your acne.


Tooth Paste

To reduce pimple size and reddening, try putting ‘Ultra Brite’ tooth paste over the reddened pimple.  Keep it on until it is crusted or even overnight. 


3 Steps

As a natural cure for acne takes three easy steps.  1) Take an oil free facial wash and apply it to your skin (ie. Your chest, neck, and even face have similar skin type).  2)  Use a toner and cleanse the remaining soap scum.  3)  Immediately use a fragment free facial cream and moisturize your face.  Careful of too much lotion as a dime size amount is enough.  Using step three is crucial because dry skin will break out.


Steam as Acne Home Remedy

Steam bath your face.  After boiling water add some chamomile.  For three to five minutes put a towel over your head and steam bath your face.  Use the towel as a tent to trap the steam around your face.  This will soften the skin, open the pores and increase circulation to the area.


Mint Juice

On the affected areas apply fresh mint juice.


Sweat Care

When you play sports and sweat, use sweat bands or wipe with a towel.  When sweat sets it, it causes acne.



To stay healthy one should be consistent with healthy eating, drinking water, and getting lots of sleep.  You hear of acne remedies like toothpaste and lemon juice, but consistency is best.  First you need eight hours of sleep.  There is a reason it’s called beauty sleep.  Drink a lot of water, not a puny two glasses but at least eight glasses.  This will remove toxins, the extra urination is worth it.  Trust me as this is refreshing.  Also exercise.  Maintain a daily ritual of washing your face.  Also don’t sleep with makeup on!  Next you need to exfoliate twice weekly.  Oh if you use crèmes with Benzyol Peroxide or Salycic Acid, keep using these once in a while.  Be sure to use a moisturizer.  Don’t expect immediate results by tomorrow as healing takes time.  But starting next week and the following weeks you will start having immediate results.  You will be sporting a beautiful face soon enough!  Good luck to you out there!


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