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Acne Scars Home Remedies, Treatments & Natural Remedies for Removal



An acne scar home remedy treatment for natural removal needs to focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet.  Avoid too much fatty foods and sugar. Also dairy products are notoriously bad for acne and formation of acne scars. Milk is for baby cows not for humans.  Get the dvd Got the Facts About Milk?


Estriol as Acne Scar Natural Home Remedy

In Finland, at the Universtiy Hospital, acne scars on women were given estriol cream therapy which was applied directly to their acne scars.  Scarring was reduced as the elastic skin fibers became thicker and the total thickness of the skin was increased with would be considered by many to be a medical impossibility.  This was reported in Annales Chirurgiae et Gynaecologiae v 76, 1987. In Vienna at the University of Hautlinik, researchers demonstrated that elevating estriol levels in the blood of women with acne resulted in healing the condition - Zeitschrift fur Hautkrankheiten v 58, 1983.  The researchers used a 0.3% topical cream with estriol which resulted in reducing acne scars in men and women in only 3 months.  The photographs were quite dramatic.  Additional studies on this were published in the Archives of Dermatological Research v 256, 1976 and International Journal of Dermatology v 34, 1995.  This effect of reducing acne scarring with estriol has been understood for over 30 years but it remains unknown to most doctors and even to dermatologists.  Click here to read more about estriol the "good" estrogen. 



Essential Oils Acne Scars Home Remedy

I have been making a blend of Tamanu oil with essential oils (using Young Living brand only for purity and potency) and mixing in Lavender Oil and Frankinscense Oil. Important--get \"therapeutic-grade essential oils\" such as Young Living oils if you want it to really work (and be safe also) because other oils, even oils from health food stores just don\'t cut it.  This will get rid of any scars left, even deep ones if used nightly over time. by KMC 1-3-2012


Hot Fomentation

To remove acne scars, do hot fomentation to open and cleanse pores. A fomentation is designed to elevate the temperature in the skin and tissues below.  This stimulates circulation which helps in the removal of toxins from the skin. It also stimulates healing of the scars and removal of scar tissue.   To do a fomentation, take a towel and soak it in hot water.  Wring out the excess and apply it to the affected areas for about 3 minutes.  Re-soak towel and repeat.  Take a cold washcloth (soaked in water) and rub the affected areas lightly.  Then repeat cycle again two more times.  To increase the healing effect, put witch hazel or aloe vera or both on the affected areas each time prior to putting the hot towel on.  This is a great natural home remedy for treatment of acne scars.



In treating acne scars, the skin will respond positively to air and sun baths.


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Discover how you can effectively remove acne scars and improve acne scar appearance with natural home remedies. Learn about the various cosmetic treatments and the pros and cons of each so that you can decide if these treatments would work well for your acne scars.  Read what dermatologists and skin experts say about removing acne scars and the most effective way of treating them. Click Here!


Veggie Pack

If you are looking for an effective natural home remedy to treat acne scars; create a healing pack comprised of orange peels, lemon peels, and grated cucumber.  Next put this to the affected areas.  You should see some good results.


Turmeric Coriander

I have a good home remedy for acne scars, and it’s natural.  You need to take one teaspoon of coriander juice and mix this with just a pinch of turmeric powder; then apply this to the affected area.  It really works!


Garlic Acne Scar Natural Home Remedy

I know an acne scar removing home remedy that works great!  One, you should include some garlic in your diet.  Two, you can also rub garlic on the troubled areas.  This is a very beneficial method to treat acne scars.


Good Diet

Acne scars can be reduced and/or eliminated by proper diet.  If you follow this regimen, you’ll see results.  For one week only eat meals of fruit three times daily.  Then repeat this but eat only raw foods and sprouts.  Finally, return to a balanced meal that is all inclusive.  This will greatly improve your skin! 


Foods to Avoid

If you want to get rid of your acne scars; then you need to avoid some things with your diet.  First, you need to avoid coffee, tea, and soft drinks.  Also, avoid refined, processed, and fried foods.  You’ll need to avoid condiments and pickles, as well as candy and ice cream and other similar treats.


Orange Peel

I have three acne scar home remedy recommendations:  1. First you need to get your skin wet; then take some orange skin peels and lightly rub them on your scars.  2.  Use an alternating hot and cold water treatment.  3.  Make a mixture of ginger and honey and apply it on the scars.  I think you will have good success with these methods.  This is an excellent natural treatment and home remedy for acne scars.  Good luck!


Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is famous for removing or diminishing scar tissues of all types.  You may have heard of using it on stretch marks after pregnancy.  It will also work on acne scars as a great natural home remedy.  Put vitamin E oil on the scars and let it stand for as long as is practical.  The longer it can stay on the better. The scars will fade over time and the milder scars will even disappear.



Run some garlic cloves through a garlic press and then put that on the scars and leave for about 15 minutes.  It can cause blistering if you leave it too long like for several hours.  This is a good home remedy for acne scars.


Sandalwood Paste as Acne Scar Home Remedy

Mix together sandalwood powder, water, lavender oil (essential oil) and colloidal oatmeal (you can get it at the drugstore).  Make a paste and put it on the scars.  Let it stand for 30 minutes before washing off.  Follow up with an organic shea butter to soften and heal the scar tissues.  You can get a good organic shea butter from www.ocean-lovers.com .  Do this every day as a natural home remedy for acne scars.


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