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AIDS Alternative Treatments



MMS stands for Master Mineral Solution. Jim Humble, an engineer, discovered it originally as a means to cure maleria in the jungles of South America. Jim says in his book The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium that MMS will cure most all cases of AIDS and the attendant opportunistic diseases. It has 100,000 cures of maleria documented and over 800 documented cures of AIDS. I personally provided it to a friend with AIDS who was at the time in a nursing home. After taking MMS for only 2 1/2 weeks, he had an appointment with his doctor for his periodic blood test which came back 100% clear - undetectable. His viral load completely vanished to zero! Over 5 million people have used MMS around the world and not one person has died from it. There are numerous testimonials on You Tube.

Ignore the Wikipedia account of MMS. Mr. Humble and his crew have tried changing it to reveal the truth but someone else immediately changes it back. Wikipedia provides quotes of clinical studies at the bottom of the article which are bogus and totally unrelated to MMS- a scam; an outright lie. The perpetrators of this deception are counting on us not taking the time to click on them and read them. Without a doubt Big Pharma is at the root of this. Can we even begin to grasp how much money this would cost the pharmeceutical companies?

Not only does MMS cure AIDS, but it is the most effective antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. It cures 95 % of all cancers and it cures MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph) no problem. Adam Abraham has produced a documentary about MMS called Understanding MMS which is on You Tube. You can purchase a copy of it at Adam Abraham's website. Sometimes copies are for sale on Ebay. You can be certain Big Pharma's smear patrols are all over MMS. You must get a copy of Jim Humble's book. His website is jimhumble.org. Mr. Humble has incorporated his information vehicle as a church (the Genesis II Church) and he has labeled himself Archbishop. As he explains in his book, this was done to be protected from attack by the FDA. He makes no money from the sale of MMS as it is readily available and dirt cheap.

MMS is an inexpensive common mineral compound. Because this is true, it is not patentable therefore no drug company is going to produce it or be interested in it. They will only and forever see MMS as a competitor. You can buy MMS on line from Keavey's Corner and other websites. To avoid the wrath of the FDA, it is marketed as a water purifier. It works as an oxidizer like hydrogen peroxide. If you have AIDS or are HIV positive or know anyone that is, your first step is to buy Jim Humble's book The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium on Amazon. Begin reading at chapter 25, on page 224 which is the history of the development of MMS. It is quite an exciting adventure to say the least. There are many people talking about MMS on You Tube. And remember, not a single person out of many millions ever died from taking MMS. We are not able to say that about pharmacuetical drugs with perscription drugs being the number 4 killer of Americans.

This is truly truly a miraculous and astonishing and healing mineral substance.


Gerson Therapy

For an alternative treatment home remedy for AIDS I would offer the following.  Dr. Albert Schweitzer said this about Dr. Max Gerson, “I see in Max Gerson one of the most immanent geniuses in the history of medicine.” Dr. Gerson passed from this earth some years ago but his holistic medical treatments continue to cure AIDS patients, cancer patients and those who suffer from a wide range of degenerative diseases.  Watch the video Dying to Have Known and read one or more of the books available at The Gerson Institute. You can control AIDS and even cure it with the Gerson therapy.  Many people have done this.  This is something you can do yourself in your own home. You don’t have to suffer with AIDS – you can get well.


Beta Glucan

The most powerful immune enhancing substance ever discovered is beta glucan. It is more effective than interferon and it has been thoroughly researched for the past 30 years with hundreds of studies. Read more about Beta Glucan Natural Remedy for AIDS.


Tulsi Tea

In Ayurvedic medicine texts, Tulsi is regarded as the queen mother of all herbal remedies. It is a tonic that surpasses ginseng as an adaptogen. It is a potent immune system moderator and should be part of any natural remedy protocol for AIDS. Go here to read about Tulsi.



Macrobiotic Diet

Many people have greatly extended their life and even cured AIDS by a Macrobiotic Diet.  Do a search for the Kushi Institute and "macrobiotic" in general for information.  The food you eat is the best home remedy for AIDS.



The best diet to enhance your immunce system is a low-fat, whole foods starch based diet. Read about a vegan diet here. Watch the video Forks Over Knives. Go to www dot drmcdougall dot com. Dr. John McDougall, MD, is a board certified internist who has great videos and books on a plant based diet.



Avoid dirty needles.  Avoid inappropriate sexual behavior.  This will be the best home remedy to not catch it unless it’s contracted from a transfusion or by birth.  God bless those because the only remedy I know is Jesus.  Give it a try.  You will have nothing to lose other than the non accidental ways that got you there.  Whatever your condition; even not being cured, peace will be your best comfort.  Sincerely, I am serious.    



A simple home remedy to treat AIDS/HIV is to take a daily supplementation of licorice.


Acidophilus & St. John's Wort

Taking supplementations can help in the battle to treat AIDs at home.  Using acidophilus with bifidus can help in the battle.  Also, the use of taking Drumstick tree and/or St. John’s wort is said to be helpful. 


Essential Oil

I have a home remedy for the treatment of AIDS involves the use of mountain savory essential oil.  It has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic and antifungal properties.  It is anti-inflammatory and stimulates the immune system.   It can help provide you with feeling more energy.     


Whole Healthy Foods

A good home remedy for AIDS is to be sure to eat healthy foods.  This includes:  vegetables and fresh fruit, lean protein and whole grains.  By eating these healthy foods you will feel stronger, have more energy and help to maintain your immune system.   



My preventative home remedy for AIDS is to ensure that you get important immunizations like those for the flu and pneumonia.  But, make sure that the vaccines you’re receiving are containing live viruses.  This would pose a threat for someone with AIDS and a weakened immune system. 



A wonderful type of home remedy for treating AIDs includes seeking out a companion animal for your loved one.  This can provide much needed nourishment of love for the soul and heart.  Having a companion animal that provides such unconditional love is a gift.  However, you must exercise some caution in selecting the animal for this cause.  There are some animals that might carry a parasite that could cause infection.  This would be necessary to avoid with someone carrying the AIDS virus as their immune system is already compromised.  Also, one should be careful regarding a cat and the cat feces that can cause toxoplasmosis.  Lastly, you must be cautioned about reptiles and the possibility of carrying salmonella.   


Safe Sex

A simple home remedy for AIDS is to only have appropriate and safe sexual intercourse using a condom for protection.  Be careful with the risk involved in having sex with multiple partners, addicted drug users, and hemophiliacs. 


Clean Needles

My home remedy for AIDS is to use all the necessary preventive measures at your disposal.  One remedy full of common sense is unfortunately neglected much of the time.   That is, to simply use clean needles.  Sadly, people with addictions using needles often do so in a desperate state of mind and don’t worry about clean needles.  



When you are engaging in sex; consider this as a home remedy for AIDS to keep in mind.  If a partner is carrying the HIV virus, they can infect their partner by having oral sex.  The saliva can cause your partner to become infected. 


Avoid Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, please take caution in avoiding pregnancy and the risk of passing on this horrible AIDS virus to a newborn. 


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