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Alcoholism Home Remedies & Natural Treatments



Grape home remedy for alcoholism:  You need to have a diet of only grapes for about a month.  This is vital to treat alcoholism.  The grape is a fruit that contains a very pure form of alcohol.  Thus, it can provide a healthy alternative to alcohol.  The correct approach is to eat grapes as a meal three times daily, five hours apart.  In order for this to work; the alcoholic must develop a strong will power to avoid the return to alcohol.



Dates can play an important role in treating alcoholism.  You need to take two or three dates and rub and compress them into a half glass of water.  Drink this water twice daily for about a month.   You should see some good results. 


Bitter Gourd Alcoholism Home Remedy

I found that if you drink the juices extracted from bitter gourds, this will prove to be an effective tool in the battle against alcoholism.  It is a great home remedy for alcohol intoxication.  It is useful in the treatment of a damaged liver.  Take a glass of buttermilk and add three teaspoons of gourd juice to drink this every morning for about a month. 


Milk Thistle Alcoholism Home Remedy

Take milk thistle capsules to aid in restoring the function of the liver. Read about Milk Thistle.



Raw Celery Juice

To create a sobering and clean effect on someone experiencing alcoholism; a mixture of water and raw celery juice can be very effective.  Take a half glass of water and add equal part raw celery juice and mix this up.  Have this drink every day for up to a month.  This should result in being a very successful cure for alcoholism. 


Juice Fast

To control and decrease cravings for alcohol; the body needs to receive ample amounts of nutrients.  The first step involves the person to go on a ten day juice-fast to enact a purification process.  As this process goes forward; the person will feel a lessoning of cravings for alcohol.  This is the beginning of a process that will break the pattern of drinking.  It is recommended that following the fast; the person begins to eat several small meals daily instead of three large ones.  Also, a person suffering from alcoholism needs to start exercising each day and do activities outside. 


Healthy Diet

In order to continue the progress made by conducting a juice fast, the person needs to eat fresh fruit and drink plenty of water daily.  A healthy diet should include nutrients like seeds and sprouts, fresh fruits, wholegrain cereals, vegetables, and nuts.  Following treatment; it is important to continue with fresh fruit juice and healthy snacks to help offset craving that may linger following treatment. 


Diet Home Remedies for Alcoholism

I have a home remedy for treating alcoholism:  Simply avoid refined foods.  Avoid white sugar, white rice, white four, and macaroni products.  Instead of having these refined foods; you can substitute much healthier foods like brown rice, brown sugar, whole grains, and leafy vegetables. The best diet is a low-fat vegan diet.


Clean Break

A person who suffers from alcoholism should make a deep rooted decision from the depths of their soul to stop.  A strong determination and the consistent follow through, however tough, must be carried out.  There needs to be a clean break from the previously created pattern of drinking.   


Spiritual Awakening

To recover from alcoholism or drug addiction, a spiritual awakening is required.  By spiritual awakening we mean an experience whereby the limiting ego is replaced with a direct connection to the universe, Nature, the Supreme Being.  The mind and heart become expansive.  The ego is an illusion of separateness.  It is this feeling of separation and the subsequent sense that something is not right that causes us to seek the solution in intoxicants.  Of course, this only makes the problem worse.


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