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Amnesia Natural Cures & Treatments 



Rosemary Natural Cure for Amnesia

As a natural cure to treat amnesia forgetfulness and memory loss there is a herb that works wonders.  This herb is considered to be an antidote for forgetfulness and mental fatigue.  The herb is Romarinus Officinalis, or more commonly known as Rosemary.  Rosemary has been known as a herb that supports remembrance.  Back in ancient times the Romans and the Greeks used to prepare fragrant distilled water from the flowers of this plant.  They would then inhale the odor in order to destroy evils from the mind and to ensure that the memory no longer played tricks on them.  You can get Rosemary tea and one or two cups daily will prove to be a refreshing and very effective home remedy fro enhancing your mental agility.


There is a special herb that helps in treating Amnesia; it is Perennial Booti.   The botanical name is Bacopa Scrophulariaceae.   It is commonly known by the name Brahmi Booti.  There is a mixture that you create using Brahmi Bootis, almonds, and pepper.  Take about seven grams of Brahmi Booti and dry it in the shade.  Next, ground it up and mix this and seven kernels of almonds, one half gram of pepper into a cup of water.  You need to strain this mixture and you can sweeten it with twenty-five grams of sugar.  You need to drink this on an empty stomach every morning for a fortnight. 


Sage as Natural Treatment for Amnesia

The herb Sage has been found to be very helpful as a natural treatment in treating amnesia memory loss or having a week memory.  Sage targets the cortex area of the brain and helps to reduce mental exhaustion. It also improves the ability to concentrate.  If you drink Sage tea daily, you’ll see good results.  It is prepared from dried sage leaves  


For treating a weakened brain and the resulting poor memory: almonds can be of great benefit.  They have certain properties that remove brain debility and help in strengthening the brain.  Almonds can not only preserve the vitality of the brain; but, also cure ailments from nervous disorders.  If you inhale ten to fifteen drops of almond oil morning and night; you’ll see results.  The preparation of almond oil is to take ten to twelve almonds and soak them in water overnight.  Remove their outer skin and make a fine paste to mix with one teaspoon of butter or alone.  


Walnuts Natural Cure for Amnesia

To counter brain weakness; try having about twenty grams of walnuts daily.  You can enhance the walnuts with figs or raisins of about a ten gram proportion.  This dry fruit is very valuable in the treatment of Amnesia. 


Apples are very good natural home cure for treating Amnesia.  Apples contain vitamin B1, potassium, and phosphorus.  These chemicals help in the synthesis of glutamic acid.  This acid helps in controlling the wear and tear of the nerve cells.  You can treat memory loss and even mental irritability by eating an apple every day.  Also a teaspoon of honey, and a glass of milk daily will provide help.  Essentially, apples provide the effects of a nerve tonic.  Apples will recharge the nerves with new vigor and life.


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