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Arteriosclerosis Natural Treatments & Home Remedies



Plant Based Diet as Natural Treatment for Arteriosclerosis 

Arteriosclerosis, also known as atherosclerosis, is mostly caused by an unhealthy diet. And it can be reversed by changing your diet.  Before you buy into the fear mongering of your cardiologist who wants you to have a bypass operation, read Dr. John McDougall’s open letter - click here - to Bill Clinton regarding Clinton’s bypass operation.  Then check out some of the people who have gotten well – click here to read about one of these people and there are more on Dr. McDougall’s site.  To read Dr. McDougall's explanation of atherosclerosis, click here.  Dr. McDougall is an M.D. and a board certified internist.


Watch the following 2 minute video with Dr. John McDougall, MD, explaining how our arteries become diseased and how to heal ourselves naturally.


Eggplant & Onions Natural Remedy for Arteriosclerosis

If you’re having problems with arteriosclerosis I have a natural home remedy that may be of help to you.  It can help to normalize your cholesterol levels.  What you do is add eggplant and onions to your diet.  Also be sure to include amounts of garlic.  I think you will see results the next time you have your cholesterol levels checked.


Avoid Dairy

In many clinical studies it has been shown that diary contributes greatly to heart disease.  Click here to read more about Dairy Risks and Heart Disease.


Vitamin B-6

If you are pregnant, there is a good method to help prevent your infant from having arteriosclerosis.  While you are pregnant; take a daily dose of B-6 complex.  This is a good preventive measure and provides some protection for your infant.



Diet can influence the health of your body.  In the case of arteriosclerosis; it is helpful for you to consume apples.  This is a great way to aid in the prevention of cholesterol absorption.  Trust me this will help your situation.



To aid in the battle against arteriosclerosis I have a home remedy for you to use.  If you take a combination of hawthorn, garlic, and cayenne you will be waging a good battle. 

Hawthorn will help to regulate your blood pressure and will make your heart stronger. 

Garlic does a good job of removing cholesterol from the bloodstream and helps to make the deposits less sticky. 

Cayenne pepper will help with purification of the circulatory system, and will also help strengthen your pulse rate.  It also aids in regulating the heart and blood pressure.  It also serves a role of helping to enable the usefulness of other herbs.   


Calcium and Magnesium

Another tool in the prevention of arteriosclerosis is to focus on the prevention of fatty deposits.  Taking a daily dose of calcium and magnesium will help this cause.   


Diet as Natural Remedy for Arteriosclerosis

I have a natural remedy to treat arteriosclerosis.  It has to do with your diet.  You should eat whole foods and foods that are low in fat.  You must avoid eating processed foods and foods that may be rich in oil or sugar.  Click here to read more about Healing Heart Disease with Diet.



Another approach to aid in the battle against arteriosclerosis involves taking a daily dose of lecithin.  Lecithin will help to break up cholesterol and remove fatty deposits.


Vitamin C Natural Remedy for Arteriosclerosis Treatment

For treatment and/or prevention of arteriosclerosis:  Take a daily dose of vitamin C.  This will aid in the prevention of blood clots happening and/or fat deposits developing.   



Diet plays an important role in the prevention of arteriosclerosis.  Eating avocados which have mono unsaturated fat will help to lower cholesterol.


Vitamin K

Arteriosclerosis is something we can help prevent by understanding the causes and how to treat them.  For instance, calcium build-up in the arteries can cause strokes and other serious problems.  This can be avoided with the simple intake of vitamin K.  Actually, vitamin K2 is preferred, but it is more expensive.  In general, any of the vitamin K’s as a supplement will help.  The role of vitamin K is to aid the body in directing the calcium to the bones instead of building up and leading to hardened arteries.    


Avoid Oil and HFCS

How to avoid the onset of arteriosclerosis:  Proper diet is important.  You need to avoid high fructose corn syrup and vegetable oils as if your life depended on it.  It might!  Cholesterol is known to cause heart disease but; it is only the symptom and unfortunately modern medicine is focused on addressing the symptom instead of the real cause.  It is a fact that oxidation from vegetables that have become rancid is what causes the hardening of the arteries. In fact vegetable oils are actually treated with deodorizers to avoid smelling rancid.  The drug industry and the AMA are responsible for killing our population.  Last year 631,631 people died and over half of these people had normal cholesterol reading levels.  You must avoid all processed foods.  They all contain high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.  If you eat lots of anti oxidants the disease won’t be a danger unless there already is massive damage. 

Sadly, this is probably the biggest scam put over the American people.  The drug industry is getting wealthier by manipulating the people with the fear of the wrong boogey man or the one they can sell.


 Watch this video to see how a heart attack occurs.


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