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Arthritis Natural Remedies, Home Remedies & Cures


Mustard Plaster

Try spreading warm mustard oil on a cloth and putting it on the sore joint.  Keep it on for a few hours.


Radish Juice

For the pain and suffering of arthritis as a home remedy, I suggest that you drink radish juice and sugar.  This is actually a good therapeutic measure.


Lobelia et al

If you take lobelia extract, cayenne extract, or halibut oil and put it on the painful areas, this will help.   It will not only help alleviate pain but also speed up the healing process.



Burdock & Yucca

For treating inflammation and swelling from arthritis try taking burdock and yucca.


Bathua Leaf Juice

A home remedy to relieve the symptoms of arthritis is to drink a tablespoon of fresh bathua leaf juice.  Do this on an empty stomach.  Continue this process for about two or three months.  When drinking the tea you don’t want to eat two hours before or after.


Alfalfa Tea

If you drink alfalfa tea or take it as a supplement and include parsley; this will help with arthritis.  The tea and parsley provides many minerals and vitamins that are helpful in treating arthritis.


Guggul Gum

Studies in India demonstrated that the ayurvedic herb guggul gum is better than over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in relieving pain and inflammation for those who suffer from arthritis.   Click here to read more about guggul gum.



If you suffer from the painful stiffness of arthritis; taking vitamin E, vitamin, B-6, niacin, and magnesium will help decrease the symptoms.


Foods for Arthritis

You need to ensure that you take nutrients that are needed in your diet.  You should eat bananas, avocados, cherries, pecans, and greens.  Also include brewer’s yeast, and wheat germ.  



My mother suffers from arthritis.  It is a very painful condition we all know about.  She experienced horrible agony and pain in her shoulders and arms dating back to a year ago.  One day when she was hungry, she opened a can of coconut and ate some.  She said that about 20 minutes later the pain began to ease up.  She wondered to herself if this was due to the coconut?  Her pain had actually left.  She found that she was now able to freely move her shoulders and arm pain free.  Now, whenever she feels pain she chews on coconut.  This has provided great help in alleviating her arthritis pain. 


Castor Oil

I found home remedy relief for arthritis.  What I found that is helpful is to purchase a bottle of castor oil and rub it on the affected areas. It will work as you will be rubbing the pain away. This is an old standard remedy.


Omega-3 Oil

The prevention of arthritis is essential as it is very painful once you get it.  Your diet can greatly affect this outcome.  A diet including coldwater fish is very helpful.  Fish contains omega oils that are beneficial for our immune system.  Some types of fish I suggest are mackerel, sardines, tuna, and salmon. If you want to avoid the mercury and contaminants in fish, take flax seed oil instead. It is just as potent.


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