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Asthma Home Remedies, Natural Remedies and Cures


Jethro Kloss on Asthma

Asthma is often invoked by some substance that one is allergic to.  If that substance is known, it should be avoided.  No asthmatic person should smoke.  Taking an emetic (to vomit) when an attack occurs after eating will often bring instant relief.  A good emetic for this is to boil a pint of water and pour it over a teaspoon of lobelia allowing it to steep for several minutes.  Then drink a few cups lukewarm.  If vomiting does not come easily, stick your finger in the back of the throat until vomiting occurs.  If you do not have lobelia, drink lukewarm water with a little salt, drinking continuous cups until vomiting occurs.  Adding a little mustard will help to clean the lungs and stomach – a tablespoon full in a glass of water.  When the stomach has been cleansed, relief is usually immediate. After this, drink a cup of hot peppermint or spearmint tea to soothe the stomach.

Apply hot fomentations on the stomach, liver and spleen. Also over the lungs.  Then place the patient in a tub of hot water, just above body temperature, and have the patient stay in the tub for 45 minutes to an hour or longer.  Don’t let the water cool.  Keep adding hot water to keep the temperature just above body temperature.  End the bath with a cool shower.

An herbal mix that works well for asthma contains equal portions of the following: lobelia, wild cherry bark, skullcap, gentian, valerian, calamus and cubeb berries.  Mix these well and use a large teaspoonful in a cup of boiling water.  Drink a cupful of this three for four times in the day an hour before eating, and a cupful hot before going to bed. If you don’t have all of these herbs, then use the ones you have.  If you are constipated use an herbal laxative.  These are the recommendations of Jethro Kloss in his book Back to Eden.



Steaming Water

For an attack, you should take some water and warm it up until it boils and put it in a bowl. Then set it down on your table and put your head over the bowl and cover both your head and bowl with a towel and breathe in the steam. The steam should help your lungs relax and help them function so that way you can breathe again. You should only do this for fifteen to twenty minutes and if it does not work, you should boil another bowl of water.


Herbal Concoction

To treat your asthma you will need one cup of oregano, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one onion, a teaspoon of eucalyptus, some mullein garlic, bonganbilia, red honey and some lemon juice. Once you have all the ingredients you should bring them to a boil all except the honey and lemon juice. Then after you have brought the ingredients to a boil add in the lemon juice and the red honey and drink one cup of it every four hours. This will help you breathe more and decrease your attacks dramatically.


Honey Water

If you are suffering from attacks frequently and your modern day medicine is not doing the trick, you should check out this asthma alternative treatment. You just take one stick of cinnamon, two tablespoons of thyme, one lime (cut into halves), three heads of garlic, one half of a purple onion, one teaspoon of honey and three cups of water.  Then put all of the ingredients into a pot except for one cup of water and the honey and bring them to boil. After you have boiled the ingredients, add in the last cup of water and the honey. Once the mixture has been made, you should take one tablespoon every three hours like it was medicine or if you are having a severe attack drink it all at once as tea. You should take this every day to help prevent and decrease the amounts of attacks you may be experiencing.   


Baking Soda

Just mix together one cup of warm water, one half teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda. Once you have the three ingredients mixed together take a syringe and apply the mixture to your sinuses through your nose like a rinse. You should do this with your head hanging upside down so it can get through to your sinuses, it should run out of your nose because it is a rinse. This should help you keep your sinuses clear and help keep your asthma from acting up.



To help get an asthma attack under control, you should use steam. All you have to do is go into your bathroom and turn your shower and sinks hot water on to steam up the bathroom. Once it has completely steamed your bathroom, let it run for another four minutes then turn of the water and sit. You should take deep breaths while sitting in the bathroom that way you breath in the steam; you should stay in there until all of the steam has gone away. This should help stop your attack and give you some relief.


Hot Cup of Water

Heat up one cup of water to about one hundred and fifty degrees and drink it. You should start to breathe easier in about five minutes.


Cherry Tree Bark Natural Cure for Asthma

One way you can decrease the chances of an asthma attack is by using cheery tree bark. The way this works is to take some bark from a cherry tree and make some tea with it, and then drink it like you would any other tea. You should drink the tea every day so that way it can help your lungs function better and help keep you from having an asthma attack on a daily basis. You can pick up the bark at any health food store and this is a good natural cure for asthma.    


Lemon Water

When you have asthma and want to decrease your chances of an attack, try lemon water. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice in with one cup of water and drink it, and do this on a daily basis and it will decrease your chances of an attack.


Mullin and Sage Tea

This is a remedy that has been used for many years and has been proven to work. Pick up some mullin and sage at your local health food store and make a tea out of them. The way you make the tea is by boiling both of these ingredients in pot of water and drinking the water. If do this on a daily basis, it should lower your chances of an asthma attack.


Chinese Medicine for Asthma

 In Chinese medicine, there are four distinct varieties of asthma whereas these are all viewed as a single condition in Western medicine. Each condition will be approached differently with Chinese Medicine.  Often people that have asthma will have two or more of these conditions which will require a competent Chinese herbologist to prepare a prescription.  For this you should seek out a qualified practitioner.  The best of these are from China and were trained there.

In Chinese Medicine, chi is the vital life force.  This is called prana in East Indian texts and the Russians call it Bio Force.  It is a subtle energy as yet unexplored by Western science. Nikola Tesla discovered it and called it radiant energy. 

The four conditions that cause asthma are

Spleen Deficiency which causes a damp condition in the lungs
Liver Heat which dries the lungs out  
Lung Chi Deficiency which creates a weakness in the lungs
Kidney Chi Deficiency which makes the lungs unable to hold the chi

Spleen deficiency asthma will create a lot of mucous. In Chinese Medicine, a spleen deficiency has to do with the flow of chi and not the actual spleen. This deficiency is created by a deficient constitution and digestion and this causes the body to hold water. The excess water is turned into mucous and this often has ill effect on the lungs.  This damp condition can also adversely affect the nose, sinuses and large intestine, however the lungs or the most common area for this dampness to gather. A very good and effective herbal tonic for this is Er Chen Wan.

Liver Heat Scorching the Lungs. Asthma that comes with little mucous, no mucous or thick green mucous is caused by a tenacious heat in the body.  This normally comes from the liver.  It is called Liver Heat Scorching the Lungs.  This has nothing to do with the physical liver.  Heat is created by external sources like alcohol or drugs, pollution and stress.  Two good herbal mixtures for this that can be taken together are Ching Fei Yi Huo and Dry Cough Pills.

Lung Weakness also causes asthma and this can be present from birth or result from damage to the lungs from flu or cold.  Lung Weakness can be present with shortness of breath, fatigue, shallow breathing, frequent colds, heart palpitations and other conditions of general debilitation. This condition needs long term treatment.  Useful herbal mixtures for this are Ping Chuan Wan and Dry Cough Pills.

Kidney Deficient Asthma.  Asthma that is accompanied by low back pain, debilitation, general weakness or accompanying issues with the nervous, urinary, reproductive or skeletal systems could be Kidney Deficient asthma.  This asthma is a sign of depletion of reserve energy.  The Kidney stored energy is not capable of supplying the lungs with sufficient energy.  As a result the lungs are weakened and the do not function properly.  This type of asthma will get worse when the person is tired or fatigued.  The herbal mixture Ge Ji Da Bu Wan can be taken along with Ping Chuan Wan to cure this.

To prevent a cold or flu from going into the lungs and creating an asthma attack, all types of asthma sufferers can benefit from taking Chinese herbal tablets called Ma Hsing Chih Ke Pian along with an early stage cold formula like Ganmaoling or Yin Chiao.  To buy these herbs - click here.


Ginseng Asthma Home Remedy

Asthma, and what you can do to treat it.  I recommend taking ginseng daily to increase your heartiness and endurance.  Ginseng is of great benefit in aiding the assimilation of vitamins and minerals and is one of the best natural home remedies for asthma.


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