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Autoimmune Disease Natural Remedies, Home Remedies & Cures



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Diet is the best natural remedy for autoimmune diseases.  Autoimmune diseases are, for the most part, the product of a poor diet – the Standard American Diet which is SAD.  A low fat vegan (no meat or dairy) diet which includes whole foods and eliminates processed refined foods (including sodas) will cure or arrest these diseases most of the time. 

Many of us have been brainwashed into thinking we have to eat lots of meat and dairy to get enough protein and calcium.  This is totally false and was disproven by a number of thorough studies that were done in the 1950s.  The largest most powerful animals on our planet eat no meat nor dairy.  Consider a horse.  How does it find the calcium and protein it needs to build such a massive powerful body?  It comes only from plant food.  All that protien comes only from plants.  How about cows, elephants, apes, rhinocerouses, giraffs and buffalo?  Eating too much protein causes many undesirable diseases including autoimmune diseases.

For more information on how to cure your autoimmune disease, go to cure autoimmune disease . Click on the video at this site and watch Dr. John McDougall give a fascinating talk on how diet causes autoimmune dieseases from multiple sclerosis, to ulcerative colitis, to type 1 diabetes, to eczema, to arthritis and much more.  Dr. McDougal is a board certified internist and world reknowned nutritional teacher.  Also, check out the DVD Forks Over Knives which can be viewed streaming on Netflix. Look at this site - the Gerson Institute. Another excellent resource for curing autoimmune disease with diet is the Kushi Institute. Reference: Millward DJ. The nutritional value of plant-based diets in relation to human amino acid and protein requirements. Proc Nutr Soc. 1999 May;58(2):249-60.


Watch this video with Dr. John McDougall, MD, to see how diet causes all types of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, lupus and type 1 diabetes.


According to Chinese medicine, sugar of all types have an inflammatory effect on the body.  If you are having trouble with autoimmune disease, which is basically an inflammatory disease, then avoid all types of sugar including honey. High fructose corn syrup so common in all processed foods and sodas today is the worst of them all.  This is a good natural home remedy for autoimmune disease.


Tulsi Tea

For 5000 years and to this day, Indian Ayurvedic medicine has revered Tulsi (holy basil) as the "Incomparable One" and the pinnical of herbal medicine.  It is especially good as an immune system modulator.  Click here to read more about Tulsi as an Immune System Modulator.



Home remedy for Autoimmune Diseases:  You may not have to rely on conventional anti-inflammatory as there are natural ones instead.  One such anti-inflammatory is the herb Sarsaparilla.  Sarsaparilla can help with soothing inflamed joints and muscles. 


The use of herbs can be wonderful help in the treatment of Autoimmune Diseases.  Yarrow is an example of an herb that is a useful remedy.  The use of Yarrow can help to detoxify and cleanse the bloodstream. 


If you experience muscular pains and/or stiffness; The Yucca herb can help to relieve these symptoms.  It is also effective in treating skin disorders.


To help treat Autoimmune Diseases, there are herbs, spices, and vegetables that you may have in your own kitchen that could provide relief from certain Autoimmune Disease symptoms.  Ginger and turmeric are two examples of something you may already have in your kitchen and could provide effective natural home remedy for Autoimmune Diseases.


Something you can do is consult with your doctor or a nutritionist about what type of diet would help with your condition.  There is probably a diet that would be specifically suited to your particular condition and would be of great benefit.  Also, there is the homeopathic approach with certain ingredients and tissue salts that can help.  They can aid in the restoration of vitality and balance without causing an over-stimulation of the immune system.


One autoimmune disease natural remedy to help with the symptoms is to incorporate the approach of acupuncture.  Do some research and find a trusted Acupuncturist in your area.  This can be very effective in pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and an overall sense of balance and alignment.


Tai Chi

I’m a sufferer of Autoimmune Disease and I found that practicing Tai Chi has really helped me.  It has allowed my body to build strength and to maintain coordination and balance.  It has enabled my muscles to feel relaxed, stronger, and more pain free.  I would strongly encourage anyone with this condition to give this a try.


Yoga Natural Cure

I have a friend who has suffered from this horrible disease for many years.  I have to share a home remedy that she has discovered that works for her.  She has taken to practicing yoga at home and she says it has done wonders for her.  The various stretching and breathing exercises have helped her body to feel more loose and limber.  This has resulted in more energy and mobility with her muscles.  They are no longer as stiff and painful as before. Anyway, I thought that I should share this with you.  You never know, it might work for you.  I wish you well!


Your diet plays an extremely important part in corralling and supporting the conditions of Autoimmune Disease.  You should eat a diet that is rich in raw vegetables, fruits, and sprouts.  From these foods you will gain important minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  Also, you should definitely avoid sugar and foods that are packaged.  Packaged foods contain lots of trans- fats, sugar, and all kinds of artificial ingredients that harm your health.  Sugar only weakens the immune system.  Avoiding sugar is one of the best natural remedies for autoimmune disease.


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