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Back Pain Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Hand Towel

Take a wet hand towel, ring it out, place it in the microwave for two to three minutes, put it in a ziplock bag and then wrap a dry towel around it. Put this on your sore back and it should help relieve it. This is a great natural cure for back pain as well as for other body aches.


Knuckle Rub

When you’re taking a shower, put some kind of slippery gel on your back and rub your back with your knuckles. This will help get all the knots and sore spots out of your back.



Therma Care

Therma Care heat wraps work great on relieving a sore back. They help give your muscles warmth and last up to 10 hours. If you find them on sale, you will usually get extra wraps in the box for no extra charge. It’s worth it to try and they can be worn under your clothes during the day or at night.



Back pain doesn’t discriminate from old age, young age, what kind of work you do, or your gender. One reason for back pain could be your sciatic nerve, but this isn’t very common. A more common reason for back pain is some kind of kidney dysfunction. Villagers in Hungary figured out a great and natural way to help relieve back pain.  A farmer in the village found a weed called horsetail. After taking it home, his wife let it lightly boil in a pot for a small amount of time. After that each member of the family sat in the horsetail water for around a half an hour. After they sat in their horsetail bath, they wrapped themselves in a towel and went to bed. This helped generation after generation for many years.


Ice Pack and Tennis Ball

I was told by a chiropractor that there is a lot inflammation that comes with back pain. He said the best treatment for a sore back is using an ice pack on it. Go to sleep with one wrapped in a towel on your back and you should wake up feeling way less sore. One more suggestion he had was to lie down on a tennis ball where your back is hurting. Move the tennis ball around to where each spot hurts. The pain should slowly fade away and you should feel a lot better. You need to find the correct spots when you do this, so be sure to move the ball around a lot. Stretching your lower back is also a good way to help relieve back pain. Using a table or counter top and putting your leg on top of it to stretch it works really well.


The Yoga Cat Thrust

Try a yoga cat thrust (where you arch your back while at the same time being on your hands and knees) and hold it for three to five minutes at a time. It will make the muscles in your back less tight and help relieve the pain you’ve been experiencing.


Massage Oil

When you are suffering from really bad backaches you could always try the blue chamomile home treatment on for size. All you need to do is mix four drops of blue chamomile with four drops of birch, four drops of rosemary, four drops of coriander or eucalyptus, four drops of ginger or black pepper and fourteen drops of lavender essential oil. After you have mixed these ingredients up you should add one half once of carrier oil. You will be able to find all of these products at health food stores near you.  Once you have made this massage oil, you should take a hot bath. The hot water will not only help sooth your back but will open up your pores so your body can absorb the massage oil. Once out of the bath rub the oil on the area of your back that hurts. For only minor back pain, follow the directions above except instead of fourteen drops of ginger or black pepper only use four. You should use either mixture everyday for five to seven days.


Movement for Back Pain

One of the easiest and simplest home remedies for back pain is moving around. Most people tend to lie down and relax when they are experiencing back pain and don’t stay mobile. That can lead to more discomfort and make it worse for you.  Moving around will help keep the blood circulating in your body and will help your back muscles.



Water is your best home remedy for back pain; because our body is mostly made up of water it tends to be the main solution to many health issues. Drinking eight to ten twelve ounce glasses of water a day is what people should drink on a normal day, but when you’re experiencing back pain, sometimes it can help to double that amount. Making sure you get plenty of water will help keep your body hydrated and help the blood circulate in your body.



Sleeping is a great natural remedy for taking care of your back pain. Sleep will relax you and give your body the chance to recoup from the day before. Not only will it revive you, it will help stimulate the circulation in your back and give it a chance to heal any damaged tissue or muscle.


Back Cushion

Most of the seats that people sit in don’t give them the support that they need for their backs. Buying a seat cushion to help give you extra support is a great way to help relieve a sore back. You should use a cushion for any seat you sit in including your car seats and your office chairs. Also, when you are in your car you should lean your seat back a little to help your back rest, because sitting up straight all the time can be one of the reasons for your back pain.


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