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Bacterial Infection Home Remedies


Water ph

A good way to prevent a bacterial infection is to use an alkaline water lonizer on your faucets and with a push of a button you can control you water pH level up to eight different levels.  This will help you keep an even pH level in your body and help prevent you from having an infection.  You should keep in mind when regulating the pH levels that infections occur when your body’s pH level is 4.5. The body likes to be slightly alkaline or a little above 7.0 ph.



Cranberry Juice

When you have a bacterial Infection and you would like to get rid of it you should try the cranberry juice home remedy for bacterial infections. All you need to do is go down to your local grocery store and pick up pure cranberry juice. It is expensive but worth it. Once you have the cranberry juice you should drink four eight ounce glasses all throughout the day. The cranberry juice holds some really good probiotics that will help your urinary system and help get rid of your bacterial infection.


Clean Bath Tub

One way to avoid bacterial infections is make sure that your bath tub gets cleaned on regular basis. This means taking the time and scrubbing it out and making sure you get all the particles out of it. Also make sure you rinse it out good when you have cleaned it so that you don’t get any cleaner in you either. You should hold off on taking a bath two to three days after cleaning it. 


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