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Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Home Remedies, Cures & Treatments




One way to avoid getting bacterial vaginosis is by using a condom when having sex. Sex can lead to bacteria getting into your vagina and cause an infection such as bacterial vaginosis. This is the best natural remedy for preventing bacterial vaginosis, and avoiding any other type infection. So remember to were a condom and you won’t only prevent STD’s and pregnancy but it will help protect against infections too.   This is one of the best natural ways to prevent BV.


Apple Cider Vinegar

A great natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis is taking a bath with two to three cups of apple cider vinegar. This remedy is great for decreasing the amount of itching and inflammation of the vagina. It works well at relieving yourself of these symptoms, but you should only do this once.


Probiotics Home Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis

Probiotics is one of the best home remedies you can use to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. They are found in tons of raw vegetables and herbs that you can pick up at any grocery store. You can also pick up some supplements at your local pharmacy too. Make sure to find a way to get them so you can clear up your bacterial vaginosis and keep taking them on a daily basis to help prevent any further infections.



You should take your vitamins like your mom always said. Vitamins are not only good at preventing you from getting sick, but they can also help aid your body in curing itself. Vitamins are found in many fruits and vegetables, but you can also take them in supplements found in the drug isle of you local grocery store. Remember that taking your vitamins daily is one the best ways to naturally treat bacterial vaginosis.


Yogurt Home Remedy

A home remedy you can use for bacterial vaginosis is the yogurt tampon. You stick a tampon in yogurt for ten minutes then insert it into your vagina. You should leave the tampon in for three or four hours for it to work fully. Yogurt has natural probiotic organisms that you need to fight off bacterial vaginosis. By having the yogurt in your vagina you will be able to get rid of the bad bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis. It will also help rebalance the good bacteria so you can fight off the infection better.


Tree Tea Oil

When you have bacterial vaginosis you should draw up a nice warm bath. While your bath tub is filling up mix three to four drops of tree tea oil into your bath water and then soak in it for twenty to thirty minutes. This home treatment is one the best ways to reduce the swelling and itching caused by the bacterial vaginosis. Another note that you should make about this treatment is that you should only do this once because taking too many baths can be the cause of bacterial vaginosis.


Folic Acid

If you have bacterial vaginosis and have tried a few things to get rid of it you can always see if folic acid will do the trick. You can find folic acid at your local pharmacy in supplement form. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle so that way you have a better chance of curing your BV.  


Vinegar Home Treatment

By balancing out your bad bacteria you can get rid of your bacterial vaginosis in no time. Before you go to bed at night apply some vinegar to your vaginal area and go to bed. By the time you get up you will have started to rebalance the bacteria in your vagina. Make sure when you get up in the morning to wipe it off. This can be done every night while you have bacterial vaginosis because it will help clear the bad bacteria away.  Using vinegar is a good bacterial vaginosis home treatment for cleansing your body.


Cranberry Juice

Cranberries are one the best ways to get natural probiotics and anti-oxidants that you can find. These can help aid your immune system in fighting off any infection like bacterial vaginosis. When buying the juice make sure that it is one hundred percent cranberry juice with no additives and sugar like ocean spray. This stuff should cost you ten dollars a bottle and not taste well, but it will cure you of bacterial vaginosis. You should drink two eight ounce glasses a day, one at night and the other in the morning. Make sure that you drink plenty of water with it too so that the cranberry juice can go through your whole urinary system. 



Eating grapes will help you get over your bacterial vaginosis problem in no time. Grapes carry probiotics and anti-oxidants that are good for supporting your immune system. You should make sure that the grapes are purple and organic so that there is no added sugar to them. You can also drink grape juice too if that is better for you but it needs to pure grape juice with no additives. You should drink or eat eight ounces three to four times a day to get the best results. Drink plenty of water too so it will help the grapes wash out the bad stuff.


Zinc Natural Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis

Zinc is a natural mineral that your body needs to run properly and sometimes doesn’t get the proper amount. This can be the reason why you have bacterial vaginosis. The best remedy for this is to take zinc, which you can find in supplement form in the vitamin isle of your local grocery store. You should start taking the zinc right away so that you can help your fight off the infection.  Make sure after the bacterial vaginosis has gone, that you incorporate the zinc supplement into your diet. Taking it on a regular basis will help prevent further infections.


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