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Bad Breath Home Remedies


Clean Colon

This is my home remedy for bad breath.  I have suffered from bad breath and I finally went to my doctor to try to see what could be done.  He said that a clean colon will successfully treat bad breath and suggested having enemas.  The colon is very absorptive.  Medicines can be given with suppositories pushed through the rectum into the colon.  This can be done because the colon absorbs so well.  If you are constipated or eating bad food - such as animal products which putrify quickly in the colon - this can cause bad breath.  The colons of meat eating animals are only one third the length of the colons of plant eating animals.  They were designed this way to quickly eliminate the digested meat before it starts to rot. Human beings have colons that are the lenght of plant eating animals.  FYI meat eating animals pant to cool off and plant eating animals sweat.



MMS or Master Mineral Solution is the most powerful antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. Brush your teeth with MMS every day. It is simple, cheap and commonly available. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells, only the pathogens. Go here to find out about MMS.



Connecting the body to the earth gives powerful and profound health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here


Hydrogen Peroxide

This is instant, I mix 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide & 1 tsp of water in a cup, use as a mouth wash twice daily after brushing & before you go out. You will also have nice white teeth from it. Swish for 30 secs & spit out.  by Shelley 2-24-2012



In the following 2 minute video, Dr. John McDougall, MD, explains how we get bad breath and how to eliminate it naturally.


Cardomom Seeds

My friend suggested chewing on some cardamom seeds.  I was surprised, it really works!  So I wanted to share this with you.


Lemon Juice Home Remedy for Bad Breath

If you have bad breath I have a home remedy that works.  I know that having bad breath can be very embarrassing. It really feels bad when talking to someone and see them back away because of your breath.  I hopefully have some help for you.  After you finish your meals, rinse out your mouth with a glass of water mixed with a half lemon worth of juice.  I think you’ll see a difference. 


Chew Thoroughly

To help prevent bad breath here is something simple and basic that will help your cause.  Whenever you’re having a meal; make sure to thoroughly chew your food.  Also make sure to drink enough water.  This will support your body with proper digestion. 


Liver Cleanse

Often chronic bad breath is due to problems with the liver.  The liver is a big filter for the blood.  People who have damaged livers, such as having hepatitis, will often have chronic bad breath because the liver is not doing a good job of getting the garbage out.  For this the liver must be restored to good health.  There are a number of good herbs for this including bitterroot, black chohosh and bloodroot according to Jethro Kloss in Back to Eden.  These can be taken as a tea.  For best results go see a Chinese herbologist.


Chew Cloves

I think that all of us experience bad breath at times in our life.  I also think that some people have it more severe than others.  Whether that’s due to genetics or the type of food consumption; I don’t know.  However, I have a handful of recommendations that may help.  One approach is to simply chew on some cloves.  Other ideas are to drink peppermint tea, take chlorophyll, eat parsley, or you can gargle with barberry tea. 



Home remedy for bad breath:  Has this ever happened to you?  You are meeting someone for the first time and every thing seems to be going great. You want to make a good impression. Then, while you are talking suddenly; the person reels back as if you have released skunk spray out of your mouth.  Are you determined to avoid this embarrassment from repeating?  I have a home remedy for you. Try taking some acidophilus or chew some plums.  This will improve your intestinal health and as a result remove your bad breath. 


Myrrh and Supplements

To treat chronic bad breath, I have a home remedy for you.  Each day take some supplementation of vitamin C, B-complex, calcium, and include a herb called myrrh.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  


Brush 'em

Each day make sure to consistently brush your teeth.  You should also use your brush to brush the top of your tongue.  Lastly, you should floss at least once a day.   Just developing this habit will do wonders for your bad breath condition.



If you are experiencing a case of bad breath I have a home remedy for you.  Get a hold of some chlorophyl rich leaves like parsley and chew on them.  After each meal, repeat this process.  After a few days, you should start to notice a difference.  Or, at least those around you will notice the difference.  Good luck!


Peppermint as Home Remedy for Bad Breath

I take three cups of peppermint leaves and mix them with two cups of water.  Next, take this mixture and blend it in a blender until it has thickened.  Gargle one cup of this mix once daily for a week.  As each day passes; you’ll notice an improvement with your breath.  This particular recipe should provide a two day supply.  So, every two days; you’ll have to repeat this process.  You’ll be happy with the results!


No Sugar

One way of keeping the bad breath away is by using the no-sugar natural cure.  This works by not eating items that contain sugar in them. These items are things such as candy, soda, coffee and pastries. Sugar can cause cavities which can lead to bad breath. Also sugar feeds the bacteria in the mouth.


H2O Bad Breath Home Cure

H2O is one of the best home cures for getting rid of bad breath. You should drink at least ten to twelve eight ounce glasses of water every day and if you are experiencing extremely bad breath you should drink fifteen to twenty glasses a day. By increasing your water intake, you wash out your mouth more. This will help in getting rid of the bacteria that causes cavities which lead to bad breath. By drinking lots of water and less of other fluids such as coffee or soda, you will increase your chances of fixing your bad breath issues.


Diet as Natural Remedy

What you eat can have an effect on your sour breath. If you change your diet in the right ways, it can help your halitosis go away. Most people who suffer from halitosis tend to eat poorly and eat items that have both fat and grease and they can cause you to have bad breath.  One way you can change your diet is by not eating fast food and avoiding cooking with oils and fats such as vegetable oil and butter. You should not eat foods that are naturally greasy such as meats. This is one of the best home remedies for bad breath.


Spice Rack

Take a look at your spice rack and see if you have any cloves, fennel , or anise. You can use them as a natural treatment for your bad breath.  Just by chewing on one of these spices after you have eaten strong smelling foods such as onions and garlic, it will surely help get rid of your halitosis.


No Alcohol Remedy

If you are a drinker of alcoholic beverages and you are experiencing bad breath then stop drinking alcohol.  Alcohol tends to leaves foal smelling residue on your teeth that can cause halitosis. By not drinking alcohol, you should solve your smelly breath issue.


Side of Parsley

When you are preparing meals you should always put a side of parsley on your plate. After you eat your meals just chew on the parsley for two or three minutes and it will help refresh your breath.


Gum Chewing Home Remedy for Bad Breath

A great way to defend against bad breath is just by chewing gum or sucking on a mint. For this to work you should use gum that is flavored mint or cinnamon and you should keep it on you at all times. This way you can use it when experiencing bad breath. This home remedy is one of the easiest ways to prevent and stop bad breath.


No Dairy

A great way to stop your halitosis problem is just by not eating dairy products, especially cheese. All dairy products tend to leave particles and residue in your mouth that can put out a foul order. So you should cut dairy out of your diet as an effective natural treatment to improve your bad breath problem.


Mouth Gargle

Making a homemade mouth gargle is a great natural home remedy for bad breath. Go down to your health food store to get some sage, caledula, and some myrrh gym. Once you have picked up these ingredients, mix them together to make a gargle. Make sure to store it in an air tight container and use it after your brush your teeth at night.


Apple Cider Natural Remedy

Add one half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into eight ounces of water and gargle it for ten seconds and spit. You should do this all the way until there is nothing left in glass. Put this into your daily routine as a natural remedy to stop your bad breath and also prevent it from coming back again.


Tree Tee Oil

Before brushing your teeth you should add a drop of tree tea oil to the tooth paste that you put on your brush. The tree tea oil will help your tooth paste fight off unwanted plaque and residue that causes bad breath. If you do this every time you brush your teeth, this bad breath home remedy will keep you from suffering any longer.


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