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In China there is a legend.  There was an old man named Mr. He and he got lost somewhere in the forest.  He only ate the root of a vine that grew commonly in this forest.  A number of years later he was found by members of his tribe.  They were astonished to see the old man’s hair was thick and full and had turned from white to black.  To this day that herbal root bears his name which is He Shou Wu (Old Mr. He).  In western culture, this herbal root is called polygon multiflori or FoTi.  In China this is commonly given for balding and gray hair.


Scenar Device

Use a Russian Scenar device to stop baldness and stimulate regrowth of hair. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.



Coconut Milk

Home remedy for baldness:  If you suffer like I do from losing your hair; I have a home remedy for you.  Just get some coconut milk and massage it onto your scalp everyday. You’ll see surprising results.  



You need to rub and massage your scalp everyday to increase blood flow.  Also, when you wash your hair; use cold water.  I have tried this and it can make a difference.


Olive Oil

Take some olive oil and apply it to your scalp and let it sit overnight. 


Mustard Oil

Take a cup of mustard oil and boil it and adding four tablespoons of henna leaves.  Take this mixture and massage your scalp daily.  You’ll see results.



Create a daily regime of taking sage.  This will help promote new hair growth. 



Home remedy for baldness:  Millions of men the world over experience baldness.  If you don’t want to be a member of this group; I have a remedy for you to try.  Get some hihiki seaweed and wakeme at the health food store.  Take this daily as a successful preventative treatment.


Lime Seeds and Pepper

First you need to get some ground lime seeds and some ground black pepper.  Take equal amounts and create a paste with this mixture.  Next, put this on your head in the areas of balding.  Do this every day. 



Often baldness is caused by the hair follicles and pores becoming suffocated and needing some oxygen.  This is where my suggestion comes in handy.  Use yarrow herb tea for shampooing your hair. This will open the pores and help to stimulate your hair into growing again.


Yarrow Tea

To help in the cause to treat baldness; drink yarrow herb tea.  It’s a wonderfully healthy tea and helps to stimulate your hair growth in the process.



For baldness, take a fresh onion and cut it in half.  Now, take that half onion and rub in on the balding areas until reddening appears.  Next, take some honey and apply it to the same area.   You will want to thank me.



You need to have a daily intake of vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, and insitol.  These vitamins and minerals help your body gain natural balance and restoration potential.  


Black Rootabega

Here is what they do in Europe.  Get some black rootabega and shred it (including the skin).  Don’t drain the juice and take the mush and put this juicy mush on your head.  Cover your whole scalp and let this sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing off.  Repeat this every couple days, and you’ll see results. My dad tried this approach and it worked.  One little caveat, it stinks!  



The use of caffeine will stop hair loss.  Buy some caffeine anhydrous powder.  You can get 100 grams for abut $4.00.  Mix about four teaspoons of this powder in an eight ounce container of shampoo.  Or you can mix several teaspoons of this powder in an eight ounce size spray bottle of water.  Use this once daily.  If you start to get a headache; then, you’re putting on too much.  This is easy, and not expensive.  It can stop balding and might even reverse some hair loss.


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