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Birth Control 


Vitamin C

For those of you wishing to avoid pregnancy; here is a method to help maintain birth control.  By using pure vitamin C, you can alter the time of your period to be a couple days late in arriving.  After experiencing intimacy, take 1500 mg of pure vitamin C without rose hips twice daily for three days.  In order to delay your period for a day or two, take 3,000 mg of vitamin C daily for as many as five days.   However I must warn you not to use these methods if you have discovered that you are pregnant.  If you were to take this huge amount of vitamin C during the first four weeks of pregnancy, you could have a miscarriage.  If this were to happen, there could be dangerous risk of complications.  Definitely don’t try to create a miscarriage at home! 



Since ancient times home remedy birth control methods have been in place.  There is a herbal tea that has been known to assist in the effort to maintain birth control.  This tea is a combination of either pennyroyal or cotton root bark mixed with blue cohosh.  To prepare the tea, take one teaspoon of each herb to one cup of water.  Drink one cup three times a day of each of the two herbs.         



Queen Anne's Lace

Back in the fourth or fifth century B.C., there was a home remedy for birth control.  This was even written about by Hippocrates.  This involves chewing dry seeds of Queen Anne’s Lace /Wild Carrot Seed.  These seeds are supposed to interfere with a fertilized egg becoming implanted.   It may be hard to find Queen Anne’s Lace/Wild Carrot Seed at the store; but, you can find it on the internet. 



There are various birth control home remedies that are substituted for traditional birth control pills.  A list of these include: Cassia, Psoralea Fruit, Achyranthes Root, Ge Gen, Jamu, Striga astiatica, and wild Yam. 


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