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Bladder Infection Natural Home Remedies & Cures



When you have a bladder infection you should eat eight ounces of pineapple every morning after you get up. This is one sure way of curing your bladder infection, because pineapple has an enzyme called Bromelain.  Bromelain works great for helping out with infections of the body and works wonders on bladder infections. Make sure that you are drinking cranberry juice when eating the pineapple in order for this to work properly. Using this home treatment is one of the best ways of getting over a bladder infection.



Water Flush Home Remedy

Start flushing your system with water when you have bladder infection. In order for this to work you will need to drink one eight glass of water every hour during all your waking hours. This will total out to twelve to fifteen glasses of water, the amount of glasses of water depends on how many hours you are awake for during a day. The water should flush your urinary tract to where it flushes out all the infection.


No Caffeine

You should cut yourself off from any coffee, soda, or energy drinks. These drinks tend to be high in sugar and can worsen you bladder infection instead of helping it. Not only that, coffee and other drinks like this can be the cause a bladder infection so cutting off the possible cause for your infection is another reason for not drinking these items. You should do this remedy for whole time during your bladder infection and for another week after it has cured up to make sure it does not come back.



Getting tons of sleep is a great home treatment for healing all sorts of infections especially bladder infections. On a normal basis a healthy person should get six to eight hours of sleep during the night, but when you have an infection you should get more. It is recommended that you get ten to twelve hours of sleep a night instead of the normal amount. The reason for this is that when the body is resting it has a better chance to heal itself and giving your body as much rest as possible will help you to get better sooner than later. You should do this for one day to help out with other treatments but for best results do this for two or three days straight.


Vitamin C

Take five hundred milligrams of vitamin C daily while you have a bladder infection and it will clear it right on up. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for the body and works miracles for infections of the body. You should take this on a daily basis while you have a bladder infection, and then you should keep taking it daily to avoid future infections. This is one of the most effective natural treatments for bladder infections and is proven to work.



To prevent bladder infections in women, they say you should go pee right after sex. This is one of the oldest of natural cures for bladder infections and works really well. When women have sex the risk having bacteria getting into their vagina that can cause a bladder infection, the best way of preventing this is going pee. Make sure that you do this every time you have sex and you will decrease your chances of ever getting one.


Cotton Home Remedy for Bladder Infections

Wearing cotton underwear is one of the most effective home remedies for bladder infections that you can do. Cotton fabrics tend to not irritate the body as much as other courser fabric and they don’t ride up into places as easily as softer fabrics do and cause more irritation. So wearing cotton is the best way of avoiding the irritation problem the other fabrics may cause. The reason you don’t want to irritate places on the body is that it can worsen your bladder infection and cause more issues. Be sure to wear the cotton underwear for a week or two after the symptoms have gone away.


No Alcohol

Drinking alcohol irritates the bladder so that it causes you more problems if you have a bladder infection, so don’t drink any of it while you have a bladder infection. Alcohol not only irritates the bladder, it can also set back any other treatment that you have done and make the infection worse. Keep off the alcohol for a solid month after your bladder infection has cleared up so that way you don’t cause it to come back. This is a slam dunk home remedy for curing bladder infections no matter what.


Balanced Diet

Not only should you eat blueberries and drink cranberry juice but you should also eat more fruits and vegetables while you have a bladder infection. You should eat plenty starches and breads to give your body natural energy to fight off the infection. You should avoid meat and dairy at all costs because they will just worsen your condition. Sugars and salts are a no-no too if you eat too much of either you can irritate your bladder and cause it to be more infected so stay away from those too. Fruits and vegetables are not just good for you, but they also possess anti-oxidants and probiotics to help your body heal. They are mostly made up of water like we are and will give you more water to consume so you can flush out your urinary system. Because having a well-balanced diet is an important home cure for bladder infections you should use it even if you don’t have one so you can protect yourself from any further infections. 


Drumstick Juice

By mixing one teaspoon of juice from a drumstick flower with four ounces of coconut water and drinking it, you will most likely rid yourself of any bladder infection that you may have. Drumstick flower is a natural herb that contains anti-oxidants and probiotics that will help heal your UTI. If you do this natural remedy twice daily for two straight weeks you can say goodbye to your bladder infection.


Rooibos Natural Cure

Eating eight ounces of red leaves (rooibos) every morning after you wake up will help cure yourself of your bladder infection. Red leaves help support the urinary system and should help it heal, so that you will have healthy and properly functioning urinary system again. You should do this for two straight weeks and you will naturally cure your bladder infection.


Juicing Home Cure

One of the most effective ways to get rid of your bladder infections is by juicing, more specifically spinach juicing. Like most vegetables spinach has natural anti-oxidants that help support your immune system and fight off infections. Every morning you should juice enough spinach to make eight ounces of juice, then mix it in with four ounces of coconut juice and drink it. You should do this again about an hour before you go to bed and this way you will be getting it twice a day. For best results you should use this home cure for two weeks, even after the symptoms of the infections has gone away. This is one of the best bladder infection home remedies.


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