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Bladder Infection Home Remedies, Home Cures & Natural Treatments 



It is important to drink plenty of water as well as adopting a diet that avoids foods which cause the urine to become more acidic. The diet should focus on foods that create a more alkaline condition in the urine and this is advisable for both treating urinary tract infection and preventing it. Caloric intake should be restricted and one should stay away from sugars of all types, fruit juices, refined carbohydrates and eat large quantities of garlic and onions. Drink at least 64 ounces of pure water (no chlorine or floride) or other non-sweetened fluids each day. One can take mannose, which is a form of sugar that attaches to urinary cells and stops bacteria from attaching to those same cells. In a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was demonstrated that cranberry juice was effective in preventing bladder infections. However it does not work so well once the infection is present because the acidic cranberry juice works against creating a more alkaline condition in the bladder. Avoid meat, milk and dairy products as these are all acidic due to the intake of excess amino acids. Stir one quarter teaspoon of baking soda in some water and this will provide relief in about 20 min. Baking soda is alkaline. One can also take corn silk tea as it contains silica and this coats and soothes inflamed bladder tissue. 1/2 teaspoon of mannose powder stirred into water can be taken every 1 to 2 hours.


Scenar Device

Use a Scenar device to relieve the pain and promote healing. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.



MMS or Master Mineral Solution is the most powerful antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. It is simple, cheap and commonly available. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells, only the pathogens. Take this for stopping infection, removing the pain and inflammation. Go here to find out about MMS.




Connecting the body to the earth gives powerful and profound health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here


Baking Soda

When you are experiencing a bladder infection add one teaspoon of baking soda to eight ounces of water and drink it. The baking soda will create a more alkaline condition in your urine which bacteria don’t like thus giving your body the chance to heal. You should drink this three to four time a day for best results. You only need to do this for two days then you should stop. This home cure should cure your bladder infection right on up.



A great bladder infection home remedy that you can use is blueberries. Blue berries are like cranberries and have natural bacterial inhabiting abilities that can help clear up an infection in no time. You should just put a hand full of blueberries on your cereal every morning for two to three days. Make sure that they are fresh blueberries and aren’t the frozen kind for best results.


Jethro Kloss Natural Home Remedy Cure for Bladder Infection

The first course of action for a bladder infection natural home remedy is to take a high enema with catnip tea.  This will be very soothing.  Use a tablespoon of catnip in a quart of water and take the enema as hot as can be tolerated usually around 110 degrees.  After this make a laxative tea with equal parts of buckthorn bark, senna, spearmint, cubeb berries and marshmallow.  If you do not have all of these then use what you have.  Make the tea by adding a teaspoon of this herbal mixture to a cup of boiling water.  Drink one to four cups every day to keep the bowels loose.  A very effective remedy is to inject an herbal tea directly into the bladder but this must be done by someone who is competent in inserting a catheter.  Mix one heaping teaspoon each of golden seal, cubeb berries an marshmallow.  Dissolve them in a quart of boiling water and steep for 30 minutes stirring frequently.  Once the sediment has gone to the bottom, use a catheter to inject the tea into the bladder.  Continue filling the bladder until one feels a fullness. This should be several ounces.

Two herbal teas that are excellent for bladder infection are flaxseed tea and a mixture of buchu and uva ursi.  Put a teaspoon full of the herbs into a cup of boiling water.  Hot sitz baths are very useful for relieving bladder infection.  If the infection is severe, a hot sitz bath can be taken three or more times a day until relief is obtained.  

Drink two or three quarts of water every day so the urine will not be irritating. This is very important.  The bladder should be emptied as soon as the urge to urinate comes.  This is according to Jethro Kloss in Back to Eden.


Cranberry Juice

I want to share my home remedy for bladder infection.  I was having a horrible experience with blood in my urine.  So, I drank 32 oz of strong and unsweetened cranberry juice on ice using a straw.  I should add that I also added a half teaspoon of baking soda to the cranberry juice I drank.  Four hours later as I was going to bed; I noticed that the blood and the urge to urinate had gone away.  I drank another 32 oz. of the strong unsweetened cranberry juice the next day.  However, this time I didn’t add the baking soda.   On day three, I had a urinalysis and there weren’t any signs of a UTI.  I’m happy to say that it worked!   This is one of the best home cures for a bladder infection.



If you are experiencing symptoms of a bladder infection, try taking some alfalfa or St. John’s Wort capsules.  By taking them, you will help cleanse your bladder.


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Avoid Tight Undergarments

 Avoid wearing satin underwear, or tight nylons and underwear.  This may hold bacteria against the urethera allowing more opportunity to be infected.


Urinate After Intercourse

After you have intercourse, go to the bathroom and urinate.  This will wash out the urinary tract and flush out any microbes that may have been deposited during the act of intercourse.


Colon Clense Home Remedy for Bladder Infection      

A preventative approach for bladder infection involves cleansing the colon.  If your colon isn’t clean, it can strain the bladder and contribute to the likelihood of a bladder infection. 



Take blessed thistle and white oak bark in tea or capsule form.  These are excellent as a home cure for bladder infection.


Buchu and Ura Ursi Tea

When you can feel a bladder infection coming on you should take some buchu and ura ursi tea to cleanse the bladder and head off a potential oncoming infection.  These are diuretics and will increase the flow of urine to cleanse and purge the bladder.


Garlic & Olive Oil

My home remedy for treating a bladder infection includes drinking a certain concoction.  I take a teaspoon of garlic juice and one teaspoon of olive oil and add this to a glass of warm water and mix it.  I drink this three times a day before meals until the infection goes away.


Garlic Juice

To help treat and prevent bladder infections, just take a teaspoon of pure garlic juice. This will kill away the bacteria that can cause bladder infections.


Goldenseal, Garlic and Vitamin C Remedy

To get rid of a bladder infection, take goldenseal, garlic, and vitamin C.


No Prepackaged Douches as Preventative

Avoid using prepackaged douches. 


Fresh Cranberries for Bladder Infection

Eat fresh crushed cranberries mixed in with some plain yogurt.


Peach Bark and Dandelion

For help in treating bladder infections, drink some tea containing peach bark and dandelion.


Dolomite Home Cure for Bladder Infection

My mother told me about a home remedy to treat bladder infections.  I thought I would pass it along to you.  She said to take a dolomite and water combination until the infection goes away.


Bicarbonate of Soda

You take one teaspoon of baking soda and mix this with four oz. of warm water and drink this while you are experiencing symptoms.  You then follow this by drinking a little bit of orange juice. 


Alka Seltzer as Natural Home Remedy for Bladder Infection

Whenever you start to experience bladder infection symptoms; prepare yourself a drink comprising of two alka seltzer tablets and four ounces of water.  This will address the UTI immediately.  If you have a very strong infection, drink this mixture at least once if not two times daily until the infection goes away.  This process works really great!


MIld Soap Remedy

I had been suffering from bladder infections for a long time.  Usually once a month I’d get one.  Then I’d have to go to the doctor and get another antibiotic.  Finally, a friend told me that maybe my boyfriend should change the type of soap he uses.  He did this and the rest is history. He switched to a more milder soap and now I have gone from monthly infections to one about every two years.


Avoid Sweetners

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and Splenda should be avoided.  These additives only aggravate an existing bladder infection.  If you find that you have a bladder infection, the best thing to do is to avoid these fake sweeteners for a while, or at least until you are no longer experiencing the symptoms of the infection.  This is a simple and effective home remedy for bladder infections. 


Heat Therapy

Bladder infections are especially painful.  If you find that the pain is unbearable, try this wonderfully simple home remedy of heat therapy.  Heat relaxes muscles, so try applying a heating pad to your bladder area.  Hot water bottles also work, and should be re-filled as soon as the water begins to cool.  Not only does heat relax muscles, but it can reduce inflammation and swelling while reducing the infection and it keeps it from spreading.  It's important to note that fungus and bacteria thrive in warm conditions, but are killed by actual heat.  This is a great home treatment for bladder infections. 



Massage is an extremely effective natural treatment for infection.  Try to massage the points of the bladder and kidneys for instant relief. 


Bladder infections can be made worse by tight clothes.  Instead, try a simple home remedy of wearing cotton and loose fitting clothes to provide relief. 


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