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Blemishes Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Effective Mixture for Blemishes Home Remedy

A good home remedy for blemishes is to mix camphor, almond extract, sandalwood powder, and rosewater into a solution. This will lighten blemishes.  The recipe for this solution is seven parts of camphor extract added to two parts almond extract and one part sandalwood powder.  Then add this mix to 30 parts rosewater.   You’ll want to use a cotton ball and cover your face daily with this solution.  This should take care of it.


Orange Peel Lemon Juice Natural Blemish Remedy                     

Take some oranges and peel them.  Take the remaining peels and let them sun dry.  Next, take the dried orange peels and grind them up into a powder.  Now, add the orange peel powder to some squeezed lemon juice and one teaspoon of rosewater.  This will make a paste that you can put on the problem areas.   This should take away your blemishes, and also improve your overall skin texture.  This treatment is also good for treating pockmarks.  This is one of the best home remedies for blemishes.


Paste as Home Remedy for Blemishes

There is a paste you can make at home to treat your blemishes.  Combine one part each of honey, milk powder, and lemon juice.  Next, add some drops of almond oil and stir it all up into a paste.  Now, you can use this paste on all the problem areas.  This will surprise you.


Steam Remedy

I have the perfect home remedy for blemishes.  Take a container and boil water on the stove.  Take in the vapor created from the steam and try to cover your head with it.  This process will vaporize away your problems.  



Drink lots of water each day. This should include an intake of up to ten glasses.


Milk as Blemishes Natural Home Remedy

Here is my home remedy for skin blemishes.  Blemishes can be caused by the pores in your skin becoming clogged with dirt and sebum.  I have a method of removing this sebum and dirt.  Get a cotton ball and soak it in raw milk.  Cover your face with the soaked cotton ball twice a day.  You should perform this treatment once when waking up in the morning and once when going to bed. You will be pleased with the results.


Lemon Juice Home Remedy

There are preventative measures you can take in effort to avoid skin blemishes.  You should disinfect your face a couple times daily.  In the morning and night cleanse your face with a cotton ball that has been soaked with freshly squeezed lemon juice.  The lemon juice contains bleaching properties and will lighten your face in the troubled areas.


Vitamins C and E

It is important to keep your skin hydrated in order to help prevent the onset of skin blemishes.  In addition to drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day; be sure to include a daily intake of vitamin C and vitamin E.  These vitamins will help enhance the texture of your skin and provide a more radiant appearance.  They also ensure that your skin is healthy from the inside.


Wash and Use Toner

You need to take care of your skin with a consistent routine.  This routine should include cleansing your face twice daily.  After you wash your face, use a balancing toner and moisturizer that is a match for your particular skin type. 


Oatmeal, Sandalwood & Buttermilk Home Remedy for Blemish

There are home remedies for dark skin blemishes that you can use at home.  One such remedy involves mixing together one teaspoon each of oatmeal powder, sandalwood powder, and buttermilk.   Take this mixture and cover the problem areas on a regular basis. 


Lemon as Home Remedy for Blemishes

You can take a lemon slice and rub it on the skin three times daily.   You will want to leave it on for about ten minutes with each application before washing it off.  Also, you can add a cup of lemon juice to your bath.  This will help treat darkened blemishes. 


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