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Bone Knitting Home Remedies



A good home remedy for bone knitting requires that you put some comfrey tea poultice on a break or bone fracture, this can help the healing process.  Also, frequently drinking comfrey tea will be of benefit to you.


Cayenne, C and Valerian Root Home Remedy for Bone Knitting

My home remedy for bone knitting will involve you taking some cayenne pepper, vitamin C, and valerian root . This will reduce pain and also help the healing process.


If your bones are broken, or it’s a case of bone knitting; go see your doctor to get the necessary casting done.


Dolomite Bone Knitting Home Remedy

You should use my home remedy for bone knitting.  You have to take some bone meal and dolomite supplements.  These will help to strengthen and rebuild your bones.


Magnets for Bone Knitting Natural Home Remedy

When a magnet is positioned on a fracture to increase bone knitting, the magnetic field of the magnet overcomes the weaker bone magnetic field.  Because bones are paramagnetic, they will adopt the same magnetic field of the magnet.  This causes the repelling forces of the two fractured ends to be overcome and the facture knits without resistance.  In addition, the negative magnet pole increases the healing rate by increasing cell permeability.  Becker (1990) wrote a paper regarding a bone growth research project which stated that osteogenic sells that have a negative potential would be coaxed into growing more bone, whereas those that are in the positive location would significantly decrease their growing rate.


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