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Breast Feeding Tips & Methods



My tip for breast feeding problems only requires you to get hold of some vitamin E oil and apply it to the painful areas.  If you follow this advice, you should get relief right away. 


I have a great home remedy to help with breastfeeding problems.   You need to get some fennel tea and drink a cup a few times throughout the day.  Also, you need to eat some almonds each day.  By doing these two things, you will be increasing your milk production.  I was having breastfeeding problems with not being able to produce enough milk.  A friend told me about this remedy, and I gave it a try.  Much to my surprise, it actually worked great!


The following short 2 minute video features Dr. John McDougall, MD explaining why you should not give your baby formula.



I recently was told of this home remedy for breastfeeding problems and thought I’d share it with you.  You are to eat fenugreek and blessed thistle each day to increase the amount of milk you can produce.   The fenugreek and blessed thistle should be taken in tincture form.  All you need to do is to have one drop of each three times a day.  Once in the morning, midday, and evening should work great.


There are a couple suggestions I wanted to pass along regarding your breastfeeding problems.  First, I was able to triple my milk supply and meet my baby’s need by taking some fenugreek for three days every few months.  Another thing I did was to eat yogurt every day to keep any bacteria away.  This worked as a good preventative measure to avoid yeast infections.  If you don’t prevent this from happening; it’s like having your breasts on fire.

Also, I have another helpful hint.  You should always let your nipples air dry each time you finish nursing and have gently wiped away the breast milk. 

One last suggestion; if you are planning on just breastfeeding your baby, then don’t mix it up by using a bottle at times.  Your baby will be adjusting to using the bottle and you may have a hard time getting your baby to return to you breastfeeding it.  Also, you don’t want to get to the place that you having to pump your breast more than necessary in order to maintain the milk supply.  I know I went beyond a couple suggestions, but I think you’ll find my ideas useful for breastfeeding problems!


This is my home remedy for your breastfeeding problems.  If you are having trouble with your breasts being engorged, I have a good suggestion.  It is actually a very simple to take care of this problem.  Just get in the shower and very gently take each breast and carefully squeeze them together.  You should be able to extract some milk by doing this method.  If you do this, and still are having problems getting milk to come out; then, carefully pinch your nipples a little to get it started.  You must be careful to not over do this, or you will end up stimulating your breasts to increase the milk production.  This approach will also allow you to forego the route of using a pump.    

I have another home remedy for your breastfeeding problems concerning milk production.  If you want to stimulate and increase the amount of production, take a couple days off from wearing a bra.  Also, you need to gently massage and squeeze your breast. As you massage, you should be doing this in small circular motions.  If you really need to, then go ahead and pump more often than usual or as is comfortable.  You may want to do this between your breastfeeding times because this will tell your body to make more milk. 

I suggest you try the massage approach to your breastfeeding problems; however, exercise caution if you want to add other home remedies for breastfeeding problems.  Perhaps you should consult your doctor before including topical applications or the taking of herbs.  You need to make sure your baby is going to be safe.


I have a good home remedy for breastfeeding problems.   If you are having problems with your breasts being engorged, I have this suggestion.  Get yourself a pot of water and get it to a near boil.  Next, take it off the stove and pour it into a cup or bowel.  Take a wash cloth and soak it in the water, then ring it out.  Now, after you have already put lotion like lanolin on your breasts; put the wash cloth to your breast.  I know it’s going to feel very warm; but, you’ll need to hold the cloth tightly in place.  This will definitely help by loosening up your clogged milk ducts!

I had real breast feeding problems with my breasts becoming engorged.  But this remedy really worked great!  I wish you lots of luck!


You are welcomed to my home remedy for breastfeeding problems.  There is something all mothers experience when breastfeeding your baby.  Unfortunately, that something is pain and discomfort.  My remedy to help with this pain involves the use of cabbage leaves.  You need to take cabbage leaves out of the refrigerator and lay them on the counter.  Then, you need to take a rolling pin and flatten out the cabbage veins in the leaves.   After you have done this, cut out a hole in the leaves the size of your nipples.  Now, that you have the cabbage leaves prepared; put them inside your bra, covering your breasts.  You should put one, or possibly two leaves on each breast.  Be sure to completely cover the affected areas of your breast.  The cabbage leaves will be good for about one or two hours before you’ll need to replace them with new ones.  Over the span of about eight hours, you will probably have used about four to six different applications of the cabbage leaves.  Only use this cabbage leaf treatment as long as your breasts are engorged.  If you do this too much, you’ll end up reducing your milk supply.


My home remedy method for breastfeeding problems is to suggest that you take an herbal tea that worked for me.  I had a really hard time maintaining enough milk supply for my baby when I was nursing.  I went to my pediatrician, and she told me that the breastfeeding problem I was having would probably result in me having to stop nursing my baby.  Then, I discovered Breastea from Breastea.com and it provided the help I needed.  I actually was able to increase my milk supply up five ounces when I pumped my breasts.  If you are having a breastfeeding problem like I did; this might be your solution!


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