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Brittle Nails Home Remedies & Natural Treatments



Horsetail Home Remedy for Brittle Nails

You can strengthen weak nails and soften the brittle nails by taking the herb horsetail. This is one of the best home remedies for dealing with brittle nails. Horsetail has a mineral content of 10 to 20% of its dry weight. Of that mineral content, approximately 65% is composed of silicic acids which will provide us with the important trace element silicon. Two important connective tissues in the body are formed from this element. These are glycosaminoglycans which hydrate our tissues and collagen which imparts strength and flexibility to our skin, hair and nails. One study that was done in Finland showed that 50% of women who took silicon for 90 days reported that their nails were significantly stronger.  One can also get silicon from flax seeds, rice, millet, alfalfa, oats, bell peppers, soybeans, corn, olives, radishes, mustard greens, white onions, dandelion greens, cucumbers, asparagus and the cabbage. There is also a good product which is an extract of horsetail called Alta Health Silica. Alvita brand herbs also packages horsetail grass tea. Drink two or more cups of this every day and your nails will begin to change in a few weeks. One added benefit of taking silicon supplements or consuming horsetail tea is that it makes the hair more lustrous and healthy. While this will take some time, the changes are very visible and undeniable. Skin is also made of collagen, which is mostly made of silicon, and will also benefit. Taking a silicone supplement is, by far, one of the best natural home remedies for brittle nails.


Orthosilicic Acid Brittle Nails Natural Home Remedy

While silicon is one of the best natural remedies for brittle nails, the element is normally bound up with oxygen which decreases the body's ability to absorb it. The type of silicon which is most available for absorption is the one commonly found in our blood which is orthosilicic acid. This compound is made when silicon attaches to hydrogen atoms. Orthosilicic acid can be purchased as a supplement. Take about 10 drops of this twice daily for a minimum of three months which is how long it takes for an old nail to grow out and be replaced by the new nail. In addition, try eating more leafy greens, soybeans and whole grains. Also take the herbs horsetail and alfalfa. Absorbing extra silicon will make your bones stronger and improve the elasticity of the skin by strengthening collagen. This will make the skin look better and wrinkles will fade.


Good Nutrition

The most important factor in having beautiful healthy nails is to make sure your body has good nutrition. Avoid eating processed refined foods and stick with whole natural foods, whole grains and vegetables. Nails need calcium in order to be strong and so you want to be sure that you're getting enough calcium. If you are eating a natural whole foods diet this will not be a problem. Brittle nails are a symptom of poor diet and or poor absorption.


Olive Oil Remedy

Each day soak your nails for 5 minutes in olive oil or wheat germ oil. Also, before you put on nail polish, be certain to apply a clear coat. This will help prevent the nail polish from discoloring your nails. When filing your nails, never use a metal file. Use an emery board instead. If you work with your hands in water wear rubber gloves. Use a moisturizer which has vitamin E.


Check Hypothyroidism

Brittle nails, dry skin, weight gain and hair loss can all indicate a sluggish thyroid gland which is known as hypothyroidism.


Sweet Almond Oil for Brittle Nails

Heat up a little sweet almond oil in a bowl until it is nicely warm. Then soak your nails in this for about 5 minutes and pat dry with a paper towel. Do this several times each week until the condition of your nails improves. You can also use olive oil for this.


Vaseline Home Remedy

Before you go to bed each night, massage a little Vaseline petroleum jelly into each fingernail and leave it to soak overnight. If having the grease on your fingers bothers you then try wearing some light cotton gloves or socks in order to protect the sheets.


Avoid Formaldehyde

There are some fingernail polishes which contain formaldehyde and this can degrade the condition of your fingernails. Check your polish and make sure that it has no formaldehyde and if it does, switch to another brand that is more accommodating.


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