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Brittle Nails Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Drink More Water Home Remedy for Brittle Nails

If you are not drinking enough water it will cause your nails to become too dry. Make sure you're drinking enough water. Also rub a moisturizer or olive oil into your nails.


Biotin as Home Remedy for Brittle Nails

Quite a few years ago medical researchers discovered that one of the B vitamins, biotin, increased the strength of horses’ hooves. It was then discovered that this not only works for horses but is a good natural brittle nails home remedy for human beings as well. Take about 2 to 3 mg per day to improve the condition of your nails.


Avoid Acetone

If you are fond of painting your nails, you should know that polish remover made of acetone or containing acetone is bad for your nails. Acetone is a powerful chemical solvent which will strip the natural oils from your nails causing them to become brittle.


Glucosamine Remedy

One medical researcher, reporting in the medical journal Lancet in 2001, found that taking glucosamine can improve the strength of fingernails and toenails as well as the growth rate.


Homeopathic Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

There are several good homeopathic medicines that one can take to improve the condition of brittle nails. Silicea: this is good for reducing the dryness and toenails and fingernails. Silicea is also effective in treating peeling and send nails that are often covered in white spots.  Antimonium tartaricum: this is a good cure for thick or brittle nails. Graphites: take this for weak and cracked nails which are rough and have inflamed nail beds.


Colon Cleanse

It is possible that toxins in the colon may be inhibiting the absorption of minerals that are required for healthy nails. Try cleansing the colon with a traditional Ayurvedic formula called triphalla which is made of the fruits of three trees found in India. You can buy this at some health food stores usually in capsule form. You can also find it on the Internet.


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