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Bug Bites Home Remedies



My home remedy for bug bites uses dial soap.  Our four years old girl is very allergic to bug bites and was getting them all the time.  We tried experimenting with all kinds of bug sprays to no avail.  Finally a friend told us to try having our child bathe using dial soap.   Evidently, the bugs don’t like dial soap.  I started researching this approach and discovered that bugs will stay away from lavender.  Now, our daughter uses dial soap and we also apply some type of lavender lotion on her as protection.  It has worked great as the bugs now leave her alone!


Topical Aspirin for Bug Bites Home Remedy

I have a couple of tips.  First, as a preventative measure; always carry some basil leaves in your pocket.  This will help keep the mosquitoes away.  My other remedy has to do with what to do after you have been bitten or stung.  This will work for mosquitoes, wasps, spiders, and bees.  You need to take an aspirin pill and place it over the bite or sting.  The way you do this is to get a wet cloth and put it over the aspirin so that the aspirin dissolves into the wound.  Check in about five or ten minutes to see if the swelling, redness, etc. has gone down.  Growing up my mother always did this when my sister and I got stung or bitten by a bug.   If you try this; you’ll see that the irritation and swelling will almost disappear.  I’m surprised to see that someone hasn’t already put this suggestion in this bug bite category because it is a good home remedy.


Tea Tree Oil as Home Remedy for Bug Bite

Whenever you get a bug bite, put some full strength tea tree oil on the affected area.  You’ll discover that you’ll receive almost immediate relief.  If you need to; just re-apply as needed.  You’ll be surprised with the results!


It’s always been thought that red bug bites are under the skin, but now it’s been determined by experts that this isn’t the case.  They actually will just bite and leave most of the time.  I know it can feel good to scratch the itch, but here is a way to help with the symptoms.  A great home remedy I use is to take an old Abe Penny and get it moistened, and then to put it on the bite.  Make sure to use the older copper ones as the newer ones are made of tin.


Mud Pack Home Remedy for Bug Bites

When I was a child growing up, my mother would always apply mud on our bee/wasp stings.  This would not only soothe the sting; but, also draw out the barb.  I know this may sound silly, but it really works!


I had an experience of getting about 50 chigger bug bites recently.  I took a wash cloth and soaked it in alcohol and scrubbed over the bites with it.  Next, I got some hemorrhoidal ointment and applied it to the bites.  After doing this, the sting and itching stopped.  Needless to say, this worked pretty well!  Even though I did struggle getting my sock on the following morning, it was well worth it! 


Ice on Bug Bites Home Remedy

My home remedy for bug bites like those of mosquitoes can easily be helped by putting ice on the bite for one to three minutes.  It will depend on the severity of pain and the amount of itching as to the amount of time you’ll need to apply the ice.


Since I was a young child when the warm weather started to come around, then I would also start getting my share of bug bites.   I suffered for many years growing up, despite trying different type of bug sprays, nothing worked.  Finally I was told about using Noxzema on the bites and that this would relieve the pain and itching.  I tried it, and it works!


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