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Burning Tongue Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Burning tongue syndrome can have a number of accompanying symptoms.  Some of these are tingling painful tongue, sore mouth, burning sensation in the mouth, palate, tongue, gums and lips, reduced or missing sense of taste, the tip of the tongue is numb and a bitter or metallic taste in the mouth.  In the majority of occurrences, burning tongue syndrome is accompanied by other oral or dental conditions such as tooth decay and, bad breath. The persons most likely to have this affliction are women in their middle ages who have just started going through menopause.


Probiotic as Burning Tongue Home Remedy

The most common cause of burning tongue is a yeast infection in the mouth.  Take a probiotic to help remove the excess growth of yeast as well as avoiding sugar (which yeast thrives on). Some other causes are imbalance of hormones (especially during menopause), bad oral hygiene, damage to nerves, medications and lack of vitamin B-12.  You can buy a kit to check your own hormone levels (you send it to a lab) at www dot youngagain dot com.  In some way, allergies and having a dry mouth are connected to burning tongue syndrome but the nature of the relationship is not understood.  When the root cause of one’s burning tongue syndrome is known, one should pursue treating the discomfort as well as using natural remedies to treat the root cause.  As an example, if tooth decay is causing the burning tongue syndrome, one will want to have the decaying tooth or teeth repaired. 


Elixer Cure

I have the cure. It\'s taken 10 years but it remedies the problem and you feel it working within the first hour. I have posted on a few websites but it seems that everyone is happy to live with this condition because in the week that I have posted none has contacted me.  If you have a burning mouth (tongue or roof of mouth) I have the cure.  I am willing to send the first few people a FREE bottle and I will cover the postage costs of this. This is how much I believe this product will work for you, it is a natural product too. You will need to email me with your address. I live in New Zealand so it will take a little while to get to you. Email me:  usability @ xtra dot co dot nz. Put burning mouth remedy as the title. 


Sugar Free Gum Burning Tongue Home Remedy

There is a simple home remedy to take care of a burning tongue.  I have started using that has worked pretty well.  Instead of chewing my regular brand of gum, I just chew sugar free gum and it has made a big difference for me.


Ice Remedy

Instead of chewing gum; if you suck on a piece of ice, this will be soothing for your burning tongue.   


Baking Soda for Burning Tongue Home Remedy

I have a suggestion that will help with burning tongues.  Instead of using normal toothpaste, try using baking soda to brush your teeth.  I think you will feel a difference.


Mint as Burning Tongue Natural Home Remedy

If you are suffering from a burning tongue condition then this will interest you.  There is a drink you can make that requires you to sip two or three times a day, and help with your condition.  What you need to do is gather about a handful of mint leaves and crush them before adding them to a small saucepan of hot boiling water.  After you have blended the leaves and water; take it off the burner, and let it cool off.  When the liquid has cooled, then strain it and pour it into a container to keep in your refrigerator.  By sipping this a few times daily, the irritation and any inflammation will go down.  Also, you can use this liquid as a mouth rinse before going to sleep because of therapeutic properties in the mint leaves.  This will help control the burning symptoms. 


Onion Garlic Burning Tongue Home Cure

Here is an excellent home remedy for a burning tongue.  Take some onion and garlic and puree it and blend it with a glass of warm water.  Next, if you gargle once or twice daily, you’ll help alleviate the symptoms of burning.


If you can find a way to relax and cut down on stress and anxiety; it’s possible to get relief from your burning tongue condition.


My advice is to avoid hot and spicy foods, no matter how much you like eating them.  If you want to help with your burning tongue condition, then out with the hot stuff.


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