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Bursitis Natural Cures & Home Remedies



Avacado Natural Cure for Bursitis

I had been suffering from bursitis for quite a while when I came across a wonderful home remedy for bursitis in my juice book.  The author of the book was a doctor who lived to be 119 years old.  I believe he was a very intelligent man.  He recommended eating some avocado every day.  He said that the cause of bursitis is when the synovial lubricating fluid in the joints began to dry up.  This is where he says that the avocado will help to restore normalcy to this condition.


I have bursitis problems with my right knee.  I have to be careful and cut down on the amount of kneeling that I do.  To help relieve the pain; I take warm baths in Epsom salt.  I also do some light exercises like leg lifts.  I often sit on my chair, have my feet flat on the floor, and do about 12 repetitions of raising my right leg.  I also massage my right knee a lot of the time.


Chinese Medicine

I was told the only way to get rid of my long time bursitis was by surgery.  I didn’t like that option and I began looking for a natural cure for bursitis.  I did Chinese phytotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic.  With chiropractic I also literally got straightened up and the doc massaged some sore points ( the bursitis pain is like a bad bruise).  At the traditional Chinese medicine clinic, they gave me acupuncture and then on one day just as I was beginning to have a bad round of pain and inflammation, they hooked me up to some electrical stimulation.  When this was over I was able to completely move my arm!  I was restored to normal right then and there.  The whole journey took about a year.  I also was taking magnesium but, from my experience, was not enough to solve the bursitis on its own.  People should know this.  There is an alternative to allopathic medicine.  Investigate for yourself.    If it worked for me it will work for others.  Also, my blood analysis showed a deficiency of magnesium and calcium.  In many cases you don’t have to have surgery.


Diet as Natural Home Cure for Bursitis

The best natural cure for bursitis is to eat a high fiber diet with healthy whole foods.  At any one time, eat small amounts of food.  This is especially true in the late afternoon and early evening.  According to Chinese medicine, digestive problems are the cause of bursitis in most cases.  Eating large volumes of food, the enzymes in the body must focus on food digestion.  If we eat light meals, the body can use more enzymes to combat inflammation.  Try to avoid meat and dairy as much as possible.  Eat more whole grain foods, beans, fruits and vegetables.  Steamed greens are especially helpful for bursitis.  To give a rest to the live and aid proper digestion, stay away from all fried foods, red meat and greasy high fat foods of all kinds.  Read labels.  Donuts are extremely high in fat.  To help your body wash out toxins, drink eight glasses of water every day.


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