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How To Remove Chewing Gum Home Remedies



How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet

Chewing gum can be removed from carpets and rugs by putting ice cubes in a zip lock bag with a little salt and put the ice bag on top of the gum.  Give it about 30 minutes to freeze the gum and make it hard.  Then you can scrape the gum off the carpet with a kitchen knife.  You can also use heated vinegar on a carpet that is stained.  Take brush and dip it in the hot vinegar to get rid of the chewing gum.

How to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes

The method for removing chewing gum from carpets can also be used for clothes.  As an alternate route, you can use lighter fuel on the gum and stain.  The lighter fuel will melt away the chewing gum and allow you to easily remove it.  You will want to wash the clothes in a short time to remove the smell left by the fluid.

How to Remove Chewing Gum from Hair

When chewing gum is stuck in hair, removing it can be very difficult.  If it is in the hair you can’t freeze the hair nor can you put any kind of petroleum fuel on it.  The best thing for removing chewing gum from hair is peanut butter or liquid vegetable oil.  Either will work.  Rub in the oil or peanut butter and work it in for about a minute.  Let it stand for about 5 minutes then wash it out.


Put some creamy peanut butter on gum that is stuck in your hair.  This will melt the gum and it will come out easily.


I used a little bit of a thin body lotion to get gum off my leather seat.


Eucalyptus oil will remove chewing gum.  Rub it on and the gum will come right off in just  a few seconds.


As a home remedy for chewing gum removal, put toothpaste on the gum.  This makes the gum become hard and it will then easily come out of your hair.


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