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Natural Cleaning Products



To get your white clothes good and white put a cup of baking soda in your wash.  This works really good and is not toxic like bleach.


When you need to clean your mirrors, try rubbing alcohol.  It works a lot better than Windex.  It cleans better and you will not have any streaking.


Natural Window Cleaner

When you have used the last of that Windex, put a fourth cup of vinegar in the empty bottle and fill it with water.  It works even better than Windex!  This is a formula used by professional window cleaners.


There is no need to spend money unnecessarily for cleaners, sprays, powders and pastes to clean your house and keep it sparkling and fresh.  You can get everything you need right out of your kitchen cabinets.  Most natural products used for cleaning are mixed together in different ways.  Often essential oils are listed in the ingredients of natural cleaners. Many of these not only smell good, but are anti-microbial. Two examples of anti-microbial oils are lemon and pine.  You can often substitute one for the other.  For example you could use lavender or eucalyptus which are also anti-microbial. If you need to make your cleaner with soap or soap flakes, you can often find pure soap flakes at the store.  If you can’t find soap flakes, take a bar of soap and grate it.  Add fragrance if you like.  Here are some good cleaning recipes.

General Use Natural Cleaning Paste (non-scouring)

2 cups of diatomaceous earth or powdered chalk.  Gymnasts use chalk so try a sporting goods store or online.  Diatomaceous earth can be purchased where swimming pool supplies are sold and also at gardening stores.

1 cup of soap flakes

6 tablespoons of glycerin

1 cup of bicarbonate of soda (common baking soda)

Put the soap flakes in a blender or use a mortar and pestle to make it a powder.  Then put in the chalk and baking soda.  Next pour in the glycerin to make a paste that is thick.  This will do a great job.  Store it in a jar with a wide mouth so that it will not dry out.

Natural Glass Cleaner

1 cup of rubbing alcohol or strong spirits (vodka for example)

1 cup of vinegar

1 teaspoon of essential oil of lavender

Put these ingredients into a spray bottle.  Shake it for a about a minute.  Use it right away or let it stand for a week or so to let the essential oil thoroughly permeate the vinegar and alcohol. Spary this onto the glass surface to be cleaned and then wipe it off with a wadded up newspaper or a lint-free soft cloth.  The essential oil is useful for getting rid of mold spores and microbes.  This concoction can also be used as a disinfectant as both the essential oil and alcohol are powerful germ killing agents.

Natural Odor Absorbing Refrigerator Cleaner

10 drops of the essential oil you like best (consider grapefruit or lemon)

1 cup of baking soda

Enough water to make a good mixture

Combine the essential oil and baking soda.  Pour in enough water to work it into a paste that is stiff.  You can rub this onto the surfaces inside your refrigerator and then rinse it off with a damp clean cloth.

Natural Brass Polish

Enough vinegar to make a good mixture

1 cup of common salt

Combine the salt with a sufficient amount of vinegar to form a stiff paste.  Spread the paste onto the brass and leave it alone for about 5 minutes so it can work.  Then rub it off with a moist cloth.  You may have to work it in by rubbing vigorously in some spots.

Natural Fabric Softener

10 drops of essential oil (or none if you prefer)

1 cup of vinegar

Mix the essential oil and vinegar together by shaking vigorously.  Add this mixture to the final rinse of your washing machine.  This adds a nice scent to the wash as well as providing a softening effect.  Lavender is commonly used for this because it acts as a moth repellent.  This will also help eliminate diaper rash because the vinegar will neutralize the ammonia that comes from urine.

Natural Soaking Treatment for Pre-wash

½ cup of glycerine

2 cups of soap flakes

2 teaspoons of oil of eucalyptus (no substitutions allowed – eucalyptus has stain removing power)

Hot water (approximately 1.5 quarts)

Put the glycerine and soap flakes in the hot water and mix well.  After it cools, it will turn into a whitish-gray gel.  Add the eucalyptus when the mixture as cooled down.  Store this in a bottle or jar with a screw on lid or cap.  Add about a half a cup to a container of moderately warm water (but not hot) and soak the stained articles all night.  Another way is to work a small amount into the area that is stained and let it soak for an hour or so before washing.


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