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home remedies
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Natural Cleaning Solutions, Methods and Tips



Bathtub Lemon Cleaner

Take one lemon cut in half sprinkle baking soda on and clean your tub with the lemon use as many lemons as it takes to clean tub also can use limes all natural and it works.  Anon., 2-7-2012


Coffee Stains Alcohol

For removing coffee stains rub denatured alcohol into the area and then wash or rinse with water.


Crayon Wall Art Toothpaste Cleaner

A great cleaning home remedy for getting crayon “art work” off walls is toothpaste.  Don’t buy the gel kind for this but use the plain old white tooth paste.  This works really good and you can be consoled that since it is OK to put it in your mouth it is not going to be toxic for anyone when it is on the wall.


Crayons Hair Dryer

What works for me to remove crayon markings from a wall or whatever it is on, is to use a hair dryer to heat up the markings.  Do this for a about 30 seconds and then take some baby oil on a cloth and wipe it off.  The crayon marks will come right off. 


Bathtub Vinegar

For buildup of rust and mineral deposits around the tub, use baking soda first and rub it in and then put vinegar on it.


Coffee Stains Egg Yolk

A home remedy for coffee stains that works for me is to beat an egg yolk and dip a cloth into it.  Rub the yolk into the stain and then rinse it with water.


Coffee Stains Detergent

To remove coffee stains, put a half teaspoon of detergent into 8 ounces of water.  Blot this onto the stain with a towel.  If the stain does not come out with this, mix half water and half white vinegar and blot it onto the stain.


Stainless Steel Cleaner

To get water spots off of stainless steel, work vinegar onto the surface with a cloth.  Then wipe it dry to avoid spotting.


Black Heal Marks Cleaner

A good way to get black heal marks off of floors is to us a pencil eraser.


Soap Film

For buildup of soap film in a dishwasher, run a cup of white vinegar through an empty dishwasher.


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