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Cold Home Remedies, Natural Remedies & Cures


Vitamin C Cold Home Remedy

In 1970 Linus Pauling, 2-time Nobel Prize winner, stated that vitamin C alleviates and prevents the common cold. Over the past thirty years, a number of studies have been performed to determine the benefits of vitamin C in treating and preventing the common cold. A recent study of the current published literature indicates a significant reduction in the length and severity of illness 23% (J Am Coll Nutr 14:116, 1995). The potential benefits from taking vitamin C might be greatest in persons with insufficient dietary vitamin C intake--which would be most Americans because they eat too few vegetables and fruits. There is no vitamin C in dairy, poultry, meat or any other animal product. Refined foods have had most of the vitamin C removed. A suffiecient dose for supplementation is not determined, but is most likely greater than 1 gram a day. (Br J Nutr 1997 Jan;77(1):59-72)



To cure a cold look to MMS or Master Mineral Solution as the most powerful antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. It is simple, cheap and commonly available. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells, only the pathogens. Go here to find out about MMS.



Echinacea and Ginseng

Several herbs, such as Echinacea and Ginseng , are thought to help stop colds and flu. In a multi-centre, two-branch, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind investigation a total of 227 persons took daily oral  dose capsules of either placebo or 100 milligrams of standardized ginseng extract Ginsana G 115 for a time period of 12 weeks. Within this period they also received an anti-influenza polyvalent vaccination at week 4 Drugs Exp Clin Res 1996;22(2):65-72. There were 42 incidents of  flu or colds in the placebo group, but there were only 15 cases in the G115 group. Antibody titres combating the flu virus by the 8th week rose to an average of 171 units in the placebo group.  They rose to an average of 272 units in the G115 group. Natural killer (NK) activity levels in the 8th week and 12th week were nearly double the G115 group when compared to the placebo group.



A plant originally used by Native Americans, Echinacea purpurea, to treat respiratory and lung infections, has been shown to stimulate the manufacture of antiviral factors by human white blood cells (Int J Immunopharmacol 1997 Jul;19(7):371-9). Even minute doses (0.012 microgram/ml) had the same effect. These findings support the proposed preventive effects of Echinacea on flu and colds flu.  My personal plan is to take Echinacea and vitamin C with the first suggestion that I might have contacted a virus or the first symptom of a flu or cold.


Zinc as Cold Home Remedy

There have been no less than 8 controlled clinical trials that have been published on zinc as a treatment for the common cold.  Four of these indicated benefit while four did not (Ann Pharmacother 32:63, 1999; Ann Intern Med 125:81, 1996). The variation in results could be due to variation in dosages and formulations.  Zinc gluconate lozenges are possibly more effective than lozenges made with tartaric acid and citric acid which bind zinc making it unabsorbable.  The exact method of action is not known, however zinc may act by stopping the virus from attaching to the cells of the respiritory tract.  This would prevent the virus from engaging and entering the cells.  The benefit seems to be most pronounced if the lozenges are taken immediately as symptoms appear. 


Garlic Tea

Make garlic tea and sip it.  It kills the germs and bacteria in your body and checks congrestion.  bj 1-11-2012


Raising Body Temperature

One of the body’s own natural responses to combat  infection is to raise the temperature in the body - commonly know as a fever. aside from directing attention to an illness, fever has a crucial role in killing invading infectious microbes such as flu and cold viruses. In past years, fever therapy has been implemented to treat forms of chronic arthritis and neurosyphlis.  In addition to an elev atedbody temperature, many other factors play a role in fighting off an infection. However, simply bring up the body’s temperature may augment the immune response. Because of this, elevating the body’s temperature has recently been attempted as a treatment for AIDS (ASAIO J. 1997 Sep-Oct;43(5):M830-8).  Dry and steam saunas as well as hot baths have been prescribed for centuries and in many cultures to help flu and cold suffers. Because of this, one of the treatments I suggest is to soak in a hot bath or, even better, a hot tub at 108 degrees to elevate your core body temperature--possibly as much as 102 degrees (normally is 98.6 degrees). How long should you soak at this temperature? An hour would be about right. However, for most persons, this treatment is too uncomfortable to be endured for that long. Persons with heart or other serious diseases should not elevate their body temperatures.


Peppermint Steam as Cold Natural Home Remedy

To clear congestion and stuffy sinuses, put some peppermint essenial oil in a pan (8 or 10 drops in a cup of water) and heat it to steaming.  Put a towel over your head and put your head in the steam and inhale through your nose.  Also try eucalyptus.


Avoid Dairy

If you have a cold and want a cure, avoid dairy products.  Avoid dairy products all the time to avoid colds.  Children are especially susceptible to the bad effects of dairy. In one clinical study, it was revealed that a compound in cows milk triggers the release of histamine in the body. This is a chemical that contributes to nasal congestion and a runny nose and can make congestion in the sinus, chest and nasal passages worse. Click here to read more about the Dangers of Cow's Milk and all dairy products.


No Dairy Drink Juice

Cut out dairy products for a little while.  Drink juice, particularly orange juice. (it feels really good when it\'s cold) Heat up a towel (whether with warm water or when it\'s fresh out of the dryer) and wrap it around your neck, but not too tightly.  It most likely coincides with a cold, so sleep in a position where your head is slightly elevated, put some water under your nose to help clear the sinues, and once again, drink a lot of juice.


Ibuprophen Risks and Natural Alternatives

Most people have no knowledge as to how damaging ibuprofen is to the human body and that there are good alternatives without the side effects.  Click here to read more about Ibuprofen Risks and Natural Alternatives.


Hand Washing

Cold and flu virus infections are transmitted when the virus is passed between people. The most common close contact is with the hands which touch objects and other people who have the virus. The virus is transferred from our hands to the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes where it infects these tissues. Viruses can live on various surfaces for several hours. Washing our hands is a very effective method for stopping the spread of these viruses. In one clinical study of 3 to 5-year-old children who had been taught the virtues of washing their hands, the risk of flu and colds was markedly reduced during the flu and cold season (J Pediatr Health Care 1997 Jan-Feb;11(1):26-31). Disinfecting agents may stop or slow the spread of viruses from objects already contaminated. In one of these studies dried virus was exposed to bleach or Lysol spray and the viruses were rendered ineffective by 99.99% after being exposed for 10 minutes (Appl Environ Microbiol 1993 May;59(5):1579-85.



Alfalfa helps with congestion and sneezing attacks.


Garlic and Onion Natural Remedy for Colds

A cold home remedy that works for me is to take a teaspoon of onion juice and a few drops of garlic oil and put this in a cup of water and drink it.  Do this several times a day.  It is more effective if you do it at the first sign of the cold.


Ginger Cold Home Remedy

Grate up some fresh ginger and make a tea.  Drink this several times a day to cure your cold.


Garlic Oil Natural Cure for Colds

Massage garlic oil, cayenne and lobelia into your chest and throat to relieve sore throats and congestion.


Tiger's Balm

To relieve chest congestion brought on by a cold, rub Tiger’s Balm into your chest and throat.  Then take a hand towel and wet it.  After wringing it out, put it in the microwave to get it hot.  Put that on your chest and throat.  This causes the blood to come to the surface and carry the soothing balm into your chest and throat.


Golden Seal Natural Remedy for a Cold

Golden seal, cayenne and garlic can be taken every day as a home remedy for a cold.


Tea for Common Cold Home Remedy

A good cold home remedy is to drink Tension Tamer tea.  It will get rid of a stopped up nose, a runny nose, coughing and anything else that a cold or flu will bring.  You can sweeten the tea with a little honey.  You will get instantaneous relief.  It can be safely given to children over 2 ½ years of age.


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