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Cold Natural Home Remedies



Goji Juice

Goji juice is the go to juice home remedy for a cold.  Goji juice has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C as anything that grows in this world.  It is very nutritious in other ways too.  Online you can get a 32 ounce bottle for $8 or $10.  I have been taking this for over a year and have not gotten sick once in that time. People around me have been sick but not me.  Several times I felt the tinge of sore throat coming on and I would drink a little goji.  It would be gone right upon swallowing.  It is really amazing!  Recently my young nephew started getting cold symptoms and I poured him several glasses of goji but diluted with water.  He was much improved in only 2 hours.  This goji juice is not only great for colds but a lot of other things too.


I eat sprouts and take Sambuca liquid and Umka drops.  These work great on flu and colds.  At the first sign of symptoms I go for these.  It takes it right away.  In a single day I will be 95% better.  Then I keep taking it until I am totally well.  Really great stuff!


Vinegar Sinus Wash as Cold Natural Remedy

Here is a good home cold remedy that keeps a cold from becoming an all out sinus infection.  It also is good for getting rid of congestion.  Into a cup of boiling water put a half teaspoon of distilled vinegar and a half teaspoon of salt. Now you need to get it up into your nose and sinuses.  You can do this with a used nose spray bottle that you wash out and refill or you can use a standard medicine dropper to drop it into your nostrils.  For some time this has been my go-to for stopping sinus infections. Also it is good to use as a preventative before going out in crowds in cold weather.  I also used to get sinus infections from swimming but those are now a thing of the past.


Vinegar Concoction

Put a sauce pan on the stove and put in a fourth cup of apple cider vinegar, a fourth cup of honey, the juice of two lemons, 8 or more peppermint candies, the rinds from the lemons and bring all this to a boil.  Once the peppermints are dissolved you can let it cool but drink as much as you can while it is still warm.  You can even take it a little hotter by spoon it into your mouth.  This will do wonders for a sore throat and help break up congestion in your chest and sinuses.  If you can’t drink it all, put it in a glass jar and save it. Heat it up again when you are ready for another round.  Take it as much as you can during the day.  The more you take it the better.


In Japan and Korea, a common cold remedy and sore throat remedy is wasabi.  Eat about a half teaspoon with some food.  If you take it alone it could be too spicy.  My mother did this and by the next morning she was well and the cold and sore throat were gone.


The best cold remedy I know is Greek Mountain tea.  You can buy this tea at an Eastern Mediterranean food store or Greek food store.  Typically you will buy the tea as a long sprig which has numerous small leaves and buds.  The tea is made by taking a few parts from the sprig and putting them in boiling water for a while.  It is a bit of a hassle to make this way but there is a company that does make the tea into a loose form.  This tea has a nice citrus flavor to it.  My kids really like it and I feel better about giving them this instead of harsh chemical drugs.


What helps me the most when a cold is coming on is something my dad used to make for me.  Here is what you need:  a fourth cup of boiling water, half teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and one crushed garlic clove.  Let it steep for a few minutes and then drink it.


Have two glasses of water and then take 100 grams of jaggary half an hour before going to bed.


Here is a good cold home remedy.  Into one cup of boiling water add a de-caffeinated tea bag, one shot of bourbon and one teaspoon of honey.  This really helps and also helps you go to sleep at night.


Garlic Home Remedy for a Cold

Put 4 cloves of garlic through your garlic press and add a half teaspoon of cayenne.  Add to this a fourth teaspoon of olive oil and eat this.  Don’t do this on an empty stomach.  Drink water after taking it.


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