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Colic Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Mint for Colic

Mint is the best  home remedy for colic.  Got to your local Mexican store or any other store that sells fresh herbs and get some fresh spearmint.  Boil a handful of leaves for about 10 minutes in two cups of water.  Mix this in your baby’s bottle and your baby will not suffer from colic ever again.  This remedy is from an elder Native American medicine man and our family has been using it for over 100 years.  Try it because it will work.


When my baby got colicky, my grandma would make peppermint tea with actual peppermint.  You can boil the leaves and strain the tea and add some of this to the baby bottle.  Let it cool down and give it to your baby.  Also, I have discovered that a bath at a warm temperature also is useful.  I tried gripe water and it did no good.  My baby doctor told me colic only goes for about four months and guess what?  At four months – wallah – it was gone!


Stop Dairy

My son started getting colic when he was about 3 weeks old and he would cry cry cry each night at about 9 PM on the hour.  I knew something was amiss.  The first thing I did was remove all dairy and milk products and started giving him a probiotic (this has the useful and necessary microbes that you need in your gut).  I buy the probiotic at my health food store in a powder which is easily given to babies and kids.  At bedtime I put a dab of olive oil on my nipple and then pat on a pinch of the probiotic.  In a few days all the crying stopped.  It worked like magic!  I don’t know if it was removing the dairy or the probiotic but I’ll take it. I think dairy is hard to digest.


Over a teaspoon of fennel, anise and cumin seeds, pour a cup of boiling water.  When this cools let your baby drink it.  Works wonders.  You can also use fresh mint but only a couple of small leaves.  Then follow the same directions as above.


Peel a white onion and chop it into pieces.  Put this in a pan of water with enough water to cover the onion and boil it until the onion becomes so mushy you can’t hardly see it.  When this cools give half of a medicine dropper to your baby.


Make sure your baby has enough vitamin B6.  Some good ways to get this are in brewer’s yeast, brown rice and apple sauce.


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