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Colic Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Avoid Sugar

Stay away from sugar with your baby.  If you are a nursing mother you should stay away from it too.


Make a tea by boiling peppermint candy, onion and sugar in water.  Give some of this to your baby to get rid of colic.


My mom used to mix water and coke together and then shake it to get all the fizzing out.  She would give this to my young ones and it always worked.


Sitting Up

Somewhere I read that if you feed your baby sitting up, he or she will not have a gas problem.  I was such a simple solution and it worked every time.


Catnip Home Remedy for Colic

No sooner had I brought my infant son home from the hospital than he became colicky and my mom knew right away what it was.  She sent my dad out to purchase some catnip tea.  I was horrified at the idea of giving him this tea but my mom said I should trust her and not to overlook the fact that she raised 4 kids.  So she made the tea for him and he stopped crying INSTANTLY!  We were able to get some rest at last.  Another thing I do is turn on the vacuum cleaner.  My son will stop crying right away and start cooing.  The downside is you have to hear the vac until they doze off and pray they will not wake up when you turn it off.


A super home remedy for colic that works for my kids is to give two teaspoons of soda pop.  This helps a baby to burp and relieve the gas.  No need to heat up the bottles and the heat is what causes gas to build.  Room temperature is OK.


Take several mint leaves and boil them in water.  Stir in brown sugar or regular sugar.  It works great for babies with colic.


Chamomile Tea as Colic Natural Home Remedy

Give chamomile tea a try.  It works and it is inexpensive.  My baby doctor said don’t give more than two ounces with a dab of sugar.


What I did for colic with my babies is to put one or two teaspoons of chamomile tea in their baby bottle each time I fed them.  You will see a difference right away.  I did this with both of my babies.  I was uncertain about this at first but my mother-in-law pressed me to do it and it really worked great.


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