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Colitis Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Coconut Milk

You can buy canned coconut milk fairly inexpensively.  I make a drink from this one quart at a time.  Dump the coconut milk into a mason jar and then fill the jar the rest of the way up with water.  If you like, you can sweeten it with a pinch of stevia which is a non-toxic, no-calorie sweetener made from a plant.  It’s really pretty good.  Also you can use a little coconut oil of the extra virgin variety.  True it is a saturated fat but it is a variety of fatty acid that is good for you.  The only other place you get this type of fatty acid is in breast milk.  All of this will help relieve the colitis inflammation and heal the intestinal ulcers.  Some people have claimed this causes diarrhea but that was never the case for me.  This drink gives me a feeling of health and wellbeing overall and I get more energy.  In my opinion, this is probably the best medicine that is also a food or drink that you can find anywhere. It certainly is the colitis natural cure I was looking for.


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Aloe Vera

Since I was eight years old I have been battling colitis for ten years.  They have given me every drug for this that is known to man.  I have been subjected to two colonoscopies which are a total drag.  With the colitis I had diarrhea and appetite loss but I was not troubled too much form this.  What was the worst about it is the awful stomach cramps.  At time the pain is so intense that I want to rip off the bottom half of my body.  But on to my story.  I have discovered that if I take two cups of aloe vera juice every day, it really puts the brakes on the inflammation and the cramping is much less frequent.  Aloe vera has been used by many cultures for centuries and is rightly called the miracle plant. It has really helped me.


For several years I had colitis and I found one home remedy that works when it starts acting up.  I put fresh turmeric (some larger health food stores and some Indian groceries have the fresh stuff), salt, plain yogurt and cumin powder in a blender.  I doesn’t taste so good but it is a remedy that has worked well for me.  I thought nothing was going to help but this did.  I have also heard that drinking fresh juiced cabbage juice is good for this and a shot of wheat grass but these make me throw up.  Maybe you can take them.  Anyway I hope this is helpful.


I have found the SCD diet helpful and I am taking daily supplements of four Wild Salmon and Fish Oil 1000 mgs, a good natural multivitamin, drink lots of green tea, 4 calcium magnesium zinc tabs, 4 acidophilus with FOS and bifidus (non dairy) and white tea.  I have gotten good relief from this.


I have been plagued with bleeding ulcerative colitis.  The doctors gave me medicine for it but the side effects were so awful that I went in search of a natural remedy.  The best results I have gotten are with boswellia (60 percent boswelic acid), anise seed, bee propolis and topped off with 2 capusles of digestive enzymes after each meal.  My diet it rice, eggs, potatoes, cheese, stewed or steamed vegetables, stewed or boiled chicken and baked fish.  Recently I added apples, mangoes and bananas to my diet.  I have my tea with raw honey.  My diet is free of sugar, wheat and yeast.  I would advise you to look at the Philipino diet.


Avoid Wheat

From the age of 27 I have suffered from lymphcytic colitis.  I have been on all the steroids, donnatol, asacol and all the other drugs that were used to combat the bad side effects of these other drugs.  Every day take a pro-biotic supplement.  Don’t ever eat wheat.  Take Pepto Bismal and have no concern about having metal in your body or black tongue.  This works better than anything else to calm down the inflammation.  So my colitis natural cure is absolutely no wheat (a gluten free diet) and take yogurt and probiotics.


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