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Constipation Home Remedies, Natural Cures & Treatments


Hot Shower & Prunes

Take a hot shower and let it run on the lower abdomen for some time to heat things up.  Drink prune juice and eat lots of fruit.  Also ripe kiwi fruits will do it.  This is as good as a home remedy for constipation as it gets.


Honey & Lemon

A great natural cure for constipation is to make a cup of hot water and add honey and lemon juice and drink it.  Also eat a lot of graham crackers.


Hot Lemon or Lime

One good home remedy for constipation that works good for me is to get a glass of water and put in the juice of a half lemon or a whole lime and then 1 tsp of sugar.  Drink this before you eat in the morning or have anything else to drink.  This will get good results.  If you have trouble being regular, slice up a tomato, salt it and eat that in the morning before taking any other drink or food.  I guarantee it will work.



Psyllium for Fiber

At night drink a glass of Metamucil or and brand of psyllium.  In the morning have two or three glasses of hot water.  Then lie down on the ground laying on your back.  Pull your left knee up to your chest very slowly and hold it there for about 15 seconds while you hold your breath.  Then gradually release the knee, straightening the leg while you breathe out slowly.  Do this with the other foot and do the whole cycle several times.  It is usual to pass gas when doing this.


Spinach & Papaya

Anyone who has a problem being regular can get rid of the problem by eating spinach and eating fresh papaya twice a day.  Drinking warm water with honey loosens up the bowels.  Also a tablespoon of castor oil does wonders.  Avoid bananas or hard to digest foods like fried foods and red meat.  Add fiber foods to your diet and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Eat a lot of fruits. These are some of the best constipation home remedies.



In Asian countries it is commonplace to eat pineapple to improve digestion.  The pineapple is very high in bromelain which is a vegetable digestive enzyme. You can also buy this as a supplement.


Apple Juice

If you are constipated, drink apple juice.  It is quite gentle and you won’t be making emergency runs to the bathroom.


Raisins, Olive Oil and More

Here are some of my favorite constipation home remedies.  In a sauce pan put one half cup of raisins with olive oil and water and bring this to a boil.  Cut the heat and put a lid on it letting it stew for 10 minutes.  You can also add prunes and dried figs to the mixture.  As an option you can soak these all night with a little olive oil.  When done, add  a couple of tablespoons of toasted bran to it.  Add in a little Wheatabix cereal (its organic and made in the UK).  Put in some hot almond milk and have this for breakfast each morning.  It may take a few days to start working, but you will be free of constipation.  Another thing you can do is stew up an entire box of raisins with prunes and figs and olive oil and put it in the fridge.  Then take a half cup of this every day. Some time back I read that a highly effective remedy for constipation was to take 2 tbs of wheat germ and 2 tbs of raw bran in hot coffee early in the morning and also in the afternoon.  Add some molasses if you like and maybe some soymilk to make it taste good. Papaya has done the trick for some folks when other remedies failed.  Stay away from white flour and refined foods like bread, baked goods and white rice (eat brown rice or whole wheat foods instead). Meat has absolutely no fiber and too much protein is bad for you as it makes the blood acidic.  The countries that consume the most milk have the highest hip fracture rates.  This is because the excessive protein makes the body acidic and it wants to be slightly alkaline so it pulls calcium out of the bones to bind up with the acids to restore balance.  Dairy actually causes osteoporosis.  So avoid dairy products too. 


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