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Constipation Natural Home Remedies & Natural Cures



When I developed an addiction to those little round peppermint candies while in my third pregnancy, it got rid of my constipation and my irritable bowel syndrome.  I did not know peppermint was a laxative.


Prune Juice, Apple Sauce & Bran

Mix 2 tsp of prune juice, 2 tsp of apple sauce and 2 tsp of bran.  Have this every morning as a natural cure for constipation.  Depending on how bad your constipation is, take it a week or longer to get complete relief.


Blueberries Home Remedy

If you will eat fresh blueberries it will have things on the move in only a few hours.



All kinds of fruits and fruit juices are useful in relieving and preventing constipation.  When buying fruit juice, get fresh juice instead of the concentrates in a can.  A cup of prune juice will go a long way as a great home remedy for your constipation.



Grand Concoction Home Cure for Constipation. 

Here is a concoction that I use as a constipation home remedy.  Mix together a cup of orange juice, a cup of cranberry juice, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and an eighth teaspoon of ginger.  Put this on the stove and heat it up.  Then squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and drink it while it is still warm.


Coconut Oil

For constipation you can take two to four tablespoons of coconut oil.  This works great!  This is one of the best home cures for constipation.


Live Yogurt

For a long term natural remedy for constipation, eat live yogurt (be sure it has live culture – most do not) and drink lots of water.  You can also put the yogurt on salads as a dressing or mix it with regular gelatin.  I suffered with constipation for years but this made it a thing of the past.


Vitamin C Home Cure for Constipation

Into a glass of juice, put a heaping teaspoon of powdered vitamin C and drink it immediately.  I promise this will work. I had constipation that was so stubborn that my doctor was befuddled.  But drinking this for a few days fixed me up.  You can by vitamin C crystals at a health food store or a drug store.


Prune Juice & Psyllium

If you are plugged up, have a glass of prune juice in the morning before anything else while your stomach is empty.  It works best if you add fiber like psyllium to the prune juice.  Don’t do this at bedtime as it can disturb your sleep.


The Bomb

The Bomb is what staff in nursing homes call it.  Stir together a cup of coffee, a cup of prune juice and add an ounce of Milk of Magnesia.  Serve the drink warm.  If you do this at bedtime you will be have a good movement in the morning.  This is one of the most powerful constipation home remedies there is.


Green Bananas

Bananas that are still green, the more green the better they are, will keep your bowels on track.  If you have diarrhea, eat overly ripe bananas.


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